Dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

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dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

and Relationships. November 13, Dear Bossip: I'm Sleeping With My Mother's Husband & I'm Pregnant By Him. November 10 After The Love Is Gone: 11 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Via Text Or Phone Call. October 28, Posted on November 6, - By Bossip Staff. Dear Bossip, . From Your Gay Best Friend – The Straight Up Truth About Relationships, Love. Dear Bossip: The Love Of My Life Is Locked Up, So I Reconnected With An Ex & We're Engaged, But I Don't Love Him. March 19, 27 Comments.

I really need some advice. But, the problem is he was going to get married until the girl messed up their relationship, so they broke up. We are in a long distance relationship and the girl is living in the same town as he is. What the girl does now is that she is always telling him about the guys that she is dating.

And, that some guy a few months back that she slept with told her that he is HIV positive. All of this my boyfriend calls me and tells me about. I keep on asking him why he is even concerned about such things? Why is he even bothered to even listen to what she keeps on saying? Or, should I stay because maybe this is his way of healing? He is not over his ex-fiance. He is still in love with her, and he is bitter and angry over the break up.

Keep in mind that she is the one who messed up their relationship, and is the reason for it ending.

dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

Remember, you are only hearing one side of the story, and you are only getting his version of what happened. But, regardless, she is the one who broke his heart, and he is bitter from the damage. And, trust and believe, if she decided to get back with him he will be more than happy and excited to do so. But, I want you to know what you are to him, and your role to him. You are the rebound chick. Continues to sleep with the other woman. Where are your boundaries? When is enough really enough for you?

Dear Bossip: I Really Love Him, But He’s Draining Me With Stories About His Ex-Fiance

The first time should and would have been the lesson, and you should have exited the relationship. Now, here you are getting messages from his baby momma with her telling you that they are still getting it in, and sleeping together.

Honey, who has time for all of this foolishness? Why are you even contemplating what you should do? That right there became the downfall to your situation. He agreed to be in the relationship, but the game and the player in him had a loophole in your logic in what you thought was a serious committed relationship. Asking him made it seem like you were desperate. Asking him made it seem like you were the one pushing for the relationship. He only said yes to appease you.

dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

You let this go on, and you let this continue. You had the opportunity, chance, and moment to get out of this relationship and to walk away from this potential headache.

You can sit up there and say that you truly felt he was sorry for what he did, but sweetie, you are too damn old to be playing games with a man like this. You are too damn old and wise to know better, and to allow yourself to be in this predicament and want to play the victim. Chile, this fool showed you who he was when he brought the baby to your house and confessed to cheating years ago.

dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

If he was a cheater then, therefore, you should have used common sense to deduce that he will cheat again. Hell, he had a baby! And, I hope you all know how I feel about it, and the precautions you should take when going online to meet someone. Yes, there are some great and wonderful people out there, and some really wonderful and loving potential partners, however, you have to date, get to know someone, and use a great deal of judgment.

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It takes investment, and it takes time. However, if someone is cheating, and have a full fledge relationship with someone else, and in the process a child is created, then, please know that is not the person for you. No one has time for that! So, recognize your worth and value. Use your mature wisdom and common sense.

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Delete him out of your life. Stop giving him access to you and space in your home. You have to look out for yourself, love yourself, and be a mother to your children.

dear bossip 2014 love and relationship

Grow up, and focus on you and your children.