Alec and max relationship

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alec and max relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. So yeah, while Snowbarry is not that kind of love/hate relationship like Max & Alec, but their platonic interactions so far and from the beginning of the show. Archive Repost: Alec and Max's relationship “ This post was born of a (now lost) converstation I had with particlenumber13 about Alec and.

T - English - Chapters: Can Max rescue him or will she sink with him in the attempt?

alec and max relationship

Max comes to realize her true feelings for Alec, but is it too late? It's not your average Cure fic, people. Final chapter is rated a soft M, just to be safe.

alec and max relationship

What makes Alec so sexy Max can't help but notice. Rated a strong T. T - English - Romance - Chapters: T - English - Angst - Chapters: MA all the way! Is it the End? After a run in with a certain X5, she finds her world turned upside down.

A fierce competition is strung between them, but under all the spiteful comments, lies a vulnerable heart. Max receives a farewell gift that she just can't wait to share. With Seattle lamentably chocolate bar free, it's a good thing Alec always has a contingency plan. Alec gets his hand on a bag of Hershey Hugs.

Let the fun and games begin. Max is feeling none to clean. MA Dark Angel - Rated: Didn't like it when she turned the tables on him though Telling Izzy she has fairy dust on her dress! Those two have such a sassy relationship. Meeting Magnus Bane for the first time! The most adorable smile and moment ever! Pretending it's not a big deal when Magnus calls him pretty boy!

Starring in Izzy's memory of the person she loves the most!

alec and max relationship

If we met a memory demon an image of Alec would probably appear too. Fixing his friendship with Jace after they had a fight!

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We're not crying, you are. Preparing to "train" Clary to be a Shadowhunter! More like preparing to knock her on her ass Trying to feel bad for losing Clary! He just doesn't have a good poker face. Knowing that helping Clary Fray would come back to bite him in the ass! Sure Alec, blame Clary instead of your crazy controlling parents! Seeing his little brother for the first time in ages! Mumbai is really far away. Wondering how his little brother gets up to so much mischief!

Stop setting things on fire, Max. Letting Magnus convince him to stay for just one more drink! That's clearly what he wanted all along.

Archive Repost: Alec and Max’s relationship

Trying to distract the policewoman by flirting with her! Seriously, how did she not fall under his spell? Toasting his alt-world relationship with Magnus! Wish we could have seen more of this!

alec and max relationship

Thinking about how much he loves a challenge!