Jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

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jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

Keira is a prominent supporting character in the Jak and Daxter series, the Haven City using the rift rider and rift gate found at the end of The Precursor Legacy. During this period, Keira became a client of Krew's, or had some connection. As noted by one of Naughty Dog's developers, Daxter and Jak's relationship is and likewise, Jak stayed behind with Daxter towards the end of the game. Jak is a fictional character and primary protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series, and the titular From his introduction in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to the last Naughty Dog-developed game Jak X: Towards the end of the game, after saving the world from the "Dark Makers", and in The Lost Frontier, Jak was.

After confronting Cyber Errolleader of the KG Death Bots, the resurgent metal heads, and communicator with the Dark Makers, Jak managed to destroy the KG war factory that mass-produced the death bots. This, together with Errol's ultimate defeat in the Wasteland, helped Haven emerge victorious and Jak was once again acknowledged as savior of the city.

He also saved the world by activating the Planetary Defense System at the fabled "Precursor Core" to destroy the Dark Makers' ship that threatened to ruin the planet.

Afterwards, Jak was invited by the Precursors to explore his universe, though Jak declined in favor of staying with Daxter, just as had happened vice versa in the beginning of the game. Young Jak, that had been sent into the past in the second game, was revealed to be Damas' son by the king in his dying moments. Just after Damas' final breath, Jak realized the relationship, which Veger confirmed.

In the following games, Jak X: Combat Racing[ edit ] Main article: There, they met Krew's daughter Rayn. Krew's holographic will described that the drinks they had just consumed as a toast were poisoned, and that the only way to win the antidote is to win the Kras City Grand Championship in the sport of combat racing. After several races, including death matches, lap races, and other types of events, Jak eventually won the entire race, to the frustration of the ganglords that ran the sport under ground.

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The group won the antidote and were saved, and Rayn was revealed to be partially behind it the whole time. Rayn escaped and the group returned to Haven.

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Combat Racing, Jak's planet had suddenly stopped producing eco, the lifeblood of the entire universe. Jak, Daxter, and Keira began a quest on the other side of the world at a place known as the Brink in search of a new source of eco. While there, they met a band of Eco Pirates who were in a war with the Aeropans.

After realizing the Aeropan's corruption, the group sided with the Eco Pirates. They eventually acquired the Eco Sphere and all of its components, which was said to point to any major source of eco.

It eventually led them to the Eco Core, which they were able to stabilize and return energy to the planet, stopping the "eco storms" that threatened to "tear the world apart. After re-stabilization, Jak and Keira decided to explore the Brink and beyond.

This is a one-shot. I do not own Jak and Daxter. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: There was nothing left to do. That left him with his tortured thoughts. He never had time to think about the two awful years he spent in prison, and now that he did, he despised what he had become.

jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

He could not understand how people tolerated him during the war. Post Jak II Rated: I have to put my knowledge to use to stay alive. I fall in love as well. I have a KID!

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Sometimes, life is crazy but you have to keep moving on. But they had no idea that it would change their lives forever.

jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

With Samos and several strangers tracking her progress which totally doesn't stress her outit's up to Izaya to fight her way forward so she can fix her mistake. Join us as these two venture to Gol and Maia's Citadel in order to return Teko to her true form, and maybe even meet their predecessors along the way.

jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

Will they really meet Jak and Daxter? In big bright red letter, she could read the word "wanted" and the picture did not lie. The yellow hair with green roots, the cerulean eyes and the ottsel sitting on the man's shoulder did not lie.

It was Jak the Krimson guards were after. Another take on their reunion in Jak II Rated: A retelling of Jak II with more emphasis put on the characters and relationships. Generally doesn't deviate from the game's storyline, just has my own tween stuff put in.

After surviving and stopping Armageddon All this so they could survive the four remaining Metalhead tribes which are awakening at the present time. Now she gets to raise her son with his father, Jak. Even with the new problems that may lie ahead, Tamantha feels confident in herself and her newfound appreciation for life's wonders.

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A survivor of Dead Town, she now helps the Underground in any way she can. Three months ago, she was doing her job, healing soldiers. Now, can she help one as he fight against a disease that is caused something that all people fear?

jak and daxter 1 ending relationship

Also, can he help her heal as well? Rated T for cussing, and Daxter being