Acchan and takamina relationship quizzes

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acchan and takamina relationship quizzes

Takahashi Minami is a former member of Akb48, and the original center of team A. Personality -Known for her good relationship with Acchan (AtsuMina). Acchan sent her message letter for Takamina's Birthday Celebration Festival in AKB Thatre on 18th Apr. Since Acchan wasn't in Tokyo, Miichan. Tomochin uploaded 2-shot photos with Takamina or Takamina's photos on he blog. SHe also went to Karaoke with Takamina, Acchan and.

She's still a Big Sister Mentor to her juniors, though, as are all the seniors based on real-life members. Backstage, Matsui Rena acts more like L from Death Note who likes spicy food instead of sweets than a top idol. All Elections Are Serious Business: The Senbatsu Elections, of course. Pretty much Truth in Television with fans buying dozens of CDs, or even hundreds, to vote multiple times. Senbatsu Election also only decides who will be included in one A-side single out of five or so released each year the others are at the management's discretionbut having a good rank usually gets members more jobs, and vote count is an indicator along with handshake event participants count for the management of which members are really popular with the fans or whose fans have deep pocketsallowing them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

All Love Is Unrequited: Played straight with Ria to Minoru, since he only has eyes for Hiroko. After Hiroko finds out that her Twitter supporter is actually Minoru and she almost gets caught in a scandal with him, she decides to end their online friendship, saying in her farewell message "otherwise, I might actually fall in love with you".

Okabe eventually becomes this towards the rest of the kenkyuusei after concluding a truce with Minoru. Maeda Atsuko is depicted as aloof and rarely smiling to her juniors, but still cares for and willing to help everyone. Hiroko's dog is jealous of all male humans around her and is also aware of Minori's true gender. Minoru's sister, Masaki, enters his apartment without permission and later stalks him around town trying to figure out what he does for a living.

Okudaira Manabu, a classic literature teacher in Minoru's school was on the verge of becoming one until he caught a glimpse of a kenkyuusei performance and became touched by their determinationespecially that of "Minori" who had persisted in continuing the performance even after being injured on an accident on-stage. His subsequent devotion towards supporting the kenkyuusei's determination makes him rather cool after all.

Maeda's favorite method of provoking Minoru into action in this series. Minoru threw one at Maya in Chapter 90 by questioning her motivation to perform. Even an officially endorsed manga can bend reality a bit.

AKB members aren't allowed to have part-time jobs.

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Mayuyu handwaved this by mentioning that the butler cafe she works at is closely related to AKB management, but Minori's supposed side job is not given any justification. They also don't outdance each other to take over the center spot in the middle of a dance routine. Going to a foreign country such as the USA for work when you legally don't exist and are taken there by force on a private plane would surely pose many problems, no matter how famous you or your sponsors are.

Many 48 Group members appear in the story. Minoru, when dressed up as "Minori".

acchan and takamina relationship quizzes

Minoru is one for those uninitiated to idol culture. Okudaira-sensei is a representative of the die-hard wota. After leading her team into taking the lead during the quiz show on Chapter 78, Hiroko doesn't know the answer to the very last question, but managed to win anyway using deduction and educated guesswork. Haruko used to lead a biker gang in Fukuoka, and enlists them to help the HKT48 members get to a concert venue in time when they were stranded due to a landslide. Hilariously, the rough female bikers are very consideratetaking care to minimize the motorcycle noise when passing through neighborhoods and avoiding idling as it's bad for the environment.

Okabe's profuse apologising to Mayacomplete with Inelegant Blubbering and a Pose of Supplicationin Chapter 83 turns out to be a ploy to convince her that Okabe and her group is so weak that there is no harm in allowing them to participate in a television programme. Minori and Hiroko celebrate their entry into Senbatsu and friendship reconciliation by going to Hawaii to visit Ria.

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Ai, Hiroko and Minori respectively. Hiroko extremely detests people badmouthing Maeda, who she admires greatly. Minoru has performed a few. Okabe's mansion, Ria's apartment, and Hiroko's parents' house qualify, prompting Minoru to wonder if he's the only one living in a tiny apartment. Kijima Taichi, the manager for Minoru, Hiroko and Okabe later in the series, is one.

He even appears with Bishie Sparkle. Also Minoru himself, who's so feminine looking that people believe he's a girl even without makeup and a wig. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Okabe started off as one towards the kenkyuusei, although she turned out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and even exhibited Tsundere attitudes occasionally.

Shukan Bunshun, the tabloid notorious for exposing Japanese celebrity scandals, becomes Shukan Houshun. Okabe suffered a case of these in Chapter The stage chief Sakura has them, which disappears when she becomes serious.

Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Minori's Holding the Floor moment starts as a sequence of lame puns, then turns into this after the other girls join her in the stage.

Quiz: How AKB48 Member reacted to Takahashi Minami’s (Fake) Dating Scandal?

This happens again in Osaka, with Hiroko being the main tsukkomi with her "audience perspective" skill. When they visit Ria's family's apartment, Hiroko is completely blown away by the huge library they have and stays there reading everything in sight until they have to go home, allowing Ria to have Minori all for herself. Backstage work is essentially this. Sure, the staff do not appear in the actual performance itself, but without their work, the performance will not happen at all.

Moriyasu Madoka of HKT48, to the point that she believed being accepted to the group has taken her lifetime share of luck. But Not Too Foreign: Used frequently in this series, sometimes with references from multiple chapters within a single page.

Invoked hillariously during the first kenkyuusei public performance. When someone tells Minori that she's just like an old man for "chugging milk", she says "I'm an old woman". Everyone just laughs it off as Minori's weirdness, but the reader is aware of the predicament. It is hinted on the flashbacks that Minoru was a Baseball player until an elbow injury left him unable to play anymore and turned him apathetic to his life, mentioning that "Having dreams is pointless.

acchan and takamina relationship quizzes

Raoul Goldman, the Oscar-winning actor. He tries to seduce Hiroko until Minori puts him in his place This is an officially endorsed example.

Hiroko was constantly pressured by her father to focus on her studies. Her hard work paid off during a quiz show in Chapter 78 when she rescued her team from the brink with her years of accumulated knowledge. Being a former baseball player, Minori successfully incapacitated a bus robber with a well-aimed fastball during their travel to Osaka it's actually just a Candid Camera PrankNMB's idea of welcoming new concurrent members. As Minoru, he often uses "looking for a stray ball" as an excuse to get to restricted places.

Converse with the Unconscious: Minoru did this in Chapter 33 when he disregarded his masquerade and poured his heart out to an unconscious Hiroko in the hospital. The default role of the regular members of AKB48 towards the kenkyuusei, who will offer helpful advices on what it means and takes to be an idol whenever they appear.

The costumes for stage performances are lovingly detailed. Miss Aphrodite often wears eccentric dresses designed after animals. Hiroko the night before her first stage performance. Haruko after she uses Maeda's influence to encourage her friends from the GJ and the other kenkyuusei. Minoru, of all people, in several separate occasions. Child Prodigy Arakawa Haruto becomes a hikikomori because his perfect pitch makes him very sensitive to ambient noise.

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He is also distrustful of other people, whom he believes are only nice to him to exploit his musical skills. A Day in the Limelight: A few chapters focuses on the main senbatsu members, and their interactions with the kenkyuusei girls. Maeda is portrayed as such in this series. Maya is usually either distributing Death Glares or giving Oh, Crap!

Okabe claims to be this after she helped Minoru in a performance. Almost all real AKB48 members important to the story are from the 1st to 3rd generations of each group, i. The rest are relegated to cameos or background characters, including the actual 5th Senbatsu Election center Sashihara Rino 5th gen ; her real-life transfer to HKT48 and eventual rise to the top of the Senbatsu don't happen in this universe.

HKT's Miyawaki Sakura doesn't appear much either, possibly to avoid confusion with theater manager Sakura. Most characters in this series have this quality. Kisaki Tadamoto, the mysterious old man that appeared in Chapter 55, likes to grope Minoru and company a bit too much. He even admitted of being this trope himself.

Dude Looks Like a Lady: Minoru, which led him to attempt cross-dressing in the first place. The introduction of Kijima, where he appeared in a cool pose with Bishie Sparkle and gave a Rousing Speech Okabe forces Minoru to disguise himself as a girl so they could talk in private, because she can't be seen with a guy.

Minoru's reaction to it is priceless.

acchan and takamina relationship quizzes

Some of the idols, in particular Takamina and Yamamoto Sayaka, are somehow attracted to Minori and most are confused why they feel that way. Subverted since, as we know, she's not really a she. After Hiroko cut her hair for the second time, Maeda takes her to a hair dresser who outfits her with a ribbon. Arakawa Haruto, a composer whose works are internet hits, surprised Minoru and company when they visited him to request his services and found out that he is only a middle school student.

Occurred to Minoru when AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi commented that he is male in front of all the kenkyuusei during their initial meeting, then dismissing the statement as a joke.

Turns out he is really aware of Minoru's true identity after all. Ai Okabe started a music career in the US and took the stage name Elena to avoid the racism often experienced by ethnic Asian aspiring artists apparently Truth in Television. Turns out her mother also did the same, and is known by the world as Miss Aphrodite.

The concurrent members Minori, Ria, and Hiroko are temporarily attached to the AKB48 sister groups in turn, and in-universe are affectionately called Team Nozomi after the Shinkansen train line of the same name, as they usually travel to each group's city by Shinkansen. Plenty of shots of the girls changing and showering, although Minori herself makes a point not to look.

The costumes show quite a bit of skin and is often drawn from a Male Gaze perspective. Hiroko's father strongly disapproved of her dreams to become an Idol Singerwhich led to a confrontation between him and Hiroko when he found out that she had joined AKB48 and culminated in him estranging her. However, he decided to silently support her after seeing how happy she was on stage.

Ferris Wheel Date Moment: Minoru's Not a Date with Takahashi Minami, the captain of AKB48, in Chapter 38 featured them having a private conversation with each other on board a ferris wheel, complete with Ship Tease. Matsui Rena's candies have this effect on people. Hiroko allowed "Minori" to call her by that in Chapter 15, marking the strong friendship between them.

The Kami 8, despite the differences in number and gender, fulfill this dynamic. Takamina as the Team Mom. Her famed " doushita sensor ", which in real life lets her sense when other members are having problems "doushita? When Maeda graduates, she takes over as the leader. Mayuyu, the resident Otaku and one of the first after Maeda to suspect Minori's true gender, although she's as shocked as everybody else when she's later proven to be right all along.

Mariko, the tallest, oldest, and portrayed as least talkative. Kojiharu, Yukirin, and Tomochin are the nice girls and don't mind being in the sidelines compared to the others, and are also the most interested in girl stuff like beauty and fashion. A Friend in Need: Okabe bailed out Minoru a couple of times, after Minoru did the same to her earlier in the series, proving that she really has a Hidden Heart of Goldthough she claims that she do not like to owe anyone any favors.

Friend or Idol Decision: A rather literal one occurred in Chapter 31 when Hiroko collapsed due to fatigue right before the crucial "Day X" performance, causing Minoru to contemplate on accompanying her to the hospital and abandon his idol career or continue with the performance. He chose the former. Subverted in that the decision is not mutually exclusive after all. The missing banana in Chapter 87, presented in a Brick Joke format.

While Minoru is on good terms with Hiroko, his friendship with her only becomes very strong when he is "Minori". Kijima is really The Klutz if not for the fact that he is very sincere about his work and knows what is the best for his clients. Glowing Eyes of Doom: Plenty to go around.

Maeda while losing to Minoru an Air Hockey game at an arcade. Maeda againright after she saves Minoru from being exposed Played for Laughs in Chapter 1 when Minoru deluded himself into thinking he is not stalking Hiroko when he mis-applied the definition of "stoker" to "stalker". Hiroko grew one when she finally opposed her Fantasy-Forbidding Father in Chapter 46 to persist in her dream to be an Idol Singer.

The senbatsu members do this to the new kenkyuusei the first time they meet on the AKB theather. Okabe to Minoru after the latter saved her from publicly humiliating herself in Chapter Marks the beginning of her Character Development. Hiroko overcomes her Stage Fright during a variety show by imagining that the studio is the AKB48 Theater and the audience are their loyal fans. Hates Being Called Cute: HKT48's Tanaka Natsumi dislikes fancy, girly stuff, but felt obligated to pretend to like those to maintain her image.

Minori helps her embrace her real personality and shows her that fans can like her as she is. Minoru suffered from one in Chapter 31 when Hiroko collapsed due to fatigue. Minoru went up to the stage alone performing impromptu gags in one occasion to buy time for the backstage crew to repair the stage, which was damaged in an accident in between performances. The regular members of AKB48 did a collective impromptu performance after Minoru suffered from a Heroic BSoD see above and abandoned the "Day X" performance, so as to ensure the crucial performance do not get cancelled because they believe that Minoru will return.

Sadly mistaken she was in both cases. Hiroko becomes a very effective MC in the variety show they appear in, thanks to her superb ability to see the show through the audience's perspective and direct the conversation accordingly by being their voice on stage. She obtains this ability by rigorously studying a senior MC's performance. Team K's method of rehearsal involves so much arguing and infighting that one wonders how they get anything done at all, then after all is said and done, they go back to be True Companions.

Minori then copies this method to improve the kenkyuusei as well. The actual contents of the "Divine Drink" is never revealed but, according to Okabe, it actually tastes pretty good. Ria is deaf in one ear and will lose hearing in the other one in months. Hiroko had cut her hair twice in the series, once in the beginning to signify her all-or-nothing attitude towards the upcoming AKB48 auditions and the other in Chapter 52 which signified her determination to surpass Maeda.

My dear Mii chan is there!! All I remembered is She was shouting at me. How long was I asleep? What happened to me? So I called the school nurse and you were at the infirmary.

The Relationship Between Tomochin and Takamina

The school nurse called your parents and they brought you here. And they thought I was your girlfriend. Because your mother saw the picture in your wallet. Tell me why did you reject me? Some of them have been inlove with you for how many years now.

I only loved you for 3 years. I was not popular 3 years ago you know!. A lot of people respected you and looks up on you. Well not that popular like now. Just for once be selfish. My tears are flowing by itself. I was playing with the dog near the river and I saw you looking at something.

I got mesmerized by your beauty. After that I started to stalk you. After some few months of stalking I found out that you like popular guys. I was looking at you. I was looking for it because it got out the cage. That dog is not kind to everyone. Can you be my girlfriend now? And be married soon? I can feel her arms around my neck hugging me too. I can feel his hands roaming around my body. Is he better than me? Why is he talking to Acchan?

I thought Acchan hates boys. I thought I was special. I was fooling myself. Sorry I was discussing some things with him.