Ib and mary ending a relationship

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ib and mary ending a relationship

Ib and Garry would leap into the painting (without the fake mother . on the relationship, Mary's demeanor changes when it comes to leaving. Is there a IB 2? I loved the relationship between them. Hasil gambar untuk anime with bad ending Ib Garry, Maker Game, Rpg Maker, · Ib GarryMaker. Mary (メアリー Mearī) is the second person to join Ib's party in the game Ib. She has a white collar and white cuffs at the end of her sleeves. . Relationships. Ib.

Memory's Crannies To get this ending, Ib does not give Garry her handkerchief when he accidentally cuts himself with glass either Ib doesn't have the option to or she chooses not to. Ib will still choose to jump through the Fabricated World with Garry instead of going with Fake Mother. After jumping into the painting with Garry, Ib will return back to the normal world. She can find Garry looking at Embodiment of Spirit. Garry will say that looking at the statue makes him sad before telling Ib to disregard what he just said.

Garry will then leave. She will make a few statements and then take Ib to look at other exhibits in the museum. As they walk off the screen, the screen will fade to black, and the game will end.

After Ib chooses her "mother," Fake Mother will disappear. Ib will appear to be in a trance and slowly walk off the screen. Garry will call her name a few times before the screen fades away, and the game ends.

Variation 2 After Garry dies, Ib will need to retrieve his lighter before continuing on.

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Ib must eat the candy Garry had given her in order to make room for the lighter. Ib will walk up to Fake Garry, take his hand, and walk off the screen together. The screen will fade to black, revealing the words "END: Ib will have the option to jump into the painting or to step away from it. If she chooses to step away from it, she will receive the ending Ib All Alone.

Variation 4 In the Dungeonif Ib chooses to sleep on Final Stageshe will have a dream of her last birthday before she went to the art exhibit.

If Ib continues to sleep until the end of her dream, she will never be able to wake up again, thus resulting in the ending Ib All Alone. A new painting, Forgotten Portrait will have replaced it and depicts Garry sleeping.

While examining it, Ib's mother will say that they should go look at paintings together. Ib will look at the painting one last time before leaving the room. The screen will scroll up to the portrait before ending. Together, Forever Add an image After arriving in the area with the Pink HouseIb should take the northern path to reach a white house in the next area.

Garry will then question about how it is rather big for it to be named a toy box but heard that there could be a key inside. However, he notes that he cannot see the bottom and wonders if a key is actually there. Mary will then appear behind the pair and push them into the box. When Ib gets up and assesses the situation, she will notice that her rose is gone and Garry is missing.

Ib should walk around the room to find Garry. Once Ib finds Garry, he will state that he hit his head and get up. He will then ask Ib if she is OK. Ib must answer, "I'm fine However, he notices that Ib looks pale and asks if she really is OK. Garry will then discover that Ib's rose is missing and will insist that they look for it.

A Pink Key is in the room, south of where Garry was previously lying. Ib should pick up the Pink Key first. The screen will then scroll to show Mary, holding Ib's rose, talking to a Blue Doll. Mary will ask the doll if she could keep the rose before thanking it for its kindness. Garry will notice the situation and run towards Mary. She will react by asking them if they have found what they were looking for and also mention her new "present.

Ib must agree with Garry by saying "Yes. Ib must respond with "Garry When the blue rose is in Mary's hands, Mary will run away, laughing. Garry ignores this and walks towards Ib to give her rose back.

Ib will then have the option to ask Garry if he is mad, to apologize, or to thank him. Garry will assure Ib that she did not do anything wrong and state that they will have to catch Mary to take his rose back. The room will then shake, and animated dolls will start to chase Ib in an attempt to kill her. Ib should make her way to the stairs and escape. After Ib climbs up the stairs, she can hear Mary saying something about blue petals. Garry will then encourage Ib to go on without him, apologizing and assuring her that he will come to her aid when she needs him.

When Ib reaches the next room, Mary can be seen plucking petals off of Garry's rose. Once Mary is finished, she will run away. When Ib returns to Garry, he can be found lying against the wall. Upon inspecting him, Ib will describe Garry as "sleeping" and have the option to retrieve his lighter.

However, she should not take it. Ib should return to the pink house and unlock the door with the Pink Key. The pink house will bring her back to the cursed art gallery. Ib should then head to the Fabricated World painting and jump into it. Ib will arrive at the Guertena Art Gallery and should make her way to the reception desk.

There, she will encounter her parents, along with Mary. Mary has become Ib's sister after taking the place of Garry's existence. She will claim that she is hungry. Ib will rummage through her pocket and discover the candy that Garry had given her.

Mary will quickly snatch the candy and eat it, promptly disposing the wrapper to prevent Ib from remembering Garry. The screen will then turn black as Mary asks Ib if they can play and be together forever. The screen then displays the name of the ending that has been obtained. Welcome to the World of Guertena Add an image This bad ending is one of the three endings introduced in v1.

When Garry fails the Doll RoomMary will hear him talking to himself behind the blue door that leads to the Doll Room. Once Ib approaches the door, she can choose whether or not to go in. If she decides not to, she will receive a bad ending. If Ib chooses to enter, she will encounter Garry hallucinating.

He will be talking to a "bunny" as if it was a person. He will make a few statements, describing how he feels and mentioning about a secret he apparently knows. Ib will run towards him and stand in front of him.

After Garry says a few things, Mary will claim that something is wrong with Garry, suggesting the possibility of him being a fake. Ib will then have two options: Regardless of Ib's choice, Garry will continue to hallucinate.

Mary will then point out that Garry is not listening to Ib and suggest looking for the exit, as Garry is an adult and could find his way out. Ib will respond by walking a few steps away from Mary and sit down in front of Garry.

Mary will then walk over to Ib and ask her if something is wrong, urging Ib to stop sitting there so that they can get out together. Ib will not respond, and Mary will attempt to coerce her to get up; however, Ib will tell Mary to go ahead without her. Mary will then leave the room and the perspective changes to Ib. If you have enough bond points with Mary, Mary decides to come back inside. She will then say that she always dreamt of going outside but can't leave Ib behind to do it as she's her first friend and states that she read a book saying that you have to treat your friends right.

Mary will say that she would always be with her and wonders if Garry will stay with them too. Garry will then ask Mary about what can they do here.

ib and mary ending a relationship

The room that Ib had seen rabbits in, Garry saw a lot of dolls instead. A little doll takes a liking to Garry and follows him everywhere. A giant doll might appear behind bookcases and the like. Then Garry finds a room full of them. They lock him up. And force him to look for the key. On a time limit. And do horrible things to his mind if he fails.

ib and mary ending a relationship

Down the Rabbit Hole: While visiting an art gallery with her parents, Ib suddenly finds herself alone in a bizarre and dangerous phantom gallery, and must find her way out.

At one point, Ib finds a grim little storybook about a little girl who gets lost and dies. And it comes true in the ending "A Painting's Demise. The endings " Together, Forever ," " Memory's Crannies ," and " Ib All Alone " are quite simple to get, and while " Forgotten Portrait " is a bit trickier, as you have to do a bit of backtracking to obtain it, it's not by much.

However, you have to go out of your way for Garry's best ending, " Promise of Reunion ," as you have to avoid adding points to Garry's doom counter and be sure to have done everything to strengthen your bond with him.

And the two worst endings, "Welcome to the World of Guertena" and "A Painting's Demise," you also have to go out of your way for. With "Welcome to the World of Guertena" in particular, you have to screw up about as much as it is possible to screw up, meet one or two other requirements, and form a strong bond with Mary. The phantom Guertena art gallery, from the entrance at "Abyss of the Deep" to the exit at "Fabricated World. It seems that in order for Mary to leave the art gallery, someone has to die there in order to take her place in a painting.

In an ending where Garry dies, she follows Ib out and is retconned into being Ib's sisterbut in an ending where she leaves Ib and Garry alive albeit insane and tries to escape the gallery, she is unable to do so and the gallery itself kills her for trying to leave. Everything Trying to Kill You: Paintings, mannequin heads, statues, dolls, basically everything animate in the museum is out for Ib's blood.

A few try to be friendly, but they end up being disturbing and may yet get you killed. If you fail the doll room, Ib and Mary later encounter Garry not really acting normally after he is driven insane by dolls. Mary seems convinced that this trope is in play, but Ib doesn't buy that for a minute. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: While some of the artworks have titles that are vague or symbolic, a few of them have titles that describe exactly what the artwork depicts.

There is a fanime of Ib in this link. It's really well done! All of the characters' roses have traditional floriography meanings significant to their personalities. Ib's red rose can convey thoughts of courage and congratulations, fitting her role as the protagonist of a horror game; it is also a universal symbol of love, representing how Ib is loved by everyone who knows her.

Garry's blue rose is a color impossible in nature, and can only be created artificially by injecting dye into the petals; the closest things to natural blue roses are actually variations of purple or lavender, which appear blue in certain light. They embody mystery, a figment of the imagination, or something unobtainable. Aforementioned purple roses can symbolize love at first sight, which, if you see the love as in a family or friendship-based bondcan go well with his role as an older brother-like figure to Ib despite just meeting her.

Mary's yellow rose is a traditional symbol of warmth, friendship and joy, which matches her upbeat personality and how she quickly befriends Ib after joining the group, in addition to some possible negative meanings, such as infidelity, dying love, and jealously, which foreshadows her true intentions for joining them.

They can also represent the desire for, or promise of fresh starts and new beginnings, fitting Mary's overwhelming desire to escape the cursed gallery and have a real life of her own. For Doom the Bell Tolls: During the doll room event, a bell rings ominously every time the giant doll comes a little further out of the painting. One of the bookcases in the game reads "The girls here like to play 'Loves me, Loves me not'", and in 1. This foreshadows Garry's fate when Mary obtains his rose. In Carrie Careless the unfortunate protagonist ends up getting a key cut out of her stomach, which is exactly what Garry needs to do to escape the Doll Room.

With one of the eponymous blue dolls rather than with a little girl, thank goodness! Garry occasionally comments that the gallery isn't good for his mental health.

It sounds perfectly innocuous, but if he fails to find the key in the Doll Room and escape in time, he does go mad, albeit temporarily. In the brown area, Ib can find a book that tells a grim tale of a little girl who gets lost in an art gallery, collapses, and dies. You'd think it's just something creepy directed at Ib, but it turns out to describe basically what happens to Mary in the "A Painting's Demise" ending.

One of the rules of the gallery warns that if you damage any exhibits, you will be expected to pay with your life. This foreshadows the fact that if you allow Garry to kick the mannequin head and the persistent doll; if you pull the rightmost cord in the purple room which drops and destroys either a mannequin head or doll ; or if you break all 3 mannequin heads in the brown area, it greatly increases the likelihood that one or both will not escape.

A number of the scares involve the inhabitants of the Gallery looking directly at the player rather than menacing Ib and Garry. For some people, Carrie Careless and the Galette des Rois simply refuses to work properly and causes the game to crash. You're supposed to read it to unlock the door, but thankfully there's another way to unlock it for those who can't read it without crashing the game, or those who simply can't be bothered to read it, and the issue can be fixed either by using an alternate map for the room provided with the game or by converting the codec for the book's avi movie to something more easily read.

And for those who desperately want to see the movie, it's included as a video file in the game folder. A fanmade Expansion Pack called the "Green Version" exists. Its main change is a new ending "Sacrifice" where Ib sacrifices herself so that Garry and Mary can go back to the real world together. The fans ate it up but kouri disliked it and requested it be taken down. You can still find links floating around if you're curious, plus a few playthroughs on YouTube.

The gallery seems as alive as its art in the Art World. Especially when it comes to fire. Get Ahold Of Yourself Man: The only way to fix Garry if the player spends too much time on their "treasure hunt" and breaks psychologically.

It's implied that a mirror near where you first meet Mary shatters if you approach it after she joins you, either at Mary's will, or the will of the Gallery itself, because false humans have no reflections, which would have revealed that Mary is in fact one of the gallery's artworks.

A book in one of the rooms reveals the Lady in Red painting as a representation of the "ugly, haughty" women who want to marry Guertena for his money, while not depicting a specific one.

The ending "Promise of Reunion" is the happiest one, as Garry and Ib both make it out alive and promise to meet each other again, but tragically, you still have to kill Mary; no matter what you do, you cannot have an ending where all three main characters survive and make it out of the gallery. The ending of the book Carrie Careless and the Galette des Rois. Guertena, as he created Mary and all the other artwork in the Gallery.

Gotta Catch Them All: The balls of paint in the violet area. The pieces of a certain painting in the Bonus Dungeon. Ib gives a portrait an umbrella. This causes it to rain in that room, and some of that rain trickles down a hole into the level below to fill a vase. Garry can then use that vase's water to complete his room's puzzles without the toxic gas wilting his rose completely. If you fail a challenge in one late-game area, Garry has a mental breakdown, completely ignores Ib and starts talking to the demonic blue dolls.

If you've done okay beforehand, Ib can slap him back to sanity. If not, it's permanent. And Ib has one as well. In certain story paths, Mary will steal Ib's rose, and Garry will readily trade his in order to save Ib's life. One of the options while with Mary implies that Ib might be able to pull one to save both Garry and Mary. She can't, it's a Red Herring. A fan-made version of the game called "The Green Edition" made this into the "Sacrifice" ending.

However, this version has been removed from the Internet at kouri's request. I Choose to Stay: Mary in the "Welcome To the World of Guertena" ending. She's all set to just ditch the utterly insane Garry and the despairing Ib in the doll room and go enjoy life in the human world Ib and her mother look strikingly similar to the Lady in Red portraits. In fact, when Garry first meets Ib, he initially mistakes her to be one of these monsters. If We Get Through This If you talk to Garry under the fake sunlight in the Sketchbook area, he will mention eating macarons at a cafe the day before going to the art gallery.

He will then ask Ib if she wants to go there together if they manage to get out, before proceeding to fix his words and promise that they will get out and will eat macarons together.

I Just Want to Have Friends: Assuming Garry is still alive by the time you burn her painting, should you check on the pile of storybooks next to it, Garry will comment on one book titled "How to Make Friends. The gallery itself seems to love doing this. If you kicked over the mannequin, you might see a message saying "Hanged Garry" and later Garry's face in a mirror might get scribbled out.

If you saw the sinister painting which depicts a falling Ibor broke all three mannequins in a certain room, images of Ib being hanged appear in the Sketchbook World. If you have Garry with you in the Bonus Dungeonthe writing on the wall right before Abyssal Park says "Drown in the abyss. About halfway through, Mary finds and keeps a palette knife, though she rarely uses it.

When playing as Ib alone, any word beyond a nine-year-old's comprehension is replaced with??? Examining Garry's corpse in the Heroic Sacrifice paths gives the message "Garry is sleeping In the hide and seek segment, you can come across a portrait of a red hand. If you do, a large, transparent red hand will take up most of your screen until you leave the room.

When you check your inventory as Mary, the screen is much more crude, reflecting how the Sketchbook area looks.

Soon after Mary joins you, vines suddenly grow up from the ground and separate Garry from the girls. Ib and Mary go into another room to see if they can find something to take care of the vines. And then a statue blocks their way back to Garry. It Was Here, I Swear!

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If Garry gets captured by the dolls and forgets Mary's secret, then later, when Ib and Mary find him, you can go back into the library. If you return to the bookcase where Garry learned Mary's a painting, you find that someone switched out the page containing that bit of information with a different page.

While Garry can't remember and so doesn't say anything to his companions about it, he is very bothered by the swapped page, and Mary even asks him if there's something wrong.

There are a few, and they are evenly distributed throughout the game so as to maximize the effectiveness of said scares. In the "A Painting's Demise" ending, Ib and Garry both go utterly insane, are trapped in the painting world forever, and since they can't escape, they'll probably die there. Mary tries to escape herself, and ends up collapsing before she can reach her goal. Kill It with Fire: Tearing down or removing Mary's painting won't work. To kill her, you have to burn her painting with Garry's lighter.

This is also the case for the vines blocking Mary's room. At one point, Ib comes across a "Liar's Hallway", where all of the inhabitants except one lie to her about which tile to pull up in the next room.

Pull up a tile a liar pointed you to and you get hit with poison and lose two petals; pull up the tile the single truth-teller tells you and you can proceed in your quest. And then when you return to the room, the liars have killed the truth-teller. In a normal play-through, failing the Doll Room event causes Garry to be driven insane.

Ib is able to save him, but he forgets something very important he just learned. This also seems to happen to any humans who escape the art gallery. Breaking lots of artwork is generally not a good idea, and smashing or kicking the Creepy Dolls and mannequin heads will lock you out of the game's best endings.

And as of 1. Each character you control has a rose with a number near it on the top of the screen. Should the number hit zero from coming in contact with too many dangerous enemies, it's Game Over. Despite legions of headless statues, sapient paintings, a Reality Warperand generally the horror world she's in, and despite being nine years old, she's the one who survives to the end the most often and stays the most composed.

Some of the statues come to life and chase you. There is a book in one of the rooms saying that "the women here love playing 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not'".

Which probably refers to the Ladies, seeing as your first meeting with Garry includes him getting wounded all over the place as Lady in Blue plucks his rose petals somewhere else.

Later, in certain story paths, Mary also does this with, again, Garry's rose. Needless to say, the results aren't pretty. In a previous version of the game, during the Doll Room event, the location of the key to Garry's freedom is always the same.

But as of 1. In one play-through, you can find it in about two seconds, and in another, you might have to rip apart five or six dolls before coming across it.

And it's a Timed Mission. See the character page. After Mary learns that Garry's on to her, she has a Freak Out! Ib notices something's upsetting Mary and you're given three dialogue options. Mary will respond by repeating what you just said back at you two or three times before dashing off. You next find her repeatedly stabbing a mannequin while muttering to herself. The "Stubborn Twins" artwork in the Bonus Dungeon. If you try to walk past it without first getting the plants to fall asleep, the plants hold you with their vines and chomp on you until all your petals are gone.

Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: A common joke interpretation of Ib and Garry's relationship. Garry reads in a book about Mary being a painting. Just a short time later, the dolls trap him in their room. If Garry is unable to escape the room, they make him forget what he just learned about Mary's true nature, and someone also goes and switches the page in that book about Mary's painting with a page about a different painting altogether.

At one point, you and Garry find yourselves in a room where the only thing you can do is to look in a mirror.

Doing so reveals nothing scary, but when you look away, you discover that a mannequin head is blocking the door. You can't budge it, so you have no choice but to look into the mirror.

It reveals a mannequin head looking over Garry's shoulder. You can also look at the mirror outside the room with the picture "Separation". Depending on how you've treated the gallery so far, looking into it after using the lighter can trigger the mirror to appear covered with red "NO FIRE" over it for several lines, or the reflection appears with empty eye sockets blotched in black with the words "PLAY? Otherwise, the reflection appears normal, but if you try to look at it with Mary in your group, it breaks before you reach it.

A few are unambiguously bad; most are open to interpretation. Instead of escaping the painting world, Ib follows an illusion of either Garry or her mom. Or, she decides to step back from the exit painting for no reason instead of taking the opportunity to jump in.

Sleeping through all the opportunities to open her eyes will result in this ending.

ib and mary ending a relationship

Garry goes insane in the doll room, Ib suffers a Despair Event Horizonand Mary gives up her dream of going to the human world, instead deciding to keep Ib and Garry with her. Garry is driven incurably insane by the Doll Room, and Ib is too distraught over his condition to do more than collapse.

Mary leaves them in the Doll Room and continues her escape, but she finds herself unable to leave the Gallery itself despite her successful escape from the Fabricated World. Ib escapes alone, with Garry dead, but doesn't realize that Mary follows her. Ib loses all memories of the painting world, but the events there change reality. Mary becomes Ib's sister, and everyone, including Ib, remembers her as always having been her sister. Plus, Mary kills Garry and gets away with it.

Ib doesn't remember any of this, even when she sees a new portrait in the art gallery depicting a deceased Garry, whose existence no one seems to remember. Ib escapes with Garry At least they end up remembering once Garry checks the handkerchief Ib gave him. And, since Mary tried to kill you and kills Garry in some other endings, you could say her fate, if sad, was deserved.

An unoficial ending also exists. See Game Mod for details. Mummies at the Dinner Table: Possibly in the "Welcome to the World of Guertena" ending.

At the very least, Ib's rose looked awful wilted, and neither she nor Garry were moving or reacting at all as Mary had the whole gallery celebrating her having made two "friends". One of the ladies is holding Garry's rose.

Question marks given in the place of some of the book and painting titles represent words that Ib doesn't understand. If you have Garry in your party, however, he'll tell Ib what the word means, except for the book of porn.

In spite of death being a very real threat in this game, the D-word is never explicitly said. This becomes rather heartbreaking in the endings where Ib finds Garry "sleeping" after Mary plucks all the petals from his rose, the implication being that she is too young to realize the full truth.

As of Version 1. The player portraits in the save screen even get a small orange plus in the corner to reflect this. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! If the dolls erase Garry's memory of Mary's true nature, then later on, Mary drops her rose and Garry tries to give it back to her. Mary freaks out and tries to stab him, which not only causes him to have to knock her out in self-defense, but also jogs his memory. Ib has one of these when she faints after narrowly escaping from a mob of monster artworks.

ib and mary ending a relationship