Erwin and levi relationship quizzes

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erwin and levi relationship quizzes

Would Levi Ackerman like you? Find out!:) Quiz | Quotev YUSH LEVI LOVES. Read it That's how you know you have a healthy relationship. I mean, I started . "Oh, Levi~ this new quiz just came in our mailbox~" Hanji called, waving the " Huh has Corporal Levi even been in a relationship before?. Browse through and take thousands of levi heichou quizzes. This includes: Mike, Mikasa, Armin, Eren, Erwin, Levi, Kenny, Sasha, Ymir, Annie, Krista, and Hanji! Add to library 17Discussion 65Browse Your Relationship with Levi Heichou.

This is why your lives are so easy. Being forced to think only of immediate needs has probably conditioned his thought processes and affected his ability to think and plan in the long term. Briefly, Levi hates the man. He gives off an all-knowing mein, demonstrated a penchant for manipulation and is ruthlessly pragmatic in his methodology. To that end, I really like to give Erwin a noble background. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I think it helps explain his actions well.

The Scouting Legion is regarded as a death wish and carries very low social status. Considering the nobility is petty enough to disown Christa for being an illegitimate child, having a member of the family in the Scouting Legion is probably scandalous at best or socially suicidal at worst.

Disregarding the lack of glamor associated with the Scouting Legion, consider what the Scouting Legion means for the nobility. How strong does your resolve have to be to work against a social order that benefits you more than anyone else?

Everyone in the Scouting Legion has to be fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo, but making Erwin noble means he made the choice to sacrifice more than anyone else in the Scouts and it makes his resolve that much stronger for it. I also like how rejection of his past would parallel his rejection of his humanity, in the words of Armin. The nobility, by living in the most heavily protected inner city, already consider the commoners to be worth less, are already willing to sacrifice them in place of themselves.

This mentality gets demonstrated pretty well with the scene between Lord Balto and Pixis. As jkirschtein noted, Levi will comfort a dying soldier and dirty his hands in the process without a second thought. Erwin however remains on his horse, physically distanced and correspondingly emotionally distanced as well.

His command is dependent on him remaining so, something I discuss here. The anime makes it clear that the trial is unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, considering how Pixis pulls Erwin aside to mention how Zackley was getting involved.

erwin and levi relationship quizzes

It felt like he was used to reading people and manipulating them. He appeals to his troops on an ideological level rather than a personal one because his upbringing has distanced him from them in a way that would make personal connection disingenuous. He sees the world in a clinical and more theoretical way.

Erwin is a strategist while Levi is a tactician. Erwin plans in the long term, is driven more by abstract goals while Levi responds to immediate concerns. Levi hates the military police, the nobility, the government, all of which have somehow personally affected him. Erwin would just have to frame the titans in the context of the system that has already victimized Levi and drawn his ire.

Thus, a beautiful relationship is born. I wrote fairly extensively about it in a subsection of my tl;dr Levi metaif you wanted a more detailed explanation for how I see him. A better demonstration comes here: Erwin and Hanji as well: Furthermore, Levi gets the advantage of context.

On multiple occasions he demonstrates concern for Erwin, but I think the most important instance is this page: He admits the limits of his foresight, his own vulnerability and even shows it openly on his face, but who is his audience?

Erwin is described as a person who rejected his own humanity, who consensually became a monster to fight monsters. I want to compare this to this: Effectively, Levi is doing the same thing in both scenes. He forces Erwin to remember the humanity and conscience he rejected. But in comparing these two scenes, I wanted to return to my previous point about Erwin displaying emotional vulnerability befor Levi.

Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

Erwin and Levi are alone in the first one, while Petra and other scouts are present in the second. But there is a lot of tenderness and understanding between them, and they are a huge support for each other.

Bound together by their desire to be with Eren, these two work tirelessly to help protect him and stay by his side. They have a very strong friendship apart from that. They are always open and honest with each other and trust deeply in one another.

erwin and levi relationship quizzes

Mikasa is the one who pushes Armin to understand that he has a very valuable mind and that it is his strength. They look out for each other and encourage each other at every turn.

They also show some of their highest states of vulnerability to each other, which is shown to us after Eren is kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt. They never pass any blame to each other when things go wrong or when something happens to Eren.

There is always an understanding there that neither of them are perfect and that they both have their individual weaknesses and strengths. Armin is the brain and Mikasa is the brawn. Together, they make a very formidable duo, especially when it comes to making sure that Eren gets back to them safely. These two have been through more hell than any of us readers can probably comprehend, and they share one of the few bonds in the series that I find to be completely unshakable.

They share a heavy burden and many truths about this world, but are forced to keep it to themselves. They each found their own ways to cope with their actions - Bertholdt kept to himself during training and Reiner created a completely different person for him to be. They both also showed weakness and forged friendships with the people who they were sent to annihilate - an act which only hurt them more in the end, when they had to eventually reveal that they betrayed them all.

But everything that they have faced so far in this series, they have faced together. No one in the Attack on Titan universe will ever understand these two more than each other.

They are anchors for each other, they stick together through thick and thin and they work fiercely to protect each other. At the end of the day, their biggest and simplest desire is just to go back home, and they are committed to doing it together, no matter what obstacles they face. Erwin obviously never saw Levi as an adversary, but Levi definitely had some very strong and very negative opinions about Erwin after they first met.

Levi, prior to meeting Erwin and through his first expedition in the Survey Corps, had a great deal of pride. It ultimately got his friends killed. He decides to follow Erwin, stating that there is something in him that he lacks, and he will follow him until he finds out what it is. He believes in Erwin and believes that, regardless of the things they disagree on, Erwin has the best interest of everyone in mind. Levi has also expressed a great need to make sure that Erwin stays alive.

Particularly in recent chapters, that guilt has been eating away at Erwin. Erwin has admitted he has lied to himself, he has lied to his soldiers, and he has lied to his friends.

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He even goes so far to label himself as a con man. With the light at the end of the tunnel only barely out of reach, Erwin falls into hopelessness.

It is Levi who tells Erwin to let go of the chains that bind him, who encourages him to find peace and move on… Even if that means Levi himself needs to let go of Erwin. Their relationship has come a long way since they met in The Underground.

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He acts as someone who protects him and as a confidant. He is one of the first people that Erwin entrusts a plan with and even shows surprise when Erwin opts not to right away during his planning for the 57th expedition. Erwin smiles and tells him that he will know when the time comes.

This conversation is a subtle nod at the interpersonal relationship the two of them share. Both his fighting skills, and his nose. Erwin also, even before he became the commander, makes sure to have Mike close by to handle any strained situation they may find themselves in.

Perhaps the anime will grace us with more insight on this. Both of them left home to prove they can make something of themselves. Both of them ended up with the choice to join the Military Police and make their families proud.