Charlie and claire relationship lost

charlie and claire relationship lost

Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton were characters on the tv show Lost. Charlie and Claire's relationship went through many ups and downs, but the one. This is something that ended up getting cut out of a longer Lost article No, I like Charlie and Claire because, unlike every other romantic pairing on the relationship between her and Charlie so interesting--neither does he. Pairings are relationships, either enacted or implied, that fans enjoy and couples listed here, there are many fan-made pairings popular amongst Lost shippers. Charlie & Claire (PB&J, for Pregnant Babe and Junkie or Peanut Butter and.

Afterlife[ edit ] In the episode "LA X", Charlie is seen on board Oceanicin the restroom with heroin, as seen in the "Pilot" episode. However; during this "flash-sideways", flight does not crash, and Charlie gets a small bag of heroin lodged in his throat, rendering him unconscious.

He is revived by Jack and later arrested for possession of illegal drugs. He later claims, while he was unconscious, he had a vision of a "beautiful, rapturous" woman who is implied to be Claire.

Glaring at Jack as he is restrained, he snarls "I was meant to die. Desmond does not succeed since Charlie runs Desmond's car into the water, which triggers Desmond's memory of Charlie's death in the original timeline.

Charlie Pace

Desmond escapes and rescues Charlie from the submerged vehicle. In the episode " The End ", Charlie is tranquilized by Hurley in order to carry him to the concert which he was scheduled to perform.

While on stage, he sees Claire sitting in the crowd and realizes she's the one he saw when he almost died. She seems to be flattered by his attention, but then has contractions and goes backstage with Kate. Charlie follows them and while he gets water and blankets, Claire gives birth and remembers her life on the island. Charlie returns and she recognizes him. She takes his hand and he then remembers everything too, and they have an emotional reunion.

They are seen in the church along with the other main characters at the series' conclusion. He was keen to portray a different role, so he wanted a contemporary part which had layers and an edge.

charlie and claire relationship lost

Originally Charlie was an older rocker who had been a big hit in the s but now had a heroin addiction. After the producers enjoyed Monaghan's audition where he read Sawyer's lines, they rewrote the part to make him a young has-been. Both were one-hit wonder guitarists and singers who used drugs, and both are heroes at the end. This is in keeping with many of the characters in Lost who are named after famous philosophers and theologians, although the name Charlie Pace is also the name of one early member of the Branch Davidian sect that was raided in Waco, TX in Same with Rose and Bernard.

Charlie and Claire are the only couple on the island whose problems remain tangled and realistic, which is why it sucks in a way emblematic of how the entire show has come to suck that in nine episodes their relationship got maybe ten minutes of airplay, as opposed to endless repetitions of Kate vacillating between Cyclops and Wolverine and Sun gazing longingly at the horizon.

It's not that I'm so fond of Charlie and Claire as characters, either. He was quite sympathetic for a while there in the show's first season, but lately he's become judgmental and priggish. Claire is barely even a character--beyond a few details, we have no idea who she is. Which is part of what makes the relationship between her and Charlie so interesting--neither does he.

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Without ever acknowledging that they were doing so, Charlie and Claire skipped right past courtship, dating, romance and marriage and started playing house. They don't know each other. They don't love each other.

charlie and claire relationship lost

It's open to debate whether they're even attracted to each other the closest they've come to intimate contact is Charlie kissing Claire on the forehead. They're deeply invested in each other, but for reasons that have very little to do with who the other person in the relationship is. Like, I suspect, many drug addicts, Charlie is a control freak.

charlie and claire relationship lost

That desire for control doesn't express itself through an anal attention to detail, or a desire to dominate those close to him although he skates rather close to the latter with some of his actions towards Claire.

Charlie feels in control when he's taking care of others.

charlie and claire relationship lost

He needs to be the man of the house, providing for and protecting his family. The kind of person, after all, who is capable of taking care of others surely doesn't need to be helped himself?

In other words, Charlie is trying to fake it till he makes it, using other people as props. We saw last season how a previous attempt of this kind failed disastrously, but a combination of fortuitous circumstances has given Charlie a second, more promising chance on the island.

I won't pretend that it doesn't speak well of Charlie that he was the person who stepped up to take care of Claire--assuring her that "[he's] not afraid of [her]"--early in the first season, but the fact remains that Charlie is using Claire as a way to avoid his problems, and that way lies only pain for both of them. For better or worse, Charlie is the sort of person who will justify almost any action if it benefits the people he cares about--or, more accurately, the people he cares for.

While I abhorred the flash-sideways construct of the last season as well as the fact that the ending was built all around Jack's perfect version of heaven, I will admit that seeing Charlie and Claire reunite in the end made me very emotional. If nothing else, Charlie and Claire got a happy ending in Jack's dying mind, which is better than what they got in real life.

At least Claire was able to get off of the island and could raise Aaron herself, so Charlie's sacrifice wasn't completely in vain, and I would hope that she would tell her son stories about the man that should have been his father in order to keep his memory alive. The baby, it's like I'm this time bomb of responsibility just waiting to go off.

charlie and claire relationship lost

I mean I barely knew her - barely know her - Claire. She's been missing over a week and every day she's gone it feels like bits of me are crumbling. There's something about him that's just so adorable and sweet. Even in a scary place like this, Charlie makes me feel safe Why do I remember peanut butter?