John cazale and meryl streep relationship

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john cazale and meryl streep relationship

John Holland Cazale:8 was an American actor. He appeared in five films over six years, all of . His leading lady was the recent Yale School of Drama graduate Meryl Streep. Mel Gussow of The New York Times wrote: "Mr. Cazale, often cast. Meryl Streep and John Cazale: The actress' first love was John Cazale. They starred together until his untimely death from cancer in The pair first met after her partner John Cazale — of The Godfather and The Deer Hunter — died of bone cancer. She was invited to move into the vacant.

It was instrumental in shaping who she was as a person and an actor. She was living in a loft on Franklin Street with her boyfriend, actor John Cazale. He was 14 years her senior and a legend among his peers.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

He was my acting partner. By then, Cazale was not quite a star — he lacked that ephemeral quality — but he was regarded, in the industry, as a rare talent, in demand among the great directors of the era. But he was meticulous, sometimes maddeningly so.

John Cazale

Pacino said a simple dinner with Cazale would become epic: Then the cigar would come out. Then finally smoke it. Streep fell for him instantly. He was equally knocked out. Cazale would take Streep to dinner in Little Italy, where restaurant owners, awed to have Fredo in the room, insisted they eat for free. They were the envy of the New York theater world — she the most naturally gifted actress in generations, he the most naturally gifted actor, legendary director Joe Papp their patron — until one day in May Papp was concerned enough to get Cazale an emergency appointment with his own doctor on the Upper East Side.

Cazale had terminal lung cancer. It had spread throughout his body. But she was never one to give up, and certainly not one to succumb to despair. Cazale would show up at the theater now and then, still smoking his cigars. Her grace outstripped her age. It became clear that something was seriously wrong with John.

The tragic romance that shaped Meryl Streep’s life

Meryl had noticed "disturbing symptoms," and at her urging he agreed to see a doctor - previews be damned. But the two actors knew nothing about navigating the Manhattan medical world, where the doctors' offices on Park Avenue could be booked up for weeks. Luckily, they knew someone with clout, maybe the only person in the downtown theater who could get anything he wanted with a phone call. Beleaguered as he was by his bloated theatrical empire, Papp would throw everything aside to help an actor or playwright in an hour of need.

Hitzig arranged to loan his chauffeur and vintage Rolls-Royce to John and Meryl and they spent the day being driven to what seemed like every cancer specialist in the city. It was grimly ironic: After several exhausting days, Meryl and John sat in Dr. Nothing in the doctor's kindly demeanor betrayed the horror of the diagnosis: John had advanced lung cancer, and would need to start radiation immediately.

For a moment, so did Meryl. But she was never one to give up, and certainly not the kind to succumb to despair. Maybe it was just the uncanny sense of confidence that she was always able to trick herself into having, or at least showing. But right then, Meryl dug into some great well of perseverance and decided that, as far as she was concerned, John was going to live.

She looked up and said, "So, where should we go for dinner? They would star together in a movie.

Godfather Deer Hunter - John Cazale A Fine Actor Who Worked With The Best Part 4.

A certain mythic miasma would forever cloud The Deer Hunter. The murkiness of its origins was indicative of the deeper mysteries that came to haunt the film: Was Russian roulette really played in Vietnam?

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

Is it even a Vietnam movie, or a mediation on grand themes of friendship and manhood? Is it anti-war - or fascist - propaganda? A masterpiece or a mess? Knowing that a movie about Vietnam would be a hard sell, the studio needed a star to play the Russian lead, Michael Vronsky.

Aside from being noticeably non-Russian, Robert de Niro couldn't have been more tempting.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

His roles in Mean Streets, The Godfather: Director Michael Cimino and De Niro began scouting for actors to round out the cast. Movies didn't rank high among her ambitions, and she had told herself that she wasn't an ingenue.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

On set, Meryl watched John carefully, making sure he didn't overextend himself. He was weak, and it showed.