Mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions


mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions

The singer's daughter Mary Crosby excoriated UMG in a sharply worded HLC's attorney Mark Brodka told Variety, “The jury answered in the. EXCLUSIVE: The 'Dallas' actress 'Who Shot J.R.' - Mary Crosby . Mary Crosby with her husband, Mark Brodka (far left), holding their children Even though I was no longer on the show our relationship never changed. .. lung cancer as he questions whether he should have sent her to a doctor sooner. Mary Crosby and Mark Brodka photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions

Maybe I should try acting. You did community theatre with your Mom. I had no idea that his mother was famous. I wonder if Linda felt left out while you reminisced about your famous parents. Laughing I think she was very amused. Linda has no problem with feeling left out or showing self-confidence in any situation.

What drew you to the character of Kristin Shepard — what was your favorite part about her? That sounds like a typical Southern name. I was happy to have any job at that point. But that was the first bad lady, the first vixen I played, so that was appealing. I learned so much from Larry and Maj Hagman ; they taught me how to have fun and play the part with relish. It was a joy, and as an actress, sometimes playing the further away from what you are can be the most satisfying.

Some of the sexuality. That was much more sexy than the way it was written. I think the two would have been a great couple! What do you think? I just know he was a really nice guy and a good actor.

Estate wins $2 million for Bing Crosby royalties – Variety

Later in that season there were so many red herrings to keep you guessing as to who had done the deed. But a relationship would have been possible. Hafsteinn from Iceland asks Was it always clear from the beginning that the character you played, Kristin, would be taken out of the series at a particular time, or did you want to continue acting in Dallas?

I was originally hired for five shows only, but the producers and public liked me and I stayed on. However, I was sad to leave Dallas.

I knew that J. But it was wonderful to be there; for actors if they like it, it becomes a family and I loved the security of the family. Kristin is the only character I played that I was really able to develop.

When the two additional shows were ordered for the end of the season, did you know something big was about to happen? I knew that the two new shows were ordered and that was because the ratings had gotten so high. One thing that I also know is that there were multiple reasons for shooting J. They were actually thinking of replacing Larry but I think they realized that he was the heart and soul of the show and that would have been a big mistake. It was just their show of power. Larry knew a lot, Linda knew a lot, Patrick Duffy knew what was going on, Victoria Principal and even Charlene Tilton probably were privy to things, but not me.

Was there any secrecy regarding the decision to shoot J. I think we all knew, once those new episodes were ordered, that J. What was interesting, and even comical, was how they lined everybody up to shoot J. It was like holding a ticket; your turn was called and you shot him.

Were all of these shots done after the hiatus that season? No it was done before the hiatus. Did anyone know who shot J. Theoretically, no one knew. After hearing some of these things I was pretty sure it was I. Who told you this? Did you see any evidence of the mania that was occurring that summer? I was filming a miniseries in England and the English are so funny with betting.

Everyone bets there, it seems.

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This was from a guy who sold munitions to a third world country. It really freaked me out, actually. So even though you thought it was you, you were able to keep a secret? There are two ways you can go: And what about the non-Irish cast members? How did they keep the secret so well? People just were smiling and not saying a word. That was the beauty of it. They could have changed who the shooter was at any time.

It could have been Victoria or Linda at the last minute. When you started to get these hints were they close to the beginning of the new season then?

No it was before the hiatus. Did you tell anyone at all? I was married at the time so I may have hinted to my husband that the potential was there … But I never said I thought it was me or the hints I was getting. Remember, we all really wanted the show to work. There was an innocence there, like we were at the beginning of something special so nobody wanted to mess that up.

The way it would work is if we all kept quiet. The way Hollywood works, it was a miracle. I was thinking of seeing that. Kurt Russell has never had a better role and the story stays suspenseful throughout.

They were very smart in placing the film into the backdrop of what was happening politically at the time. That was an eventful year all right. Throughout the whole year the hostage crisis and Afghanistan and all the upheaval continued and you were right in the middle of a worldwide cultural sensation. I definitely want to see that movie now. It was quite a year for all of us. Laughs They filmed a bunch of people doing it that it could have been anyone.

A scene revealing it was Alan was filmed. I mean when people confessed. Those scenes were all shot, too. I knew I had filmed my scene but Linda and Victoria had as well. Yes, she was one of the main ones from what I remember. Sean Dougherty from Los Angeles asks Were you disappointed to be written off of Dallas just as it was entering its glory days and became the number 1 show on TV? I was disappointed to be leaving because it was a family.

The loss was more of a personal one and not a professional one. My choices were atrocious, but I did have a lot of them. What did you do immediately after? I did a Knots Landing, a miniseries in England. The Knots Landing episode was an interesting one, holding on to the character of Kristin. The Knots Landing made sense for them. I was a little helpful to them and it got good ratings. My question concerns the first Dallas cliffhanger that I ever experienced and what really hooked me on the show.

Thanks for taking time to answer my question. Boy, do I feel old. I was hired for three episodes so it was pretty clear. You said before that Linda or Victoria could have been the one to shoot J. Presumably their contracts worked out because they stayed on the show. Why were they in jeopardy only a year later? They did have contracts but every season you renegotiate for the next season to try to get more money. Everyone did that and it was up to him or her and the show to come up with something acceptable.

It was left murky. It was either falling off the balcony due to drugs or a murder. It was fun playing against his resistance, because I knew he secretly loved the tenderness he found so hard to express.

Because he was an older father [55 when Mary was born] there was a sense we all got from Mother that we had to protect him, that each day with him was precious. So when he wanted us to do something we didn't want to do, he'd moan, 'Look, I don't know how much longer I'll be around. I don't buy that garbage!

mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions

He had been hurt by people he'd helped out over the years who never repaid him, and I got the sense that he would have wished more from his first four sons than he'd gotten.

Maybe that's why he wanted perfection from the three of us. It worked perfectly, in terms of producing results for Dad.

Mary Crosby

And I do think Mother's hit-and-hug philosophy probably left us more secure and resilient -- able to know that, if we were punished for one specific thing, it didn't mean they'd stopped loving us -- than if we'd been disciplined in more indirect, lingering ways.

I resisted some of her command and control. But all that would vanish over the summer months when Mother and I worked in dinner theater together.

There was no hierarchy dividing us then. We weren't parent and child -- just two actresses, independent and equal. She would tell me things that led me to feel I didn't have to fall into the roles or patterns other people set up. As much as she demanded obedience at home, there was always that other message -- think for yourself, be your own person -- slipping in, too.

But Bing was not. For four months all my letters and phone calls to him went unanswered. But I kept on writing, telling him about all I was learning and how I understood how he was 'too busy' to write.

What I was really saying, between the lines, was, 'Look, I know you have to stay mad at me because you made a stand and you can't back down from it. I just want you to know I understand -- and if you do change your mind, I promise I won't call you on it.

I want you to come home. Then he shocked me by saying 'I'm sorry about the way I acted, but that's just the way I am. I'm not going to change now.

As part of this pact of unspoken love through not one but two generation gaps, "Daddy and I never even tried to talk about me and boys. He just laid down his ultimatums and I didn't dispute them; it would have been ridiculous to try. I was always taking care of them. Underneath their sweet, innocent, Southern game, they were the biggest bunch of little drinkers I'd ever met in my life!

They wanted four years of playing -- time enough to find husbands. That is not what I wanted. I wanted to act. But he also said, 'If you want to be an actress, I'm not going to help you. I want you to make it on your own. Because I wouldn't have it any other way.

The whole time he was doing something he had never done before -- holding my hand. That little gesture meant so much to me because it had taken him so long to get there. And it made me think I might have even taught him something. When Mary returned to California, Eb called and they had a "telephone relationship" for two weeks.

Those conversations just flew. He was funny, he was intelligent, he was creative; I was attracted to Eb before I even met him -- which was important to me, because I didn't want to waste my time on an unproductive, superficial relationship.

It's something you hear a lot of women in the 30s saying. She had the picnic dinner, he had the wine. She was looking for a blue truck, he a silver Monza. By now, the news would come right on the heels of Mary's decision to move from her father's home to an apartment of her own, closer to her acting classes. I mean, I respected the fact that he was very protective of his only daughter, but The primo moment came when we were saying grace.

There's Daddy, checking Eb out from the corner of his eye, making sure he's crossing himself.

mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions

I was trying so hard not to giggle. I looked at him and said, 'You've got to be kidding. She's every song I've ever written: I wanted to marry her, but I wanted us to live together first, to give the marriage a firm base.

There is a hint of a plea in her earnest voice -- and you're touched by the fact that, in almost any other context, this wholesome, devoted young couple would not have to go to such lengths to justify what is now a fairly common-place choice. But when you're Bing Crosby's daughter, it's different as the stacks of hate mail she later received from her father's fans attest.

They waited, and talked about confronting him, and put it off. It would upset him, they knew. Yet didn't they have their own lives to live?

mark brodka and mary crosby relationship questions

On October 14,Mary was rehearsing in the A. I felt my throat tighten a little, and the minute I saw the man's face I felt sorry that he was the one who had to give me the news that my father was dead. The stories came out negatively like, 'What kind of woman would raise a daughter to live with a boy? She had no defense. It caused a lot of unnecessary pain. Our living together unmarried probably went against a lot of what she too was brought up to believe.