Mystique and wolverine relationship

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mystique and wolverine relationship

Mystique (Raven Darkhölme) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books .. The relationship sours when Rogue refuses to tell Mystique that the X-Men are going to fight the High Evolutionary, who was responsible for depowering all . Wolverine tracks Mystique to the Middle East and then into Afghanistan. By the way, Mystique was only in her 30's or 40, not "very old" as you put it. As she can control her aging as she controls her other shifting, she. The Mystique-Wolverine romance is the very definition of an unhealthy relationship. On one side you have a killer mutant with questionable.

After Raven sabotaged a bank heist and betrayed her friends, the two ran away, though Mystique ended up pushing Wolverine out of a moving train because she did not trust him.

However, this was obviously not the last time they encountered each other, nor was it the last time they came to blows. Due to the history together, their interactions are always interesting to read. Sabretooth Another former lover of Mystique was Sabretooth, an important figure from Wolverine's past as it turns out.

mystique and wolverine relationship

When she first met Victor, she was under the disguise of Leni Zauber. The both of them were hired to kill a scientist in Berlin, and after Mystique filled out the hit, they decided to keep a low profile and stayed in a safe house. It is during this time that they became lovers, and Mystique became pregnant, though she didn't originally tell Victor this.

Mystique gave the child up for option, but kept tabs on him until she realized that he was actually not a mutant. In fact, Graydon Creed grew up to be a mutant-hating leader of a racist organization called the Friends of Humanity, and he was later assassinated by Mystique herself. Azazel Later on her life, Mystique met Azazel. During this time she was married to a human named Christian Wagner.

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Their marriage was originally happy, until Mystique found out that he was infertile. Desperate to have another child, she sought out other partners in order to become pregnant.

It was through this that she met Azazel, who told her of the islands he ruled off of Bermuda and how he had fathered many other mutants. As with many of her previous lovers, Mystique had simply been using him as her access card to get into Weapon X and steal files.

mystique and wolverine relationship

It's not the weirdest marriage of Deadpoolthough. He has married Domino, Outlaw, and plenty of other characters that he hasn't even been romantically linked to, and he's come close to marrying Ms.

His weirdest wife, of course, was a sock puppet of Copycat.

mystique and wolverine relationship

Azazelthe demon who worked with Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, was not only Nightcrawler's dad, but the lover of Mystique, who happens to be Nightcrawler's mom. Azazel, whom she had an affair with while married to Baron Christian Wagner, is one of the earliest lovers in Mystique's life. She slept with him after he turned on the charm, but it was also during a time in her life when she sought a child.

mystique and wolverine relationship

Azazel only wanted to have sex with her and as many other women as possible in order to create ties to Earth and retain his ability to return to the planet as he desired. Mystique attempted to get rid of Kurt Wagner when he was born, tossing him into a river, but Azazel rescued him only to ask an old flame to raise him as one of her own.

mystique and wolverine relationship

Not only did Eric appreciate her in her natural, blue-skinned glory in a way that her love interest Beast simply failed to do, but it also helped make their involvement in the first X-Men trilogy make more sense. Although the newer X-films gave Mystique a richer history with a humanity and authenticity that made her so much more sympathetic than she's ever been in the comics, the earlier movies seemed to do the opposite, rendering her some kind of order-following naked minion.

Wolverine had grown older and retired from the superhero game, refusing to unleash his claws in anger again.

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Thereafter, he met and married Maureen Logan, and settled down with their children on a remote ranch. Despite his best efforts to lay low, a gang of Hulk-descended mutants threatened to kill his family if Logan didn't find the money to pay the rent Maureen tamed Logan like no one else had before. He not only quit using his claws, but wouldn't even defend himself when he was attacked, all to have a normal life with her.

He crossed the country with Hawkeye, braved dangers and destruction, all to try to save the life he had built with Maureen.

That says a lot for such a typically nomadic character. In "Wolverine Origins Annual" 1it was explained that Seraph owned the Princess Bar in Madripoor, where she had an immediate hold on him.

She taught him how to kill in secret, and he killed anyone she asked. She was cold and ruthless, but also tender to him, and he became her willing assassin. In "Wolverine"we found out that Seraph was killed by Sabretooth, and made him promise to grant a favor to another old flame, Viper. He obeyed, showing the depth of his devotion to her, even after death.

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The relationship between them took a dark turn when he discovered she had been manipulating him under the command of Romulus, a mysterious man who had been guiding Wolverine's life since before he was born.

She may have been physically small, but had a huge impact on Wolverine's life. Mystique is a mutant who can change her appearance to match anyone she chooses, and she's been a thorn in the side of the X-Men for years.

Her connection to Wolverine goes back earlier than that, though. As revealed in "Wolverine"they first met inwhen she used him in a bank robbery. Later on, she framed him for murder, betrayed him and even orchestrated events to send him to Hell itself. In turn, he's sought her out to kill her many times in vengeance, and succeeded once.