Attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

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attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

This analyses focuses on Mikasa's relationship with Eren and Armin. While other .. This time, she actually trusted Eren in fighting Reiner. As you may remember from the last episode of season two, Eren and Mikasa have a moment that appears to suggest romantic involvement from at least one of . Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan. Relationship: Because I can totally imagine Levi the crap outa Eren, but then comforting him until Eren is strong again. Levi turned to Mikasa and Armin, both of whom were fighting past.

But in a flash of a secondLevi was caught in Reiner's hand.

attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

He tried to get free but the grip was too strong. From where he was he could see Eren and Hanji standing and watching him. Tears were streaming out of his eyes.

"Eren! Wake up!"

It wasn't fake, but a real genuine smile. It suddenly came back to Eren, the day he regretted the most, where he learnt the consequences of trusting his comrades.

He bit into his hand and this time he grew bigger and stronger. He went after Reiner.

attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

They fought and with a struggle Eren bit the nape of the neck leaving Reiner exposed. With one swallow he ate Reiner up. Those who saw, froze in their spot and just watched as Eren went on a killing spree.

Bertholtd was difficult but in the end he was still devoured. After the last and final Titan, Eren was so exhausted he collapsed. Mikasa and Armin immediately swung down to help him, whereas no one knew what to do; whether to cheer or be terrified. A sign saying we won? Everyone was a bit hesitant but they all broke out in cheer. Tears started appearing again as he sat down next to the lifeless body which was once his corporal. He felt betrayed by him, left him there without saying a word.

Eren wiped away his tears which were overflowing and Mikasa held her hand upon his shoulder. They looked up as Captain Irvin approached.

attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

Every Titan wiped out and it's all thanks to you. What would you like your reward to be? You speak of reward! People have died, sir! In fact, there are many female and arguably male haha characters that Eren could have a romantic interest in, including, most notably, Mikasa.

attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

However, my argument is that as of Chapter 95, Eren does not hold any romantic feelings for Mikasa. My main reasoning behind this stems from how Eren's interactions with Mikasa are depicted in the manga. First, Eren is constantly annoyed with her devotion and dedication to him. These feelings probably stem from the fact that he doesn't like to be babied like a child or a be treated like a little brother. In addition, Eren wants to take care of himself and others and to fight like the strong solider he wants to be, but Mikasa acts as a reminder that he just isn't strong enough to survive on his own in this world.

In fact, Eren has always been a very independent person and he constantly tries to defeat his enemies on his own, despite the fact that he is simply not strong enough to take them down without the help of his friends, most notably Mikasa.

Eren, excited about the fact that he is one step closer to being independent from Mikasa Mikasa looking sadden by the realization that Eren wants to be independent from her Secondly, Isayama has stated somewhere before in the abyss of interviews that Eren thinks of Mikasa as a "motherly" figure. This helps explain many of Eren's feelings and actions towards the way Mikasa's acts towards him, because no one quite enjoys being nagged on by your mom or mom-friend.

Yes, I'm sure Eren appreciates Mikasa and everything she does for him, but at the same time, her constant need to watch over every little thing he does is annoying. I don't have much evidence of this, but the way Eren treats and thinks of Mikasa is not the way a traditional male Shounen protagonist thinks and treats his love interest. He doesn't idolize her or even really In fact, Eren not thinking about Mikasa is what solidifies my analysis of why Eren doesn't like Mikasa romantically.

Sure he cares about her well-being and sometimes goes out of his way to protect her, but does Eren ever stop to think about Mikasa when he's in a dire situation? Eren, who is on the brink of "death", recalls his feelings of revenge and his dreams of seeing the outside world whom he associates with Armin However, while Eren may feel like Mikasa is an overprotective and overbearing mom friend, it is evident that he still views Mikasa as a close friend.

[MANGA SPOILERS] Mikasa's feelings towards Eren : ShingekiNoKyojin

In fact, I would say that Eren loves Mikasa very much platonically and that she has a special place in his heart because she is arguably the most important woman in his life since the death of his mother and there are many instances of Eren caring about her well-being.

Eren desperately attempts to convince the crowd that Mikasa has nothing to do with his current state as a titan shifter Eren showing concern for Mikasa's health Whether or not Eren's feelings will develop into something more romantic is something that is yet to be seen.

The first factor is Mikasa's bloodline. For Eren, scarf represent familial love, as it was after Eren gave Mikasa his scarf that Mikasa joined the Yeager family. However, a kiss represents romantic love. Eren avoided the kiss, and focused on the part about the scarf, showing her that he loves her as a family. After all, he understood very well that Franz and Hannah were a couple: By this point we already knew that Eren is someone who never gives up. Hannes-san reminded us of that a few chapters earlier.

He took this mantra in his own way, Armin never ran away from the bullies, and Eren never gave up. And at the end, he avoided her kiss. Because, the person that she imagined Eren to be, and the person that Eren actually is, are quite different.

Mikasa always thought that the special thing between Eren and her, was the fact that he saved her when they were kids. Because he was her saviour, she convinced herself that they are meant to stay together forever. Eren proceeded to save other people as well. He saved Armin in Trost, and later on, other th squad members started seeing him as their saviour too: In ch67, Sasha fell down on her knees and thanked Eren in tears.

She already accepted that she was about to die, but thanks to Eren, she was still alive. Mikasa was no longer the only person Eren saved, and other people saw him as their saviour just like Mikasa did. Mikasa could see that Eren being her saviour was no longer a special thing just between Eren and her. Before this, during the military training, she got jealous at Annie, when Annie and Eren were training, and tossed Reiner on her in order to separate them.

Later on during the FT arc, she even asked Eren whether he has some special feelings for her. Later on during the dinner, Eren started talking about the time when he ate his father, and Mikasa stopped him.

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She reminded him that Grisha was like a father to her as well: For the first time, Eren not only agreed with Mikasa, but also apologized to her. Eren said that he was caught up in pointless worrying, and that he was jealous at Mikasa: To Mikasa, this was surprising, as you can see by her reaction.

Instead of being annoying to Eren, she started being supportive to him. Mikasa used to ignore who Eren is, and instead created her own image of who she wants Eren to be, but she realized that Eren from her mind, and the real Eren, are different.

attack on titan mikasa and eren relationship trust

Even Hange freaked out in ch89, and Armin had an explanation to what was happening to Eren. However, to Mikasa, Eren seemed fine: The idea that you should spend the rest of your life with someone, just because that person has saved you when you were kids is childish, and Mikasa was a child when she thought like that. That kind of thinking slowly changed as Mikasa grew older, and developed as a person. After Carla died, Mikasa became overly-protective towards Eren, especially since the last thing Carla said to her, was to help Eren if he gets into trouble: As long as they live.

She also said during the CoT arc that all she wants is to be close to Eren. However, even though she spoke how Eren is everything to her, that she just wants to protect him, and be together with him, her actions sometimes spoke otherwise.

Levi was beating Eren, and Mikasa was about to interfere, only to be stopped by Armin. Even though her interfering and attacking Levi, would put Eren in an even worse position, and could end up very bad for him, she still wanted to hurt Levi. In the FT arc, we learned more about this. Levi told her to give up on killing the Female titan, and just prioritize on getting Eren back.

During the fight, she thought she had an opening for a kill, and she went for it: Instead of just focusing on saving Eren, she prioritized killing the female titan. Afterwards, Levi scolded her for that himself: She convinced herself that Eren is everything to her, and that she would do anything for him, but instead, she tried to satisfy her own desires, and kill the female titan.

In other words, the mission should simply be to get Eren back from them, and not try to kill them, but Mikasa was making the same mistake she did when her and Levi were fighting the FT. She wanted to kill them. Erwin specifically said that the mission is to take Eren back and retreat immediately: Still, once more, Mikasa went for a kill against Bertolt, instead of just focusing on cutting the rope that tied Eren to Bertolt like Erwin did later on: There are many things that could have gone wrong for Eren if she actually cut Bertolt in this situation, cause Eren would still be tied to him.

But luckily, before things got worse, Jean intervened, and helped her.