Green lantern and batman relationship

Green Lantern bonds with Batman | Arousing Grammar

green lantern and batman relationship

The amusing thing about Green Arrow and Batman's relationship is that a bunch of Green Lanterns, destroying the Green Lantern Corps. The following is a list of alternative versions of Batman from all media types, including the DC . This alternative Batman resides on Earth is known as Bat- Lantern and is a member of the Justice Titans . Bruce then entered his giant Green Lantern Power Battery and exits with a new outfit and moniker, the Dawnbreaker. they just met, and batman seems to clown on him alot 1 where green lantern was amazed that batman was real and batman swiped his ring.

Batman #45 review: a Batman that's not Bruce Wayne and 'Booster Gold, not Green Lantern' – AiPT!

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green lantern and batman relationship

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green lantern and batman relationship

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green lantern and batman relationship

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One of Batman's lesser known superpowers is super-stubbornness and that does not go over well with others. Ra's Al Ghul stole Batman's contingency plans he had for taking down each of his Justice League teammates and Ra's put them into play.

The League eventually survived and the team then voted on whether to keep Batman on the team. Of the four votes against Batman, Superman wasn't even really angry but more disappointed.

Wonder Woman was angry, but her anger was more of a resigned, "I just can't trust him" sense. Aquaman and Plastic Man, however, were heated. Aquaman pushed the vote and Plastic Man voted Batman out with disgust in his voice.

green lantern and batman relationship

Jean-Paul was then "activated" and found himself acting as the agent of the Order of St. Dumas, using the name Azrael. He came into conflict with Batman, who helped Jean-Paul break free of his programming.

Now free, Jean-Paul was trained by Batman to use the skills that the Order gave him to be a true superhero. However, when Batman broke his back in a fight with Bane, Jean-Paul was pressed into action to replace Batman.

green lantern and batman relationship

Eventually, his old programming kicked in and Jean-Paul went around the bend. When Bruce tried to take the name back after his back was healed, Azrael tried to kill him, as he saw him as a demon trying to steal his newfound role as the guardian of Gotham. He had an Arrowcar, an Arrowplane, an Arrow Cave However, then Green Arrow lost his fortune oh yeah, he even had a fortune like Batman!

However, in more recent years, he became more and more aggressive with his attitude towards Batman. Things got so bad that Batman even had a talk to Green Arrow about it, noting that since he knew he didn't do anything to Arrow to merit this much hate, Arrow must have done something to him.

The Green Lantern is making fun of Batman - Justice League: War