Fantine and valjean relationship marketing

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fantine and valjean relationship marketing

It has such an intimate connection with the individual that even though Fantine (Anne Hathaway) works in Valjean's factory but loses her job. Earlier in the story, Fantine was fired from Valjean's factory. Not by him, but by his Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? If you're curious and. When Valjean saves Fantine from Javert (Russell Crowe), who was . over ' female' ways of moral reasoning that emphasize relationships.

The novel captures the spirit of the change and portrays the horrible predicament of the poverty smitten people who suffer the tribulation caused by the inadequacy of the criminal judiciary system of the country in which the poor class is deprived of true justice and the wealthy class is accorded undue privilege.

The novelist's purpose is to depict how messy the French society fell, where the innocent people fell into deplorable plight and the wealthy class relished on their catastrophic whims and caprices. In fine the novel Les Miserable is a sarcastic criticism of the French legal institutions of the post-Revolution time.

Through the sensational story of Les Miserables, Victor Hugo pronounces the thesis that it is by the power of love and mercy and not by atrocious law and hatred that human souls can better be ennobled, because love begets love and hatred begets hatred.

In the plot of the novel there are two major episodes: Jean Valjean-episode and Fantine-episode. In the first episode the novelist presents how the philanthropic and merciful love of Monsignor Myriel converts the ex-convict Jean Valjean into a true human being and gets involved with the second in an intertwined blend. When Valjean runs from door to door for a shelter and is always refused, then Monsignor Myriel offers him shelter for a night's stay at his place but is cheated.

Valjean again steals away M. Myriel's silver candlesticks and gets caught by police.

Relationship: JVJ and Fantine

But Monsignor Myriel saves him from the hand of the police as he commits to become an "honest man". Later he really turns to be a true human being and becomes the owner of a manufacturing workshop to the benefit of the general public.

Later he becomes the Mayor of Digne and becomes a benevolent soul to dedicate his life to the poor public welfare, centered to the philanthropic sacrifice for Fantine. It has been shown that Monsignor Myriel's silver candlesticks are used as potential symbol - the symbol of light and enlightenment.

Les Miserables We know that a brilliant shine of light is flickering on Valjean's face from the silver candlesticks and it works up in enlightening his criminal dark soul. And Monsignor Myriel plays the touchstone for Valjean, so through the magnanimous role of Valjean, the novelist aims to preach that it is by love and mercy not by law and imprisonment that a man can be corrected and turned into a superman.

Later Valjean turns to be such a philanthropic soul that he is made the mayor of the city Montreuil-sur-mer.

Who is a gretear Parent:Jean Valjean or Fantine

In the novel we find that Fantine terribly fights against innumerable odds. Hailing from a humble origin, she first falls a sad victim of sexual atrocity by Tholomyes, a young man of a wealthy family, who impregnates Fantine and abandons her on the precarious way of her life.

At first she heads towards her native village Montreuil but returns to Paris in search of a job when she understands that she won't find any work in her native place since she has had an illegitimate daughter. Then she works in Valjean's factory but later loses the job because her fellow-workers spread the story of Cosette. Fantine's destitution and sufferings then know no bound in maintaining herself and her Cosette.

As a matter of fact she donates her entire life for Cosette that a true mother would do.

  • Relationship: JVJ and Fantine
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It is the money-hunter Thenardiers who force Fantine to get into the vile profession of a prostitute as they keep on pressuring her for more money for looking after her daughter Cosette.

But when we consider the role of Jean Valjean, we get tongue-tied. Jean Valjean suffers a punishment of nineteen years imprisonment only for stealing a loaf of bread for the children of his widow sister with whom he was living. As he is wandering to find a shelter and is refused by everyone, he is given a loving accommodation by M. Myriel's pardon and love change his soul much that his life takes a noble turn.

He donates all his life only for his adopted daughter Cosette, whose mother is nothing more than a worker at his factory. He realizes that Fantine is but a tragic victim of the wayward Tholomyes.

It is not a mandatory moral obligation for him to take care of Cosette - she is none of his blood-bond. He picks up the task on his shoulder absolutely out of humanitarian consideration. A father rises up in his breast. His self-chosen task puts him into nameless oddities but he carries them out like a thorough scapegoat. He purchases Cosette from the Thenardiers as he is now the mayor of the city.

fantine and valjean relationship marketing

He supplies all her needs for educating her up to a sophisticated girl to be a proper member of the educated class. This done, her closed her eyes.

fantine and valjean relationship marketing

The face of Fantine, at this instant seemed strangely illumined. Death is the entrance into the great light. Fantine's hand hung over the side of the bed. Jean Valjean knelt before this hand, raised it gently, and kissed it" Hugo Jean Valjean shows compassion and love toward Fantine. Jean Valjean is showing a parent-like nurture towards Fantine while Fantine is taking her last breath.

fantine and valjean relationship marketing

I believe that this shows love and compassion. This love can be known as "Philia". This is a type of love where a person can bear a goodwill to another for many reasons. This is a friendship founded on goodness and love as well as companionship, dependability, and trust.

Share "Jean ValJean began to gaze upon Cosette with a look of ecstasy, in which the expression of goodness and tenderness went almost to the verge of insanity. Jean ValJean bent down and kissed the child's hand. Nine months before, he had kissed the hand of the mother, who also had just fallen asleep.

The same mournful, pious, agonizing feeling now filled his heart" Hugo As Jean Valjean begins to take care of cosette, a certain type of love called "Storage Love" can be seen between Jean Valjean and his daughter Cosette. Storage love does not focus on looks, it rather focuses on the love and affection between two family members. The theme of love is developed throughout the story and it can be seen in Jean Valjean.

Les Miserables: What makes people cry in films?

Jean Valjean is transformed from a intense criminal into a loving father who would do anything for Cosette. Share "Pardon me, my heart is bursting, I could not live as I was, I have come.

Have you read what I placed there, on this seat. Do you recognize me at all? Do not be afraid of me, it is a long time now. Do you remember the day when you looked upon me?

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It was at the Luxembourg, near the Gladiator. And the day when you passed before me. It was the 16th of June and the 2nd of July. It will soon be a year. For every long time now, I have not seen you at all. See, you are my angel: When Cosette first meets Marius, a type of relationship was formed which is not seen everyday.

Cosette and Marius endured a special kind of love known as agape. This type of love is used for strangers when they first meet and have an instant connection Just like Marius and Cosette. This love can be defined as an unselfish concern for the welfare of others.