Jessica dimes and joseline relationship

Jessica Dime Shades Joseline Hookup, K. Michelle Plastic Surgery (VIDEOS)

jessica dimes and joseline relationship

Two full-time cast members are out: as previously reported, Joseline Hernandez left in a huff, Jessica Dime is working on getting married to Shawne Williams. And Momma Dee's relationship with Earnest is on the rocks. On April 19, , VH1 announced that Joseline's Special Delivery, a special documenting on the new cast members and their little-to-no connection with the hip hop music industry, .. One Way, Jessica Dime, single, 14, performed onstage. Jessica Dime has been spending this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to their threesome with Stevie J. Joseline threw money at Dime for her water, minding her business and having a whole ass relationship on the low.

Mimi never admitted the truth until her ex-boyfriend continued to pressure her for money. He was originally in a relationship with Karlie Redd, before Yung Joc joined the cast later.

He never got along with Joseline, and felt Stevie J had made a big mistake by messing with his artist. In the second season he made a diss track aimed at Joseline called "Smashed Da Homie". He became engaged later, but he and his fiance left the show following the violent fight brought on by Joseline and Stevie in the season three reunion. Question 14 Where did Joseline know Jessica Dime from in the past? She knew her from Miami, where they cleaned hotel rooms together.

They knew each other from a brothel in Miami, where they worked together.

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The King of Diamonds Gentleman's Club, where they were both strippers. Stevie had cheated with Jessica Dime in the past. In season four Mimi was trying to get Stevie J to help her build a talent management business. Jessica Dime was her first client.

Jessica kept bringing up that her and Joseline went way back. However, Joseline kept sending word back that Jessica should keep her name out of her mouth.

Jessica Dime Shades Joseline Hookup, K. Michelle Plastic Surgery (VIDEOS)

She still continued to make it clear that she knew Joseline from back in the past. Jessica also insinuated that something had gone on between herself, Joseline, and Stevie. He eventually found a new love, yet still had to deal with Momma Dee's constant intrusions in his love-life.

The girl in question was initially brought on as a love interest for Benzino on season two, although ended up seeing Lil' Scrappy on-and-off over the course of seasons three to five. He eventually proposed to her. Question 16 Who did Khadiyah have handcuffed to a bed for revenge? He and Khadiya become an official couple in season four, but he was trying to play Khadiya.

Her revenge was to handcuff him to the bed, making it seem like a sex game. Instead, she calls him on his dirty dog ways, beats him, and leaves him handcuffed. Question 17 What did Mama Dee bring when she confronted Rasheeda at her boutique? Pine straw for a bird nest. A dozen rotten eggs. Brown eggs and a birds nest. Lil' Scrappy's mother, Momma Dee, is best known for her antics. She is constantly meddling in Scrappy's love-life, and his finances.

jessica dimes and joseline relationship

Rasheeda didn't want to get in the middle of his issues with Erica. Momma Dee confronts Rasheeda and her mother at her boutique. She claims that Rasheeda and Kirk had committed treason for not showing in court.

What did she bring to put on the floor as she was calling Rasheeda a rotten egg? Question 18 What happened when Rasheeda tried to bust Kirk at the hotel? Kirk and Ashley were together. Ashley was in lingerie, waiting on Kirk. Ashley was with her girlfriend. Ashley and Kirk were asleep. In the fourth season, Kirk had signed a new artist named Ashley.

Ashley was young and hot. Plus, Ashley was constantly downplaying Rasheeda, claiming that her career was washed up, and how she was too old. All of this led Rasheeda to believe that Kirk was sleeping with Ashley. When Kirk and Ashley went on tour Rasheeda took Erica, and they busted in the hotel room.

What did they find out? Khadiya wasn't aware of this, but the old flame knew. The old flame wanted Joc back in her life all of the way. She set Joc up with lots of alcohol, and seduced him into sucking on her toes. She video taped the entire event and showed it to Khadiya.

Who got Joc to suck on her toes? Chris Gould Erica Pinkett D.

jessica dimes and joseline relationship

Smith Mimi Faust was in a relationship with her daughter's father, Stevie J, when the series premiered. Joseline was the one to ended up with Stevie, following their two-season love triangle. Mimi moved on to Nikko, who turned out to be just as dirty as Stevie, if not worse. Their relationship ended after Nikko kept blackmailing Mimi over the truth about their sex tape. Mimi came into season five with a fresh female love interest, who identified as genderqueer.

She moved to MiamiFlorida with her family at the age of six.

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During this time, she was arrested in and under the name Shenellica Bettencourt, for lewd and lascivious behavior. Joseline is introduced as an aspiring rapper and recording artist under Stevie's management. It is eventually revealed that the two are sexually involved after Joseline finds herself pregnant, and decides to have an abortion.

This revelation breaks up Stevie's relationship with his girlfriend Mimi, igniting a feud between the two women that would last for the rest of series' run. Joseline and Stevie's intense yet volatile relationship deepens in the second season, with Joseline tearfully proposing to Stevie during a trip to Puerto Rico.

Stevie accepts but gives a second ring to Mimi, humiliating Joseline and causing her to lash out violently. At the start of the third season, she and Stevie claim to have secretly eloped months prior, much to the skepticism of the other cast members.

The birth of their daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan inis chronicled in her sixth and final season. Joseline's relationship with the show's producers worsened towards the end of the sixth season, eventually becoming part of the storyline. She dramatically walked off set and quit the show during taping of the sixth season's reunion, amid tensions with executive producer Mona Scott-Young. Go Hollywood and the special Joseline's Special Delivery. In early seasons, she was working full time as a medical biller and a coder for a pharmacy, before releasing her own clothing line, Klass6.

Erica is introduced on the show as having been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Scrappy for the past twelve years. She is struggling to make amends with her mother, Mingnon, a recovering crack cocaine addict, who has recently come back in her life. Scrappy proposes to Erica onstage at the reunion.

jessica dimes and joseline relationship

In the second season, the two end their engagement after Erica and her mother get into a physical altercation with Momma Dee during an argument. In the third season, she begins dating O'Shea Russell, a model. See the Opt-Out section below to learn about choices available to you with respect to this type of advertising. Given the aggregated, de-identified information, there are no restrictions under this Privacy Policy on how we may use or disclose such information.

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jessica dimes and joseline relationship

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