Houki and ichika relationship marketing

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houki and ichika relationship marketing

As with Houki Shinonono, Lingyin has been friends with Ichika Orimura since .. a homosexual relationship with Squall, uncharacteristically blushing like a little girl grow a worldwide market for Japanese light novels translated into English . Tabane Shinonono - Houki's older sister. Tabane calls him affectionately as Ikkun (Short for Ichika-kun), and he has mutual respect for her, though he too is. From freeing. From the popular anime series is (infinite stratus) comes a figure of Houki Shinonono, Ichika's first childhood friend and main heroine of the series!.

Rumor has it that Ichika is aware of the girls' feelings for him, but avoids such affections due being the only male in school, and believes himself to have zero talent for being a suitable man. He is a very kind person and he will go to great lengths to achieve a goal he has set for himself.

White Expressions IS,[4] a prototype, one of only two developed 4th generation IS focused on short-range melee attacks. In its Second Shift, Byakushiki also gains an increase in mobility through the addition of 4 large wing thrusters, enabling it to execute Double Ignition Boost.

Houki even competes in kendo competitions at a national level, and was the winner of the national tournament that was hosted one year before the story of Infinite Stratos began. Her older sister, Tabane Shinonono, is the creator of the IS, though their relationship is strained. Six years ago, Ichika agreed to become her boyfriend if she could win the national kendo tournament of their grade. However, the day of the tournament is also the day the IS was introduced to the world.

Due to the familial links to Tabane, Houki's family is placed under government protection and Houki is forced to withdraw from the kendo tournament. Since that incident, Houki resents her sister for moving her away from Ichika and abandoning their family. Despite not seeing him for a long time, Houki still harbors strong feelings of love for Ichika, as her continuing practice of kendo was her only link to him.

Ichika Orimura's Relationships

She was his initial roommate before the arrivals of Charlotte Dunois and Tatenashi Sarashiki, and tends to get jealous when other girls are around him. However, because she is still unskilled as a pilot and her compatibility with the IS is only at grade C, she is still considered to be on the same level of the other girls. As of Volume 7, her compatibility has risen to grade S. Her family is part of the British aristocracy.

Her father, a spoiled and timid man who had little influence both inside and outside the Alcott family, makes her swear to never marry a weak man a difficulty due to the shift in social status. Upon losing her parents in a deadly train accident when she is 12 years old, Cecilia is forced to protect her family fortune from those who wish to claim a stake of it. After showing high IS aptitude, she makes a deal with the British government, who, in exchange for protecting her family's assets, wants her to go to the IS Academy as a Cadet Representative to gather data for their latest 3rd-generation model.

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She was almost defeated by Ichika for the position of class representative but won due to a technicality, but later cedes her position to Ichika.

She soon starts to see him as a true man and falls in love with him. System for engaging enemies at medium range. In the anime, Blue Tears is shown to also have a pair of rocket launchers attached to the hips, in place of two other Blue Tears shown in the light novels, used at close to long-range on different occasions.

She has been in love with Ichika ever since he protected her against four school delinquents. Lingyin at first becomes extremely hostile to Ichika after he forgets the details of a promise they made as kids in which it was implied; although not explicitly stated, that if she became an excellent cook, he would become her boyfriend.

Her family ran a Chinese restaurant that Ichika would often eat at before Ling's parents divorced and she moved back to China. Dragon Cannonpowerful "Impact Cannons" hidden in the shoulder armor. However, her plan is to spy on Ichika, discover how he is able to pilot an IS and acquire data from his IS which at the time was considered the most advanced 3rd-generation unit.

Because she enrolls as a male IS pilot, she is paired with Ichika as roommates since they are "both" guys. As a result of this arrangement, Ichika later discovers her true gender when he inadvertently walks in on her showering. Upon learning that Charlotte's father and his corporation used her to spy on him, Ichika decides to help protect her.

She later falls in love with Ichika due to his bravery.

houki and ichika relationship marketing

Her weapons, once called upon, can be used by another IS pilot as long as she grants permission. Due to her training to make her a convincing male prior to her entry to the IS Academy, Charlotte uses " boku " an informal male equivalent of "I" when referring to herself.

houki and ichika relationship marketing

Rin becomes mad with Ichika upon finding out he and Houki are roommates which leads the pair to have a duel with each other. Rin is an independent person as she doesn't like to be seen as a damsel in distress, proven during her match with Ichika, wanting to be seen as a powerful person, most likely to prove herself worthy of Ichika.

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However, Rin can be seriously jealous and similar to the rest of the girls can have a serious fiery temper in regards to misunderstood situations with Ichika or who he really likes in return. Although despite Rin's temper, Ichika remains close with her and views her as a good friend as she was one of the few rare people Ichika could talk with since her transfer to the IS Academy.

Charlotte Dunois Originally, Charlotte masqueraded as a boy when she first began attending the IS academy and became Ichika's new roommate.

houki and ichika relationship marketing

Ichika and Charlotte began to develop a close friendship as she helps him to better understand the IS machines and how to properly work on them. Ichika soon became the first person to learn Charlotte's secret, but upon learning the reasons forcing her into the situation regarding her family, Ichika promises to keep her secret.

Soon, Charlotte begins to develop romantic feelings for him and is constantly nervous whenever they are together, especially when they are forced into embrassing situations. Eventually, when Charlotte revealed her true gender to everyone, Ichika created a special nickname for her, calling her Charl, much to her delight.

Ichika strongly disliked Laura as she nearly killed Cecila and Rin during a practice match and was determined to beat her during the official matches competition. He also became angered when her IS went out of control and took a new form, copying his sister's fighting skills, he was determined to stop her for good. Due to this, the relationship between them soon changed when he managed to save her and revealed how he was truly strong.

Since then Laura has developed romantic feelings towards Ichika, saving him from an attack from Rin and proceeded to kiss him, claiming Ichika as her bride. Throughout the series as Laura's feelings for Ichika increase, she begins to slightly change, becoming more feminine to gain his attention and affections. Laura also constantly protects Ichika whenever she has the chance, saving him from several attacks by love rivals or enemies.

Ran has romantic feelings for Ichika and makes herself pretty for him whenever Ichika visits her and her brother, not wanting to make herself unpresentable. Ichika is happy to see Ran and views her as a good friend, unaware of her romantic feelings for him. Ran's brother Dan is aware of her feelings for Ichika.

Kanzashi Sarashiki Tatenashi's younger sister. He asked her to be his partner during the tournament at the IS Academy Tatenashi asked him to do it. Since people usually are not nice to her, she took it as a bad joke and slapped him. After that event, she started to fall for him, so she finally accepted his petition. She appears in Volume 7. Her feelings for him seem to be connect to love for heroes.

As such, she view Ichika as her hero someone who will always be there for her and protect her. This is proven when she is mad at Ichika for whatever reason, and Ichika's inner monologue has described her smile as more scary and demonic rather than the kind and angelic one it usually was. Laura comes to the IS Academy to punish Ichika as she blames him for his sister withdrawing from the IS International Fighting Tournament, Mondo Grosso in order to save him when he was kidnapped in the past and denying Chifuyu the right to win.

Ichika first had a fairly negative impression of Laura, as she had practically attempted to nearly kill Rin and Cecila in what was supposed to be a mock battle. However, after discovering that she looked up to Chifuyu greatly, and also had similar issues to any other normal person, he treated her with kindness and friendship regardless. He trusts her like he would trust any of the other girls at school anyway.

Laura's first impression of Ichika was far more negative than the latter's. Believing Ichika to be a hindrance for Chifuyu's image in Laura's eyes, Laura did not like him at all, However, after Ichika saved her from the mutated IS, they seemed to have shared a brief moment of conversation before she had fallen unconscious. When Laura saw that Ichika's characteristics were also extremely similar to that of Chifuyu, it's safe to assume that she had decided to fall in love with him right then and there.

As time progressed, her feelings for him deepened to the point she started acting like a typical girl in love. Even becoming very shy from happiness when Ichika hold her or compliment her looks. They have a mutual respect between each other.

Ichika Orimura

Even if Ichika accidentally groped Maya's breast during an IS demonstration, the latter didn't seem to be too much bothered about it though she started daydreaming about the possibility of being Chifuyu's sister-in-law.

The two would often find themselves in similar situations when their training due Ichika being in positions where he ends up noticing her large bust through her IS suit.

Ichika even recognizes her more out of all the other girls in the school outside of the girls he's usually with. She is his bodyguard, his third roommate and often creates mischief for him. He usually doesn't like her company because she always ends up teasing him. But when it comes to important matters such as Phantom Task or familythey would talk to each other more seriously.

Although she would usually break the atmosphere by teasing him or playing a prank. She appears in Volume 5 and Season 2 episode 1 While she doesn't mind teasing him or putting him in situation he doesn't want to be, she has compete trust in him. She even asked him to partner with her little sister when she was having trouble getting along with her.

This ended up with the two sisters finally making up with each other. Afterwards, she questions herself why she asked him in the first place and admitted to herself she wanted to flirt with him, blushing as a result. In Volume 8, after Ichika saved Tatenashi from being being kidnapped by the American special forces, she reveals her true name, Katana, to him while they were in the Academy's infirmary.

She also exhibited a jealous reaction towards Ichika after mentioning the lewd exploits of the fake Ichika's and the other girls. This suggests that she does feel the same way the main harem does since she asked him to do similar things to her as well even the manner in which she asked him do it was also different from the ways she used to do it before; in a shy, nervous tone compare to her previous playful, straightforward one.

This change was notice by the other girls, who worried if the two were going out.

houki and ichika relationship marketing

Kanzashi Sarashiki - Tatenashi's younger sister. He asked her to be his partner during the tournament at the IS Academy Tatenashi asked him to do it. Since people usually are not nice to her, she took it as a bad joke and slapped him. After that event, she started to fall for him, so she finally accepted his petition. She appears in Volume 7.

houki and ichika relationship marketing

Her feelings for him seem to be connect to love for heroes.