Crocodile bird and relationship quotes

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crocodile bird and relationship quotes

I quote from three such figures in particular as sources of the kind of striking He was fascinated by the crocodiles there and describes the relationship they. In the bird world, there are many examples of these symbiotic The symbiotic relationship between the crocodile and the plover bird is. Cleaning symbiosis is a mutually beneficial association between individuals of two species, The bird hopped in, and the crocodile closed its jaws. in what appeared to be a very short time, probably not more Cleaning symbiosis is a relationship between a pair of animals of different species, involving the removal and.

Let us get to know a little bit more about these creatures: A crocodile is a carnivore which means it eats all kinds of animals that live in the water and even cattle.

They have strong jaws. They do not chew their food, just swallow the entire prey into their stomach where it is broken down.

crocodile bird and relationship quotes

It is while swallowing that the bits of flesh get stuck in their teeth. You will find them swimming just like this beneath the surface of water with their eyes and nostrils just above. Often you will find them lazing around in the sun with their mouth wide open.

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They have powerful jaw muscles and can keep their mouth open for a long time. Let us look at the Plover Bird closely. She lives in pairs or in small groups near water bodies, just like our crocodile does. She flies in groups. When a pair lands after the flight, they greet each other by raising their wings in a way that shows the black and white marks on them.

They greet each other regularly!

Partnerships for sustainability: let’s learn from the plover bird and the crocodile

They get into its mouth boldly, eat the food and fly away. Even when a Plover Bird is not around, his teeth still need to be cleaned!

And a crocodile needs all this cleaning in spite of the following fact: Our orientation included interviews with hands-on experts because, at this stage, we wanted to collect first impressions from various angles.

Accordingly, we spoke to fairf, a young sustainable start-up —providing quality paints- that has joined forces with a larger family business, and to Instock, an Albert Heijn spin-out, aimed at reducing wood waste.

crocodile bird and relationship quotes

At Alliander we learnt more about their platform for start-ups for innovations in sustainable energy. These interviews taught us many valuable things. We would like to thank all those people who gave up their time to speak to us. Request for input Before sharing some of our findings with you, I would like to invite you to get involved. Are you aware of any relevant scientific literature on this topic?

Can you provide any other comments, warnings or input? Please respond to this post or contact me directly. This will help me to kick-start the next phase of our research.

Hopefully we can define some practical steps that increase the success rate of this kind of partnerships. Would there be a next book in this topic?

crocodile bird and relationship quotes

More specifically, such partnerships should be focused on sustainability, in other words: Any partnerships that are not joint operations aimed at sustainable solutions are beyond the scope of this project. We investigated social enterprises and start-ups; for the purpose of this study, I shall use one name for both of them: I am not going to define large companies precisely either; they are frequently multinational corporations, but could also be business of a certain magnitude with nation-wide operations.

They must have a number of strengths that are essential for the partnership. Do you think all this is still a bit abstract?

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In Duurzaamheid in de Boardroom I refer to the DSM the global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials and Niaga partnership. But the entrepreneurs faced some obstacles: We believed in them, so we took the plunge. Of course it was a carefully defined, separate and distinctive growth bubble with its own identity within the DSM infrastructure.

The power of partnership The interviews confirmed my view that SEEs and large companies seek partnerships in which they can combine their unique strengths.

crocodile bird and relationship quotes

The figure next to this article summarises this. In order for such a partnership to be successful a number of conditions should be discussed and agreed. I believe that both parties should have shared values. Moreover there must be agreement on a practical level too. What are the actual objectivesof the partnership? The interviews learned us that the parties involved have to develop mutual trust which helps to accept the other and allows them the freedom for their unique contribution.

Despite common values and objectives, there will always be differences between the two parties, leaving them to struggle within the partnership and putting pressure on mutual acceptance. The learning capacity of both partners builds the foundations for reflection a much-underestimated quality, especially in times of pressure and accordingly the adjustment and recalibration of objectives.

How do we adjust so that each party can regain its strength and take the next steps? The partnership is proof of a relationship established by two very different enterprises.