Legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

Examining executive-legislature relationship in

legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

Nigeria-Projects. Upgrading of One Stop Youth Resources Centre in Kogi State , Nigeria. A key flagship Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme. the Executive Directors of The World Bank or the governments they represent from a broader perspective taking into account of its relation to slum on (i) an extensive desk-review of relevant documents (legislation, policy. In Nigeria's Fourth Republic for example, the relationship between the the study recommends that both the executive and legislature should respect and.

Urban profiling is useful when analyzing policy thinking and implementation. The assessment of needs supports the development of solutions through governance, institutions and service It is important to avoid a one size fits all approach when trying to find solutions to the urban poverty challenge, and look for tailor made solutions that will suit the needs of different countries The PSUP approach addresses far more than demonstration projects or field work.

The approach aims for a change in thinking, the acknowledgement of slums and urban poverty as well as the need to define a better institutional environment for pro-poor policies, strategies and interventions Strengthening dialogue amongst actors is a prerequisite to actual implementation of programmes External expertise can help to inform national and regional processes as well as exchange ideas Commitment to the process from regional, national and local actors is essential before the initiation of a programme in a country.

Nigeria and Cameroun hold premier National Urban Forums – UN-Habitat

Why Should Countries Join PSUP The Programme provides an opportunity for participating countries to address the slum challenge with confidence and tools that will help reduce the proliferation of new slums. The programme improves mind-sets, strengthens insittional responses, improves understanding of urban challenges at multiple levels and strengthens capacity to design and implement programmatic approaches to participatory slum upgrading.

Before a country decides to apply for the programme, it should assess if the country urbanization policies are in agreement with PSUP principles. If the mandated ministry of a country e.

legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

A meeting should take place face-to-face or teleconference to discuss the country context and agree on a way forward. Africa Benin Purpose of program The Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme is being implemented with a focus on the development of strategies for slum upgrading. The programme also aims at improving the institutional coordination and institutional responsibilities, and identifying the role of key ministries, NGO, the private sector, and the donors in the strategies for slum upgrading, particularly, in the three cities of Cotonou, Abomey and Tchaourou.

They insisted that as far as the law is still in force, the chairman of the Commission must be confirmed by the Senate. The issue remains a stalemate till date. The lawmakers declared that they could not continue to pass resolutions that would not be respected as they announced the suspension of plenary over the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to respond to resolutions rejecting the nomination of Ibrahim Magu.

The Magu controversy remains at the heart of the ill-feelings between the executive and the legislature right now. While speaking in April, following the announcement of the suspension of screening of the presidential nominees, Senate spokesman, Senator Sabi Abdullahi said: If our resolution was rubbished, why are we passing another resolution?

legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

Peace moves gone awry As the no love lost relationship between the executive and the legislature became apparent, the Presidency made moves to salvage the situation in the last quarter of But then there was a snap. Security operatives at the entrance of the Presidential Villa stopped the bus conveying the National Assembly leadership from entering the complex. They claimed that only the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives were to be allowed entry.

The 20 leaders of the legislature turned back as the two presiding officers insisted on entering the Villa as one body.

Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP)

But a quick intervention of the president, who dispatched his Chief of Staff, helped to douse the tension and prevented further strain in the relationship between the two arms of government. Ndume and Melaye The meeting later held a week after and it helped to lay the foundations for a smooth presentation of the budget document.

NASS and presidential aides One emerging issue that became noticeable in is the widening gap between legislative structures and the Presidential aides on National Assembly. In the past, presidential liaisons in the legislature were always in chubby relationship with the lawmakers.

Residents of Nigeria's floating slum thrive

They were therefore in position to reduce the intensity of crisis on occasions. The bureaucracy of the Assembly, which is usually taciturn recently, started getting uneasy over the conduct of the Presidential aides at screening sessions and at joint sittings.

legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

A source in the legislature had described the trend thus: They guide, give advice and direct accordingly, so as to eliminate unnecessary frictions, suspicions and mischief. They are strategic yet effective. They demonstrated sound knowledge of the legislature based on their individual experiences and knowledge of the institution of legislature.

legislative and executive relationship in nigeria how can slum

They exhibit attitude that creates suspicion between the arms of government and claim knowledge of issues they really lack knowledge about. They tend to hijack the functions of the Clerk during Joint sitting and show overbearing conduct during screening of candidates at the Senate committees.

The Constituency Projects are designed as a take home for the lawmakers to showcase their impact in their respective constituencies.

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Through this channel, the Federal Government sets aside the sum of N billion for projects that would be executed in the Senate and federal constituencies in the country.