Naruto and sakura relationship fanfic

Building a Relationship: Realisation of Love Chapter 1: The War Ended, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

naruto and sakura relationship fanfic

Building a Relationship: Realisation of Love Sakura seeing this called to the rest of the friends looking for Naruto: 'He is here! Quick!. But I " Sakura paused looking up at Naruto watching the pain strike But it's for the best, no point being in a relationship where you cannot. Black Rose. Author: Moe-shi. Summary: After leaving an abusive relationship, Sakura finds solace in Naruto's arms. AU. NaruSaku Warning.

There will be times when I stray from the well-trodden path, but for those of you who are afraid of stories so out-of-character that you can compare their failure to 'keeping it real' to a small child throwing blocks at a dog, then fear not, my brethren.

I first came up with the idea for this story from the 1st Naturo 'graphic novel'.

Our Secret Relationship Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

I was re-reading the few that I have, and decided to start from the beginning. So, I grabbed the first one and cracked it open. Then, page hit me. I won't go into it here, since I'll be writing about the event in this first chapter, among others. But, needless to say, it got me thinking. I know I can make a story out of it, and I'm hoping it'll be good.

So, I know, you're all itching to get on with it. Read on, and maybe leave a comment when you're finished, be it praise or slander. I will read them all, and perhaps answer any inquiries you may have in the next chapter. Until we next speak again, Constant Reader. Adding this as an after-thought, as to not confuse you poor readers. Italic text like this is usually meant to convey the thoughts of characters, or just used on random words to give them a little more feel, if you know what I mean.

Italic text in quotation marks "Like this" is meant to convey speech that someone said in the past yes, I know, it should make sense, but I've seen some people really not know these things. I'm using it mostly for comic relief in this chapter.

That, and to perhaps show a second side of Sakura, one that doesn't completely play by the rules, whatever they may be. Oh, and if you're having trouble comprehending who said what, I'm just going to say that you should pay attention. I won't be adding a '-insert name here- said' bit after every single line of dialog that appears. It gets repetitious and boring to read, in my opinion.

Well, without further ado, here's the story! The Plan Sakura managed to make it back to the bench she had been previously occupying, before Sasuke-kun came strolling back after their little 'encounter' earlier, and dropped onto the seat with a soft plop.

After making sure her skirt was covering everything it was supposed to be, the young kunoichi finally leaned back and closed her eyes, her mind already replaying the conversation that just concluded. What's g-gotten into you all of a sudden?

naruto and sakura relationship fanfic

Do I really make him sick? She could hear the self-doubt creeping into her thoughts, and softly sighed. It had taken her nearly two years to build up enough confidence to start flirting with her crush, Sasuke, and now she knew exactly how he felt about her.

And, looking back, she hadn't been exactly friendly to her other team member, either. They probably both hated her by now. With another small sigh Sakura pulled herself off the bench and slowly made her way in the direction Sasuke had headed, back towards the Academy the class had officially graduated from yesterday.

naruto and sakura relationship fanfic

After a few yards she stopped, though, as another memory of the conversation crept up on her. So charming, I could kiss it. At least, that's what Naruto would probably say. Without even realizing it, Sakura had come to a full stop, and was simply standing in the middle of the path, deep in thought.

He's the class clown, not some romantic. That, and he's always getting in between me and She winced, already feeling the hole the cute Uchiha had left in her heart. A moment later she began to walk again, determined not to be late the afternoon their new sensei was supposed to be arriving.

First impression was always the best one, after all, and she knew from Naruto's antics that being late wasn't always the best way to break the ice. There had been countless times when that idiot had shown up late for class and got Iruka-sensei yelling at him, often breaking Sakura out of her daydreams about a certain raven-haired soon-to-be shinobi. No matter what lame excuse Naruto gave, she could tell he just wanted attention, wanted to be the class clown. Shaking her head, the pink locks of hair partially covering the vast expanse of her huge forehead, Sakura let out a soft groan.

He'll probably show up late today, just to get a rise out of our new sensei. The kunoichi could feel her hands tightening into fists already. With that boy, it was nothing but joke this, and prank that.

It was enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. S-sasuke said that being an only child was lonely Sakura slowed her walk to a shuffle, too far occupied by her thoughts than her being late to class. He's always alone, but he has plenty of fan-girls like me. What does Naruto have? When he was first introduced to the class, the Third had been with him, but she knew that sometimes Hokage-sama came to visit the schools, and check up on the pupils.

And besides, why would the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village associate with someone as annoying as Naruto? Didn't he have better things to do, like protecting their lives and such? The more Sakura thought about it, the less she found. For the most of the school day she ignored the orange-clad loudmouth, choosing instead to worship Sasuke-kun, alongside nearly the rest of the girls in the class.

Lunch time was no different, although she had noticed a couple of other kids her age talking with Naruto. Kiba and him seemed to get along, and Shikamaru probably liked talking to someone just as lazy as he was.

Sakura had no idea what was on his mind, nor did she want to. According to her mother, the Aburame Clan dealt with bugs a lot, and that was just disgusting. However, she had seen them talking near Sasuke before, and Shino talking was a rare event in itself. Sakura unconsciously quickened her pace, pushing her speed back up to a quick walk.

It would do her well to get inside as soon as possible, in case any of the Aburame's 'family' was near. As she made it to the sidewalk leading to the Academy, though, she halted once again. Something had crossed her mind, an idea that seemed so out-of-place it had to be analyzed immediately. What if all he needs is someone to notice him in a good way?

Naruto already had a lot of negative attention: Sakura's mother had never spoken ill of the boy, but whenever she brought up his antics in class, or how he was getting in the way of her and Sasuke's 'relationship', she couldn't help but notice the way that the older woman's eyes grew distant.

Besides Iruka-sensei, none of their teachers had shown anything but barely-concealed malice towards him. I could be a little Could Naruto actually think that? As she opened the door to the school, she knew there was only one way to find out: By seeing his reactions herself.

The sight in front of her seemed fit for a nightmare, not the Academy. She took a step forward, wondering what exactly she was seeing.

There were orange-bearing Naruto's all over. Three were standing up at the front of the room near the chalkboard, scribbling random things in chalk and talking animatedly amongst themselves. Two more had taken up posts next to the windows facing the street, and appeared to be keeping watch. A sixth was sorting through chalkboard erasers, his hands ghost-white from all the residue.

And the final one The last Naruto she laid eyes on was sitting across from Sasuke, twiddling his thumbs. As Sakura stood there in shock, Naruto finally stopped circling his thumbs, and promptly leaped out of his seat. Why didn't you two tell me?! That's beside the point! The face she puts on shown disgust.

A simple side scrunched nose, a grim pursed lips, and brows lined. She really thought it was painful enough to stay for an hour, enveloped with the gym's boy smell. Sakura really needs a hospital mask to shield this polluted air of strong stench. Sure, Sakura Haruno plays basketball but She and the girls do not smell like them. And guys don't through themselves on or dirty talk about a sweaty girl. Unless it turns the guy on. Or he's just plain weird.

Girls were so weird over What kind of girl says such things like that anyway? Do they think before they speak. Falling for the Uchiha's good looks makes them spit anything dirty about him. They don't care how low and nasty it is. Sakura shouldn't think too low of them. She was once them. She needs to get out of here before she gets She stuffed her face on her lap as her long sleeve hands covered her ears. Since the beginning of practice, she wanted to squeeze the brains out of them if they screamed one more time in her ears.

She was just sick of hearing, 'Sasuke kun this, Sasuke that kun! Tenten looks up at the ceiling, mouthing thanks to whoever up there. Whoever is up there please wined up time faster. The one who's also fan girling, grueling, bulging heart eyesand hands clinging on to the hems of her short jean shirt so tightly. I would be home now. Soaking in my bath of bubbles. Living the life in my room playing video games or reading mangas. Or even pig out in the snack cabinet. Hinata had her hands folded and eyes begging Tenten and Sakura to calm down for a second till the game is over.

Who can argue with that face?! Next time I'm not staying. I'm staying home in my comfy bed. Ino turned to her with a shocked face.

Here comes the Queen Ino. You can't do that! Without you here this friendship bonding means nothing! So when you guys ditched me in the arcade with the guys-" "I had to twinkle! And after the potty break you guys somehow ended up eating in a burger joint! Twinkle these nuts, bitch. Tenten would break her person anytime.

She don't care who it is. Her true colors are like a punch on the face. Tenten looks cute and adorable this chick is such a tommy. Ino grew red as she climbed over Sakura and Hinata to reach Tenten. Tenten pulled her lower eyelid down while sticking out her tongue. Her purse collided on Tenten's face. Then Tenten threw it else where. Ino gasped about her expensive perfume bottle and make up kit. She ran down the bleacher seats like some hulk. Sakura and Tenten couldn't help but laugh.

Like who goes down the benches with a frog like jump wearing high heels. Hinata tried to calm the both of them as Sakura laugh decreased and she leans back to see any messages on her phone.

She raked her fingers through her long pink hair. It have gotten longer. Sakura simply slide it in her hoodie pocket. She gave Tenten her lucky finger.

Ino's face turned sour. Eyeing both of the said girls outfits. Tenten decided to wear sweatpants, sneakers, and a hoodie. Basically, dressed like a dude. Tenten clearly a tomboy. Sakura, however, wore this forest green cargo, hoodie, high top converses, and Konohas baseball cap. Ever since freshman year, Sakura changed her cutie-pa-tootie image into 'I don't give two shizz. Ino couldn't keep her eyes away.

Her hands ache to reach her cell phone to dial her modeling agency to doll up these girls. Everywhere they go, Tenten and Sakura, the not cute ones. Ino and Hinata stands out. Most of the time Ino is left with attention or fans of her own when she show some soft pale skin of hers. The Yamanaka loves the attention. She don't even give a damn if she be in the streets with her garments. Sakura and Tenten assumed. He then moved his hand down slowly, stroking her cheek softly.

He stopped her ramblings, leaning down and kissing her forehead softly. End Flashback But then again He stopped just in time. He had actually started hitting her a few months ago, done with threatening. And now, after months of withstanding it, it finally got to the breaking point. She had been scared and fed up, and she wanted out of the relationship Flashback "Sasuke, I'm not sure we should be together anymore. Sakura realized what was coming next. She had tried to run away, but his strong grip kept her in place.

Don't dump an Uchiha! She fell to her knees, "Stop, Sasuke, please! At least it's over now. Or at least she hoped it was over. All she needed was a little farther Sakura hadn't been in this part of Konoha for the longest time Naruto, She remembered his shining blue eyes, his sun kissed skin, his goofy smile He was her very best friend, closer to her than Ino, and she had lost him, all for that selfish, stupid Uchiha.

Flashback "He hit me again, Naruto. She just shook her head. Even though he hits me, I know he loves me. I love him too. He looked like he was ready to kill something, "Sakura, he doesn't love you! I-I love you damnit! Fine, don't come back! Maybe he would forgive her now No, forgiveness was asking too much. She reached the glass apartment doors, using her back to push them open, so that they didn't become covered in her blood, although, even that small pressure made her fall to her knees.

Sobs wracked her body, and she couldn't help but wish she could redo everything Sakura wandered through the lobby, past the strangely empty front desk, to the old elevator that was Naruto's home. She used to love the oldness of the place. It was like an ancient palace, yet new at the same time.