Jyj and tvxq relationship

Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with | allkpop

jyj and tvxq relationship

I love how SM Ent. had no choice but to add JYJ on their museum for TVXQ. They tried to skipped TVXQ OT5 years at first but they just made it. From the time of the DBSK lawsuit quest against SME, the question that has been at . Why? because HoMin's relationship with JYJ has not changed and SME. TVXQ talks about pain,relationship and JYJ Yunho Has Gained A Positive Mind From His Experience Dong Bang Shin Gi's leader.

So it must have been disappointing during the Concert. But we cannot sing them. That is so disappointing. He chose as albums of TVXQ as songs he listens to frequently despite admonitions from others. What was funny was that he has—6 cell phones. Nowadays many various pictures on the internet are talks of the town.

jyj and tvxq relationship

I think it was probably around Myungdong, Seoul. I met with some of my friends in a bar in the vicinity of Apkujeongdong, Seoul, and I saw her for the first time then. Kang Yebin very well but I came to say hello to her because she came with a drama script writer that I know very well.

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  • Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with
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In truth we sat quite far apart, one front one back, but the picture had such an amazing angle that, on the picture, we seemed like we were leaning on each other. At that itme, what other people also came? Most of them were my non-entertainer friends. The luxury interior of your new home to which you moved was also the talk of the town. Strength- Beautiful and powerful vocal range especially for reaching high notes. Weakness- Dancing compared to others and some other overall aspects need to be improved.

JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ

Powerful musicianship in composing. Pro at both singing and dancing!!! By Looking at these strengths and weaknesses of each member, we can conclude that it would be a little difficult for SME to produce a powerful independent group just out of HoMin. Thus, the strength distribution can be said to be planned out quite well XD.

For him to step out, there would be a stronger impact, a stronger call or appeal. He is basically the pole of DBSK so he needs to calculate his every move carefully. In order to protect Changmin, the safest bet would be to leave him with Yunho. Thus, it explains why Yunho and Changmin remained.

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Until now, Changmin is involved in one drama, Yunho is involved in a musical. They still have time to play basketball, go see concerts? Because of requests from JYJ's lawyers, the agreement had not been revealed, but ina law was passed that allowed anyone who requested documents from a civil case to see them.

jyj and tvxq relationship

The documents from the case were requested, and the site TVXQtime. JYJ needs to pay 2. The profit division in SM's contract is unfair, so SM must pay JYJ the difference as calculated by the ratio JYJ wants according to the February 15th, contract 2nd revision for all profits before and after. Pay JYJ the profits from that they did not receive due to the lawsuit.

Pay about 5 billion KRW approximately 4. Conciliation protocol from the court 1. Out of JYJ's claims, only the pay not given in is recognized.

jyj and tvxq relationship