Bilbo and gandalf relationship quizzes

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I am using the concept of a mirror effect and Im stuck on Bilbo and Gandalf. i am exploring the relationship between the guide and the main character of the. Get an answer for 'What causes the change in Bilbo's relationship to Thorin during the When Gandalf comes to Bilbo's defense, Thorin accuses them both of. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Gandalf explains to Frodo that the Black Riders are the Ringwraiths (known in Therefore there is something sacred about Bilbo and Frodo's relationship that.

Anduril Orcist Narsil Much like people here on Earth name their cars, the people of Middle Earth love to name their weapons. Every sword has its title, and the great weapons of Middle Earth history have their names repeated over and over again in the myths of old.

But Aragorn's sword is particularly special given that it was forged from the shards of the infamous sword that was broken. So, what was this sword's name before it was shattered? Question 15 What is the metal that Frodo's chainmail is made out of? Malloch Steel Silver Bilbo gives Frodo a few items to take with him on his adventure.

The most famous, of course, is the One Ring that Bilbo acquired from Gollum- the very thing that the entire quest is centred around. But Bilbo also gifts Frodo a chainmail shirt that ends up saving his life.

Bilbo Baggins Relationships

In the mines of Moria, it prevents a sword from piercing his torso poor Frodo gets stabbed a lot. So, which tough metal is this lucky shirt made out of? Question 16 What are Sam's final words in the series? Frodo" "I'm back" "The Shire" When such an epic story as The Lord of the Rings comes to an end, it's natural to expect some pretty moving words for the closing chapter.

The honour falls on Samwise Gamgee, who utters a single sentence to close out the series. Although Frodo may have seemed like the central character in the series, in some ways, Sam was the true hero, putting his own needs and any semblance of ambition that he might have felt on hold in order to help his friend make it through the most trying time in his life. So it seems fitting that the final words of the series are Sam's.

But instead of having to plop down in front of a computer and battle with sketchy WiFi to get connected, all they need is a purse big enough to hold an enormous pebble.

Palantiri are large, spherical stone-like objects that can connect two different places to each other. They can be used to communicate, or, as Pippin realizes, to spy.

So, how many of these Seeing-stones are in Middle Earth?

bilbo and gandalf relationship quizzes

Question 18 In which language is the script on the One Ring written? Elvish Southern Script Black Speech At the start of the first movie, our first introduction to the One Ring is when Gandalf throws it into the fire at Bilbo's hobbit hole, much to Frodo's alarm.

bilbo and gandalf relationship quizzes

After baking in the fireplace for a bit, the ring is removed and a fiery script appears across its surface. Seeing this script, Gandalf realizes that it isn't just any ring they have in their possession- it's the One Ring that disappeared all those years ago.

So, what language is this script written in? Question 19 What is the name of the monster that waits for Frodo in the paths at Cirith Ungol?

bilbo and gandalf relationship quizzes

It starts out a bit rocky, but slowly, Frodo builds trust with the creature's innate personality, which has the name of Smeagol. This trust leads Smeagol to banish his insidious alter-ego and live a carefree life without Gollum's interference. However, when Frodo seemingly betrays Gollum to Faramir's troops although in reality he was saving his lifeGollum returns to Smeagol and they plot to bring Frodo to his doom in Cirith Ungol.

What is the name of the monster there? Destroy it in Mordor Sink it in the ocean Store it somewhere safe After Gandalf realizes that the ring in Bilbo's pocket is indeed the One Ring of Power, he scurries to get it somewhere safe.

Frodo and Sam start on a journey to take it to Rivendell, and once they arrive, a council made up of all the races of Middle Earth convenes to discuss the fate of the land and the One Ring.

Many options are discussed, given how powerful the Ring in their possession is. Which of the following is NOT discussed? Question 21 What is the name of the Elvish bread that Frodo and Sam eat on their journey?

Having just escaped the Mines of Moria, they're still mourning the loss of Gandalf, one of their most beloved members. After enjoying the hospitality of the Elves for awhile and seeing Galadriel go a bit nuts over the Ringthe Fellowship sets out with many gifts from the Elves in their bags. One of these gifts is a huge supply of Elven bread to keep their bellies full. What is the name of this bread? Question 22 What is the gift that Galadriel gives to Gimli?

When he first arrived in the forest, he was sure he'd be meeting some sort of evil sorceress, but when he actually laid eyes on Galadriel, it was as close to love at first sight as one can get. He instantly realized that the Lady of Lothlorien was anything but evil.

When he was departing, he got a particularly special gift from Galadriel. Question 23 Which of the following would NOT be considered a staple of hobbit cuisine? Pasta Cheese Mushrooms Hobbits love to eat. It's basically the cornerstone of their culture. They farm, they go to taverns, and they EAT. Oh, and we can't forget the pipe-devil's lettuce. Hobbits love themselves a good bucket of pipe-devil's lettuce, as we see with Merry, Pippin and the floating tubs of pipe-devil's lettuce that they come across in the flooded food cellars at Orthanc.

When it comes to food, though, hobbits don't just eat anything. However, they eventually make up by the end of the movie, but Thorin passes on while Bilbo survives. Gandalf Gandalf became friends with Bilbo and chose the hobbit to be the luck fourteenth member. The Istar is very fond and protective of Bilbo, even becoming his protector, mentor and a father figure. He also worries when Gandalf is not with them when Gandalf told them to wait at the overlook.

They reunite the night before the Battle takes place where both are in a short, yet happy reunion. After the Arkenstone trade, Gandalf worries what will happen to Bilbo when Thorin finds out what he's done. Eventually, Gandalf tells Thorin to let Bilbo go. Gandalf refuses for Bilbo to go and worries that he'll hurt himself.

Bilbo still defies him. After Thorin's death, Gandalf comforts the mourning hobbit and travels with him in the return journey. The wizard already figured out Bilbo had the ring ever since they escaped the Goblin Tunnels.

Gandalf comes right out and says he is very fond of him, but a "[small] fellow in a wide world. He visited Bilbo from time to time and supported him when he turned years old. He seems to care about and becomes fond of Bilbo more than the other dwarves do. Almost seeing Bilbo faint, he asked if he was alright, which was not.

When Bilbo came after changing his mind to fallow the dwarves until the end, Balin smiled at the hobbit's signature. Balin was glad to see him alive and coming to their rescue. Near the journey's end, Bilbo is accompanied by Balin half-way. The latter tells Bilbo that he doesn't know what awaits him but advises Bilbo not to wake the dragon. Additionally, the courage of hobbits never ceases to amaze Balin. As Thorin starts to fall, the dwarf terrifyingly confides to Bilbo that the Arkenstone is to remain lost.

Balin says goodbye to Bilbo before he leaves and watches his friend leave. He was at first are not that respectable to Bilbo's possessions. He treats Bilbo as if he was their third piece of their siblings. He abandoned Bilbo to the trolls, but they both came back in the end. Fili was frantically looking for Bilbo and relieved to see him alive. Bilbo is scared when his friend is captured and killed right in front of him and his friends.

After Fili is killed right in front of Bilbo, the hobbit mourns him for a second, closing his eyes and about to cry. He teased Bilbo, but it wasn't until he softens on Bilbo and loved him like a brother. They all eventually did. Bofur Bofur and Bilbo are good friends. Bofur has a brotherly, protective streak for Bilbo when he pulled the hobbit into the center of the group when the Elves returning to Rivendell.

One night, he realized that Bilbo was trying to leave. Bofur unsuccessfully convinces Bilbo to leave, as he's part of the company. He unintentionally hurts Bofur's feelings and tries to apologize. He just encourages Bilbo with all the luck in the world before they are captured by the trolls. Bofur also points out Bilbo's disappearance to Thorin and relieved to be free. He gets angry that Bilbo's leading them into the cellars and his idea of the barrels.

As of the Quest continues, Bofur stays behind, Bilbo asks where he is, but the dwarf had drunk too much. After they are victims of Lake-town's destruction, Bilbo reunites with Bofur and the others but warn them they need to leave because of Thorin's madness.

They originally had a scene together in The Battle of the Five Armies, in which Bofur encourages Bilbo to leave Erebor, saying goodbye to him, knowing it would be the last time they would see each other.

Bofur also helped Bilbo escape from Erebor to the battlefield, seeing him off for a second time. Unfortunately for the dwarves, they had amassed too much treasure in their beautiful city, which attracted this villainous dragon to them.

Dragons have an incredible love of gold and they are pulled towards massive quantities of it. This dragon is eventually taken down by a very skilled bowman who is often looked at as a rebel. Question 11 Who is this king of Rohan? He's been taken over by Saruman and has let his kingdom fall to ruin.

He drives out the only warriors still loyal to him and he sits diseased on his throne with a worm of a guide next to him. Gandalf eventually frees the king and he realizes all of the ill he has done. He blames himself for the death of his son, and he leads his people to Helm's Deep to protect them from the Uruk army.

Question 12 Who is this elven lord? He calls a council meeting in his home of Rivendell and attempts to bring the free peoples of Middle Earth together to share in the task of destroying the One ring. His daughter is in love with a ranger from the North who is actually the rightful king of Gondor, but this elf would rather see his daughter pine away for eternity in the Undying Lands than to marry the mortal king.

Question 13 Who is this ranger from Gondor? He was never part of the Fellowship, but he spent quite a bit of time with Frodo and Sam.

bilbo and gandalf relationship quizzes

He almost gives them up to his father in Minas Tirith but, unlike his brother, he realizes that the Ring must be destroyed and cannot be used by anyone. Of course, in the books he actually just comes across Frodo and Sam and helps them right away without any conflict.

Question 14 Who is this lady of Rohan?

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Eomer Eowyn Arowyn This wonderful woman is the niece of the king of Rohan. Her brother is banished from Rohan while her uncle is under the control of Saruman. She sort of falls for Aragorn, but ultimately ends up with Faramir after her time recovering from grievous wounds inflicted on her after she destroyed one of the nine wraiths.

This particular wraith was a king from Angmar. Who is this pale woman? Question 15 Who is this master bowman? Bard Brad Borden While he's looked at by many as a rebel for standing against the lord of Laketown, this fantastic archer is one of the key characters in the story of The Hobbit.

It's not like he is involved with the Ring by any means, but he is responsible for taking down the evil and greedy dragon Smaug who has taken over Erebor Question 16 Who was this lanky ring-bearer originally? Deagal Smeagol Regal While he doesn't look like much anymore, this ring-bearer used to be one of the river folk. He was a hobbit of sorts. He had a real name and a family. But on his birthday many years ago, he killed his cousin in order to gain possession of the One Ring.

This led him to become a skulking and gangly creature, coughing out a new name Question 17 Who is this fancy elven archer? Haldir Legolas Celeborn This elf is actually a princeling from Mirkwood.

He journey's to Rivendell for the Council of Elrond and hold true to his mission of helping the Fellowship to save Middle Earth from ruin. He is one of many elves who stay and fight to Middle Earth while many more sail off to the Undying Lands to avoid the conflict.

He happens to become very close friends with a dwarf which is typically unheard of. They have a competitive friendship. Question 18 Who is this scariest of all the Ring Wraiths? They are drawn to its power thanks to their corruption from the rings given to them by Sauron himself. This particular wraith is the leader of the nine. He is based out of Minas Morgul for a time but does not actually come from there.

He is ultimately destroyed by Eowyn, a woman of Rohan.