David cameron and nick clegg relationship problems

The tensions between Cameron and Clegg over EU - BBC News

david cameron and nick clegg relationship problems

It seems that pre-election Nick Clegg keeps on adding to the list of things to answer for after making his Faustian bargain with David Cameron. Polls suggest what David Cameron did - or, rather didn't do in So where does all this leave the relationship between David Cameron and Nick Clegg? single market and pressing the eurozone to sort out its debt problems. David Cameron handed out bottles of “Co-ale-ition” beer and Nick Clegg Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg listed those achievements at this week's cabinet, “ Whenever we got stuck or had problems, we came back and said: what's the Same sex marriage, David Cameron's personal project and one of the.

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When Cameron was speaking he could be seen nodding his head in approval, and when he mentioned Cameron he was much more likely to behave inclusively, orienting his body towards him and fixing his eyes on him. Cameron's performance included very few of these signals — when referring to Clegg he was more likely just to gesticulate towards him.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship problems

I can't recall a single instance where he nodded in agreement while Clegg was talking. One of the litmus tests of power relations is who laughs at whom.

David Cameron went into a dark room with Nick Clegg

That's because laughter serves to elevate the status of the person who manages to elicit laughter, while it reduces the status of the person who does the laughing. During the press conference Clegg made a bold attempt to be amusing when he feigned hurt and pretended to be leaving.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship problems

Cameron responded with a show of embarrassment, but he didn't laugh. But when Cameron made an amusing remark, Clegg cracked up. On the surface it all looked very jolly, but the underlying purpose of the levity was to sort out their status positions. The overriding impression that everyone went away with was of two men who are at ease in each other's company, and who could definitely work together.

But Cameron also managed to stamp his authority throughout the day, reminding Clegg and the rest of us that he's the man who's very much in charge. We are announcing a new politics.

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Where co-operation wins out over confrontation, where compromise, give and take, reasonable, civilised, grown-up behaviour is not a sign of weakness but of strength. And that is the true significance of this new coalition. Mr Cameron was asked about a remark he had once made when he was asked for a joke and had replied: Having released the full details of the coalition deal, the Prime Minister said: And it will be an administration united behind one key purpose: This is a sign of the strength and depth of this coalition and our sincere determination to work together constructively to make this coalition work in the national interest.

The changing political reality was reflected in the Cabinet posts.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship problems

Iain Duncan Smith, the former party leader, has the task of forcing through radical welfare reform as Work and Pensions Secretary. Mr Cameron has kept his closest colleagues in the key positions.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship problems