Arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

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arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

The Noida double murder case refers to the unsolved murders of year-old girl Aarushi Talwar and year-old Hemraj Banjade, Rajesh's alleged extra- marital affair had led to his blackmail by Hemraj and a confrontation with Aarushi. The HC also rejected CBI's contention that Dinesh Talwar influenced Dr Dohre Aarushi Hemraj relationship · Aarushi murder case · Aarushi. Mysteries: What was the motive behind the murder of Aarushi Talwar if her parents killed .. The sudden idea that Aarushi was having an affair with Hemraj was.

Just like any other parent would do usually. Even we warn our teen daughter not to post pics on facebook, does that mean that she will be technically angry on us to create a forever rift? Give me a break! Such a cheap statements from Noida police because of the ongoing honour killings in Haryana, Punjab and many other states.

She defiantly had better friends and options if she wanted to.

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She was the most beautiful child, well behaved and parents wanted to give her the world. Either they should have been mentally retarted to do such a barbaric act and Talwars definitely are not.

Another theory that burnt with the time.

arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

Anitha and Rajesh shared the same premises to work and that is very common in doctor community to share clinics and hospitals to see their patients at different timings. Nupur and Rajesh loved each other and got married. Anitha was close to Nupur and their children were best friends and classmates. So the intimacy is at the level of family friendship and may not be on an extra marital affair. Even if that is the case, I am sure, Rajesh would have known to conceal it from Aarushi and she would not have been affected by it.

Aarushi would have gone to Nupur to support if she found something fishy about her dad than to Hemraj. If he was afraid of Talwars, he would have taken the next train and run to his son in law or his family back in Nepal and not wait for them to come and kill him one night? So there is something else that he was afraid of and no one knows what it is? That would have infact raged a educated and responsible mother like Nupur and would have only helped her stance of innocence stronger. This country witnessed millions of cases where there were so many eye witnesses and other forensic evidence but people escaping punishment just because they are capable of that.

Talwars seem to be fighting with straightforward approach and that is what is making them stand behind bars today. How stupid of police to cliam that they were indulged in some sexual activity? The kids wanting to be alone to giggle around, play and talk, should not always indicate that it is an inappropriate gathering for some activity sounds hilarious. They repeated times the same set of facts they were aware of to the media and police and CBI.

No one found an inconsistency in what they said. They were busy insinuating that her school project on drug addiction meant she had dodgy interests. An average of 15 phone calls, SMSs, missed calls per day. But the police and media were to use this to build a portrait of promiscuity.

That is quite natural. If I am hurt, I would only run to my comfort zone first than to my social zone. What did police do after they came to know? Who allows this kind of defamation just because they were normal citizens in this country? If it happened to them, it can happen to any other common people in this country.

The killer could have done it. Be it Talwars or not. She picked up Aarushi from school at 1: Nupur's sister-in-law Vandana Talwar wife of Rajesh's brother Dinesh joined them for lunch. Then Nupur and Vandana left, while Aarushi stayed at home. Nupur worked at the Fortis Hospital from 4: She returned to the apartment around 7.

Sharma dropped Rajesh in front of the apartment building and drove away to park the car at the house of Nupur's parents, which was a walking distance away the Talwars did not have a garage.

Sharma returned to the Talwar residence around 9: Sharma saw Nupur and Aarushi near the dining table, and Rajesh coming out of his bedroom. He was the last known outsider to see Aarushi and Hemraj alive.

Hemraj involved in sexual activity, says doctor

Rajesh originally planned to give it to Aarushi on her birthday 24 Maybut Nupur persuaded Rajesh to give it to Aarushi that day as an early birthday surprise. Aarushi clicked several photographs of herself and her parents, the last one at Subsequently, Aarushi's parents retired to their room, while Aarushi remained in her room. Nupur switched on the router and returned to her own room. Around this time, Rajesh answered a call from the US on the landline phone kept in the couple's room.

This indicates that the ringer was not silent. Rajesh then surfed some stock market and dentistry websites, and sent an e-mail. The calls were not answered. This message was not received by Aarushi's phone.

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According to their post-mortem reports, Aarushi and Hemraj were killed somewhere between The apartment[ edit ] The sq. Rajesh and Nupur slept in the master bedroomwhile Aarushi slept in an adjacent room.

She had been employed six days earlier. She later stated that she tried pushing the outermost gate, but it did not open. Speaking through the mesh of the middle grill door, she told Bharati that this door was locked from outside. She asked Bharati about the whereabouts of Hemraj.

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When Bharati said that she had no idea, Nupur remarked that Hemraj must have gone outside to fetch milk and must have locked the door from outside. She asked Bharati to wait outside until Hemraj returned.

arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

Nupur asked her to go downstairs so that she could throw the keys to her from the balcony. When she tried calling him again, the phone appeared to have been switched off. Nupur then threw the keys down to Bharati. He entered the living room and saw a near-empty Scotch whisky bottle on the dining table, which surprised him.

He asked Nupur who had kept the bottle there, and then alarmed, asked her to check Aarushi's room. Aarushi's room had a self-locking door, and it would generally be locked. It could be opened only from inside or from outside with a key. But the couple found it unlocked on that morning. When they entered the room, they saw Aarushi's dead body lying on her bed. Rajesh started screaming, while Nupur remained silent due to shock, according to her.

arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

She found that the middle door was latched, but not locked. She opened the latch and walked in.

arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

Nupur asked her to come inside Aarushi's room. Bharati stood at the entrance of the room, as Nupur walked inside. Aarushi's body lay on her bed; it was covered with a flannel blanket. Nupur pulled the blanket, and Bharati saw that Aarushi's throat was slit. Both the parents blamed Hemraj for Aarushi's murder in front of the maid. Bharati walked out of the apartment to inform the neighbours. She returned to the house and asked the Talwars if they wanted her to do the daily household chores.

When they said "No", she moved on to work in other households. Puneesh Rai Tandon, a neighbour who lived one floor below the Talwars, asked the Jalvayu Vihar security guard Virendra Singh to inform the police.

The crime scene had been "completely trampled upon". In his police complaint, Rajesh blamed Hemraj for his daughter's murder. The police suspected that Hemraj entered Aarushi's room in an inebriated state after consuming Scotch whisky, and tried to sexually assault her.

When she resisted, he killed her with a kukri a Nepali knife. Rajesh's brother Dinesh Talwar, his driver Umesh Sharma and his childhood friend Ajay Chadha accompanied the constables. It was taken for cremation at the Antim Niwas crematorium around 4 pm. In addition, the police confirmed that the body was not needed for any further examination. Vikas Sethi later testified that he, along with three others, tried to dump the remaining part of the mattress on the terrace, but found it locked. An old lady then told him to put the mattress on the neighbouring terrace.

Rajesh's driver Sharma then asked the neighbour Puneesh Tandon for the key to his terrace.

arushi talwar and hemraj relationship

Earlier, at 4 pm also, Sharma had asked Tandon for the key, saying that he needed to dump the ice brought for Aarushi's body. This time, Tandon opened the terrace himself. Sharma, Sethi and two others dragged the mattress to his terrace. Tandon then locked the terrace door. None of them noticed the body of Hemraj, which was lying on the adjacent terrace, separated by a grilled wall.

Rajesh's former colleagues Rajiv Kumar Varshney and Rohit Kochhar later told the police that they saw bloodstains on the terrace door, its lock and the staircase leading to the terrace. While visiting the Talwars' house, Varshney had taken the stairs to the terrace by mistake. Praful Durrani, who also visited the house, claimed that the policeman initially dismissed the spot on the terrace door as rust, and was also dismissive of the bloodstains on the floor.

According to Varshney, the police told him that the killer must have tried to escape through or hide weapon on the terrace, but returned after finding it locked. Rohit Kochhar later testified that when a policeman asked Rajesh for the terrace key, he "went into the house and did not come out for a long time. SP Mahesh Mishra testified that he had asked the terrace door to be opened on 16 May. However, his subordinates told him that Rajesh Talwar couldn't find the key and they couldn't find a mechanic to break open the door.

Several visitors continued to arrive at the Talwars' house which was being managed by Dinesh Talwar with their condolences. These visitors included retired police officer K. Gautam, who had been requested by Sushil Chaudhury to come to the Talwars' house. After arriving at the house, Gautam examined the rooms of Aarushi and Hemraj.

Dinesh then showed him the blood stains on the terrace door handle. According to Gautam, Dinesh requested him to get the terrace door lock opened. Gautam then called SP Mahesh Mishra, and told him that the lock needed to be broken.

Mishra promised that he would himself visit the crime scene, and meanwhile, sent the station officer Dataram Nauneria to the apartment. The key to the terrace was still missing. Anita Durrani asked the Talwars' neighbour Puneesh Tandon if he had a duplicate key to the Talwars' terrace, to which Tandon replied in the negative.