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Starring Jay Baruchel and Krysten Ritter. An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to. Jay Park also touched upon one of his past songs, which seems to On his highly publicized and controversial leave from JYP and 2PM, Jay Park commented, I really would have been okay even if I didn't go back into the. Akawa Butte (Foriiiiiily Squaw Back Ridge)) hdhh(ggGulCh (Formerly Squaw . Burwell left the meeting through a side door without talking to reporters. Advertising Jay Brandt Circulation AdamSears The park district is only developing aportion of the approximately.

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  • Can 2PM and Jay Park Let Go of the Past?
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The bridge camera would have sufficed then except that I find the autofocus too slow and there is no manual focus. I bought the Canon 60D with the mm kit lens and a mm macro lens. I would have gotten the lens but it was too expensive that I decided to get the shorter range one and buy a macro prime. My first photo project was at home and involved me taking shots of water falling on my dirty dishes. Then some pictures of plastic flowers at home no fresh flowers to photograph.

Same flowers with purple filter applied in Lightroom 3. Later on, I also snapped some shots of katmon a kind of fruit with pistachio. Later on, I shot water again this time with oil. After a while, I also bought a 50mm f1. Right now, I want to sell my kit lens. The road to Polilio is a long one that involves taking a bus or jeepney to Real or Infanta, Quezon then a boat to the town of Polillo.

It took us several hours of travel, a few stops finding a boat that will take us to the island the public boat in Real already left so we were able to ride a boat in Infantaand a tricycle for about 45 minutes to the town and resort in Polillo the boat took us to the other side of the island, hence, the need for a tricycle ride.

My camera Canon 60D also got some spray of seawater. Later on, the lens mount button stuck and I had a problem dismounting and changing lenses. It was almost twilight when we arrived in the resort but it was all good timing since the resort faces west and I got some beautiful sunset shots.

Socials borrowed from mountaineering term for gathering at night with booze and chatter was on the beach with bonfire. The three of us Jason, Kyt and I also pitched our tent on the beach while the rest rented a room in the resort.

Anticrepuscular ray in the morning. Anticrepuscular ray — a term I only learned recently is a ray of light that seems to emanate from the opposite side of the sun, i.

In the morning, we just had breakfast before we need to go to the port for our boat trip home. Butterfly cropped from a much larger picture. A big fish caught by the boatmen on the boat going home. It was a very short vacation more time spent on travelling than in the resort but all worth it. Our plan was to go up the grotto side, then go down the rockies side. We climbed to Grotto, which, according to some locals is not the correct trail going up as it is much harder due to boulders and steep slopes and that it is being used by people to go down from grotto.

Coffee bean ingested then excreted by civet cat.

Jay Park answers what he thinks of J.Y. Park and whether he keeps in touch with 2PM members

We took some pictures in the grotto then halo-halo in the huts and stores set up by the locals. At the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes with Pieta beside it. It started to drizzle and the trail going to the summit is foggy, slightly wet but really good many trees.

We reached the summit but it was a disappointment — just a small clearing with no views and lots of garbage. It also started to rain. The descent from the summit is much harder than the ascent due to the slippery trail mud caused by the rain. After an hour or so, we reached the campsite, ate lunch then went to the famous rockies. The Rockies is a small outcrop of rocks and overlooks the Taal lake. The descent was supposedly easier but Felix has a harder time descending than climbing so it took us longer.

Some washup and off we went home. Balagbag MarchAfter the ordeal at Mt. Arayat my first climb and after the sore leg muscles and dead toenails have subsided, I was itching for another climb. The climb is to be at Mt.

Since there will be many people there, I asked my officemate Jay to join me in the climb. The climb participants fit into two buses. The trek started with a river trek which at the time was still mostly drythen trekking through a treeless dirt road at around 2pm. A pic near the summit.

Only later that day did I realize that I was wearing my shirt inside out! The summit campsite is big it can be used as a landing area for helicopters and has a beautiful view of the city and some mountains. Jay, my officemate turned cook.

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I cooked the rice not cooked enoughhe cooked tuyo. In the morning, he cooked all the rice is still not good. That night was supposed to be a special night as the moon will appear at its biggest but we spent it sleeping too tired. In the morning, we trekked through a different route Karahome and I guess I was too careless that I fell and had a sprain. After the trek, we arrived at a place that will be the place for wash up, lunch, etc. Because of the heat, I was dehydrated the following days: I love its pictures and I love the colors!

However, as many have noted, there is an issue with white orbs or discs appearing at some pictures. The picture below is of a sunset in Anda, Pangasinan and it shows the white discs on the sun peering through some foliage and branches. Despite the white orbs, many of my friends still like the picture. Other than the white orbs, the Fuji X10 is a perfect little camera.

Here are some additional pictures taken the same morning with Fjona. The above pic has been post-processed in lightroom split-toning and some additional sharpness.

2PM: “Jay Park and We Went Our Own Separate Ways”

Another pic also from Tondol Beach: C1 — Arayat Traverse: Then I found an event in facebook organized by DPM: The climb was originally set for last week of February but was moved to the first weekend of March. Based on the event wall, there were more than 30 attendees to the climb and one of them is an officemate.

I since learned not to trust the number of attendees based on FB event wall. Being the eager person that I am, I researched much about mountaineering before my first climb. I researched on how to pack a bag something relatively soft and not too heavy at the bottom, heavy stuff in the middle nearer to your back, and lighter stuff at the top. Those that will be needed first or more frequently should also be on topwhat to bring, etc. I bought a backpack, trekking shoes, tent the cheap dome typeflashlight and some other stuff a week before the climb.

A few days before the climb, I decided to buy a trekking pole. The price surprised me: Night before the climb, all my gears are packed. On the morning of the climb, I woke up early since the itinerary specifies 6am meeting time in Victory Pasay for the am bus departure for Pampanga. I arrived at the bus station around 6am and nobody for the Arayat climb seems to be there. I asked an officemate to send me the number of the officemate who was joining the climb based on the FB event and texted him.

I called, no answer. I thought that they may have gone before me so I just rode the bus to Pampanga hoping to meet them there.

I asked the jeepney barker if anyone going to Arayat has come and gone but he said none. I waited for an hour. While waiting, I was thinking whether to just go home or wait.