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Single and smiling Tulisa touches down in LA as it's claimed Fazer's 'demands for marriage and a baby' led to their split. Tulisa Contostavlos couldn't have looked any happier as she arrived at Los Angeles' LAX airport yesterday. However, the X Factor's judge's cheery outward. What are true statements about the poem I Never Saw a Moor by Emily Dickinson Dappy doesn't hate Adam (Tulisa's man), he's only joking about. She's very respectful of her relationship and very happy in it so why would she ditch him. iv mallari essays on leadership relationship between paragraph and essay the shopping bag lady poem analysis essays dappy and tulisa.

As a result, Dappy invited May for a guest stint on his second single, which co-incidentally was titled " Rockstar ". On 29 February, Dappy revealed that the title of his album would be Bad Intentionsclaiming that the album "is motivational music for people who believe they can't do nothing, a battle we have with our own mind.

Subsequently, he revealed that the fourth single will be " Good Intentions ", and if "Rockstar" peaks at 1 on the UK Singles Charthe will enlist Barbadian singer Rihanna and British superstar Adelewho will both have vocal sections on the single. He claimed that Rihanna contacted him after she was impressed with a demo tape she had heard of his music. He followed this up with the promotional release " Built for This " in July, and the full single "Money Can't Buy" in September It peaked at 23 in the charts.

However, it didn't do as well with the media and was heavily criticized for a scene in which Dappy is standing outside a block of expensive luxury flats with a "rich kid" who is trying to look like a gangster. The Independent wrote, "His lyrics combine jealousy with anger: The silent boy falls instantly to the pavement Do scenes like these suggest that music videos are encouraging their viewers to indulge in criminality?

When asked in interviews about the single, following these comments he said "these people need to listen to the lyrics, they are about showing appreciation to what you've got".

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Dappy pleaded guilty to the offences and for each count received four weeks' imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, to run concurrently and hours community service.

The show received a text message from a woman in Boston, Lincolnshire, complaining that Dappy was "vile" and "a little boy with a silly hat" and that N-Dubz were "losers". Dappy secretly copied her phone number from the studio console and, the following day, tried calling her and sent threatening messages including: U sent a very bad msg towards Ndubz on The Chris Moyels [ sic ] show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!!! In JanuaryContostavlos was found guilty by a jury at Guildford Crown Court of assault and affray and given a suspended sentence of six months imprisonment.

His father had been a member of the group Mungo Jerry. Byron died on 12 April He's always been popular with the girls. Never had trouble getting women. His heart belongs to Tula now tho. Is Tulisa's man hott? He has very naughty,twinkly eyes and a naughty boy smile. He's naughty with a heart of gold. He was always the ladies man at school,everyone wanted him. He ha…d a rep for being very good in the bedroom [lucky Tulisa].

He loves the ladies,but all his womanizing stopped when he fell in love hard with Tula,he adores the bones of this girl,and despite what ppl are saying online,he does not beat anyone,he is not with her for money [they were in love long before N Dubz found this level of fame,none of them had money when they fell in love].

Don't listen to Dappy when he badmouths Adam,cos there is nothing bad about Adam,esp concerning his love for Tulisa. His love for her is very,very genuine. He is a lovely,lovely guy and she's lucky to have him. Lets hope all the split whispers are false,cos they are a lovely couple and I hope they last. Did Tulisa's man propose for fame or love? Tulisa isn't stupid so if she thought that Adam her fiance proposed to her for fame then she would've ditched him immediately.

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Tulisa and Adam were together… for 2 years before she even became famous so why would their love change just because she got famous. Tulisa's man with her for fame? Please tell me when u have seen Adam trying to cash in on her fame. He is a lovely guy,a cheeky chappie who just happens to be with someon…e who is now famous. She was NOT famous when they met,during which time she made the play to get him and now they have a very long relationship.

It is not a crime that he is not famous. It is not a crime if he drives her car. If ppl are so bothered then he can drive MY car,if it will make ppl leave him alone.

He is a very lovely guy who is in love with Tula,not Tula's fame. He and she try very,very hard to keep their relationship from becoming tabloid fodder. Yes,she was becoming famous when they got engaged but their engagement was something that everyone expected anyway regardless of whether her group took off or not. I'm sick of ppl making him out to be a bad guy,when he is nothing of the sort.

He is very,very nice and has no bad intentions towards Tula. Don't think so,they have a long relationship so it won't be just as easy as that to walk away. I doubt either are that keen to just give up on their relationship Share to: