India and bangladesh trade relationship

India Bangladesh Relations: ET Analysis: Indo-Bangla relations enjoy golden period

india and bangladesh trade relationship

trade relationship and get some idea how win-win situation can be attained Given the historic, cultural and economic ties between India and Bangladesh, the . NEW DELHI: Bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India have security and civil nuclear energy and increase of bilateral trade from $ 7. Bangladesh and India are South Asian neighbours. Relations have been friendly, although India's links with Bangladesh are civilisational, cultural, social and economic. From the mids, however, relations worsened because Bangladesh developed closer ties with Islamic nations, participated in the Organization of.

They are also the largest trading partners in South Asia. Bangladesh insists that it does not receive a fair share of the Ganges waters during the drier seasons, and gets flooded during the monsoons when India releases excess waters. See also Sharing of Ganges Waters.

india and bangladesh trade relationship

There have also been disputes regarding the transfer of Teen Bigha Corridor to Bangladesh. Part of Bangladesh is surrounded by the Indian state of West Bengal. On 26 JuneIndia leased three bigha land to Bangladesh to connect this enclave with mainland Bangladesh.

There was a dispute regarding the indefinite nature of the lease.

India-Bangladesh trade to scale new high

The dispute was resolved by a mutual agreement between India and Bangladesh in Both Bangladesh and India made claims over the same seawater at the Bay of Bengal before settlement of the issue. Deaths along the Bangladesh—India border Deaths of Bangladeshi citizens in the Indo-Bangladesh border became one of the embarrassments between the two nation's bilateral relations in recent years. Indian officials, vowing to cut down the number of casualties at border, showed statistics that the number of Bangladeshi deaths was in a steady decline in recent years.

Border police often shoots to kill any illegal immigrants crossing the border. Human Rights Watch estimates say 1, people were killed in the area between and by Indian border security force BSF. In Septemberthe two countries signed a major accord on border demarcation to end the 4-decade old disputes over boundaries.

This came to be known as the tin bigha corridor. India also granted hour access to Bangladeshi citizens in the Tin Bigha Corridor. The agreement included exchange of adversely held enclaves, involving 51, people spread over Indian enclaves in Bangladesh and 51 Bangladesh enclaves in India. The total land involved is reportedly acres. Bangladesh officials believe the export would greatly ease the national shortage once MW flows into the national grid.

The two country's Prime Ministers also unveiled the plaque of the 1,MW coal-fired Rampal power plant, a joint venture between the two countries. The ceremony which includes parades, march-past and lowering of the national flag of both the countries is now a daily routine, at sundown, on the eastern border. On 7 May the Indian Parliament, in the presence of Bangladeshi diplomats, unanimously passed the Land Boundary Agreement LBA as its th Constitutional amendment, thereby resolving all year old border disputes since the end of the British Raj.

The bill was pending ratification since the Mujib-Indira accords. In Juneduring her first official overseas visit, Foreign Minister of India, Sushma Swaraj concluded various agreements to boost ties. Easing of Visa regime to provide 5 year multiple entry visas to minors below 13 and elderly above Proposal of a special economic zone in Bangladesh.

Agreement to send back a fugitive accused of murder in India.

india and bangladesh trade relationship

Provide an additional MW power from Tripura. Of the friendship pipeline, km belong to Bangladesh and 5 km to India.

Some 10, 00, tons of fuel can be supplied a year through the pipeline. The oil pipeline will supplytonnes of diesel to Bangladesh in the first year andtonnes annually in the following years. Indian Assistant High Commission office has been recently opened in Sylhet.

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This new office will facilitate faster development of visa to the people of Sylhet and adjoining areas and open new opportunities for promotion of trade, commerceand tourism between Sylhet and north east India and people-to-people contact. A number of welfare measures and schemes have been introduced to commemorate the spirit of Liberation War of and honour the invaluable contribution of Muktijoddhas towards building a better future for Bangladesh.

The Indian government has taken some notable initiatives like five-year multiple entry visa for all Muktijoddhas, free of cost treatment of all Muktijoddha patients in Indian Armed Forces hospitals and Nutan Muktijoddha Sanatan scholarship scheme. Muktijoddha scholarship scheme was launched by the Indian government in and Nutan scheme has been announced by the Indian Prime Minister in Once both these schemes are combined the Indian government will incur an expenditure of Tk 56 crore on this ground.

Bangladesh–India relations

The scholarships are awarded by the Indian government to students who are descendants of Muktijoddhas studying in Higher Secondary and Undergraduate categories to assist their educational needs.

More than 21, students stand to directly benefit from the scholarship schemes. Muktijoddhas endured extreme hardships during the war and the Indian government has extended many facilities to them in recognition of their sacrifices.