Howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

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howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

Howard Duff and his wife-at-the-time, actress Ida Lupino, were one of .. Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, probably the best Hollywood couple to look up to . During shooting of Woman in Hiding, Lupino cadged free advice from director Michael Gordon The Lupino-Duff partnership would endure until (though the couple did not divorce until Cast: Ida Lupino (Deborah Chandler Clark), Stephen McNally (Selden Clark), Howard Duff (Keith Ramsey), Peggy Dow ( Patricia. and his wife-at-the-time, actress Ida Lupino, were one of Hollywood's premiere film couples during the s "Golden Age". Prior to that, Duff had relationships.

When Ida refused this tiny role, she was put on suspension. It was the first of many. Ironically, it was during some of those suspensions that Ida would go on movie sets, hang around with the directors, and learn the behind-the-camera tricks that she would later use in her second career.

One film in — Artists and Models — was a hit at the box-office, but Ida thought that her part was beneath her. Paramount not only granted her request, they also banned her from the lot. In landing the part, she demonstrated her strong will and determination by stealing a copy of the screenplay, memorizing a scene, and storming into in the office of producer-director William Wellman to demand that he let her read for the part. She got the role — despite the fact that the film was being produced byParamount — the studio that had banned her from its lot just two years earlier.

howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

They Drive by Night, which is one of my favorite Ida Lupino movies. In it, she plays Lana Carlsen, a rich, married woman who is obsessed with a truck driver played by George Raft, and will stop at nothing to get him.

Howard Duff

Through them, she could express fury, disappointment, hope, sorrow, contempt, longing, resignation, and triumph — all without saying a single word. Ida with Humphrey Bogart in High Sierra. Ida and Bogart were perfect for their parts, but their relationship toward each other was a little rocky at first.

howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

Neither of us recognized the trait in the other. Each of us thought the other was being nasty, and we were both offended. A glamorous publicity shot for "The Man I Love.

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She also showed her versatility by collaborating on a screenplay called Miss Penington, and she composed dozens of songs, many of which were recorded and broadcast on the radio. Ida turned down Warner Bros. The movie was physically demanding on the actress, though — she was left heavily bruised after one scene, and suffered a pulled neck tendon and a painful back injury in another.

She even lost her voice after screaming in one scene at Richard Widmark. They were married inless than two months after Ida became an American citizen. It would become a milestone in her career. The picture was a huge success. Ida returned to acting in Woman in Hiding.

The film was supposed to star Ronald Reagan, but he suffered a fractured thigh and was replaced by a newcomer by the name of Howard Duff. Filmakers got financial backing out of the deal, but they had to surrender complete control to Hughes. It would turn out to be a big mistake. Ida divorced Young on October 20,and married Duff the next day.

Pioneering Hollywood female director Ida Lupino tackled controversial womens’ issues

Their daughter, Bridget, was born the following year. In the span of three years, she directed three pictures: Outrage, the story of a rape victim; Hard, Fast and Beautiful, about a tennis champion who is forced into success by her ambitious mother; and The Hitch-Hiker, the tale of two businessmen who pick up a murderous passenger while on a fishing trip. The Hitch-Hiker would be the first film noir directed by a woman. The Hitch-Hiker was based on the life of a serial killer named Billy Cook who kidnapped two hunters and held them for eight days in Baja.

He was sentenced to years in Alcatraz. When Ida heard his story, she knew she wanted to make a film about his life, and to me, it was her best effort as a director. You can imagine the raised eyebrows that these tangled relationships caused during filming.

howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

His career spanned over four decades. Growing up in and around the Seattle area, he attended Roosevelt High School where he played basketball. It was here that he also found an outlet acting in school plays and, following graduation, studied drama. He eventually became an acting member of the Repertory Playhouse in Seattle.

Military service interrupted his early career and he served with the U. Army Air Force's radio service from to Lurene Tuttle played his altruistic secretary "Effie" on the series. He eventually left the program when his film career settled in and Stephen Dunne took over the radio voice of the detective in for its final season.

Duff's post-war movie career started completely on the right foot at Universal with the hard-hitting film noir Brute Forcein which he received good notices as an ill-fated cellmate to Burt LancasterCharles Bickford and others. Quite well-known for his radio voice by this time, he was given special billing in the movie's credits as "Radio's Sam Spade".

This was followed by equally vital and volatile performances in the prescient semi-documentary-styled police drama The Naked City and in Arthur Miller 's taut family drama All My Sons starring Lancaster, again, and Edward G.

howard duff and ida lupino relationship advice

After such a strong showing, Howard career went into a period of moviemaking in which his films were more noted for its entertainment and rousing action than as character-driven pieces. A number of them were routine westerns that paired him opposite some of Hollywood's loveliest ladies: Howard also began appearing infrequently on the stage in the early s with such productions as "Season in the Sun" and "Anniversary Waltz" Those films that rose above the standard included gritty top-billed roles in Johnny Stool PigeonIllegal EntryShakedownSpy Hunt and Woman in Hidingthe last a film noir which paired him with Ida Lupino for the first time.

Here, he plays the hero who saves Lupino from a murdering husband Stephen McNally. Inhe married Ms. Lupino, already a well-established star at Warner Bros. The couple had one daughter, Bridget Duffborn in Lupino and Duff co-starred in four hard-boiled film dramas during the s -- JenniferPrivate Hell 36Women's Prison and While the City Sleeps The demise of the studio-guided contract system had an effect on Howard's film career and offers started drying up in the late s.