Paul and titus relationship


paul and titus relationship

This Epistle of St. Paul to his disciple Titus is one of the three Pastoral Epistles in the Bible. about Titus, his relationship with Paul, and their mutual efforts to promote their shared understanding of what new things the. God of Israel was doing for his. Jim Cole-Rous found that two manuscripts identify Titus as Titus Justus in the book of When Paul arrived at Corinth, as was his custom, he first approached the.

He was a prisoner in a Roman dungeon when he wrote 2 Timothy, approximately AD Titus was Greek—he had not grown up worshiping the God of the Bible. Paul brought him to Jerusalem Galatians 2: Titus represented all the other non-Jewish people who became Christians and were completely accepted by God through their faith in Jesus Christ—like most of us!

Titus continued to travel with Paul on missionary journeys, helping in the work of sharing the gospel. During the 3 years Paul was in Ephesus teaching them about the amazing power of God third journeyTitus was there.

paul and titus relationship

Then, Paul sent him to Corinth to alleviate tension there 2 Corinthians 7: Paul thought of Titus not only as a very faithful friend but also as his spiritual son because he had led him to trust Christ.

After Paul was released from the Roman prison where he had been for two years, he and Titus traveled to the island of Crete. Paul and Titus taught the people, called Cretans, about their need for God and the good news about Jesus Titus 1: Soon there were enough believers to start churches in several towns. Closing admonitions to Titus. Set in order the things that were lacking 1: Ordain elders in every city 1: Teach sound doctrine 2: Duly assert his authority 3: Paul tells Titus to appoint elders in every city and explains what to look for in a ministerial candidate.

All who are to be ordained must meet the qualifications described in 1: After describing the moral and ethical standards required of a minister, Paul encourages all to be sound in doctrine—an important issue at all times for the Church.

The two possibilities that have been suggested are the famine relief in AD 44 Acts The chronological indicator in verse one, however, seems to point towards the second view. Assuming the Lord Jesus was crucified and resurrected in AD 30, Paul was saved on the road to Damascus in AD 32 or 33 and he is in the Arabia Desert and Damascus for three years before he goes up to Jerusalem for the first time after he is saved.

This Council was instigated by an issue in the church in Antioch on the Orontes: The Apostle Paul was responsible for taking Titus: The decision of the Jerusalem Council, composed of the apostles and elders of the church, was that Gentiles did not have to be circumcised in order to be saved Acts On the other hand, Paul had Timothy, another son in the faith, circumcised at Lystra Acts In fact, Paul is delivering the decrees given by the Jerusalem Counsel in Acts 15 which explicitly states that circumcision has nothing to do with salvation Acts Paul had Timothy circumcised for a very practical reason.

They could get free lodging in the synagogue!

paul and titus relationship

His whereabouts during this time are not recorded. Did he labor in Antioch on the Orontes, or return to Iconium? The Apostle Paul could have taken him from Antioch, or picked him up in Iconium on his way to Ephesus during his third missionary journey AD Paul and his team ministered in Ephesus for almost three years Acts They began by doing evangelism among the Jewish people in the city Acts As a result of this discipleship program, all in Asia Minor heard the gospel Acts A riot ensued in Ephesus because the silversmiths were losing business because tourists were not buying the silver trinkets of Artemis in the temple to her honor, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world!

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  • Titus: Another of Paul’s Special Sons in the Faith

We are not told where Titus was when the riots in the theater of Ephesus broke out. Perhaps he was on a peacemaker mission in Corinth at the time. A delegation, led by Stephanas, visited Paul in Ephesus about three years later and shared some of the problems that were occurring among the saints in Corinth.

Paul addressed these issues head-on in his first epistle to the Corinthians. I will suggest a plausible chronology based on the work of D. Titus apparently makes three trips to Corinth. The purpose of the first trip was to collect money for the poor in the Jerusalem church 1 Cor.

I believe that he was exercising his spiritual gift of administration as he saw to it that the collection was done decently and in order. This trip apparently took place a year before Second Corinthians was written 2 Cor. Some have suggested it was Dr. Luke Souter a; bbut that is just conjecture.

Titus - Paul's Son in the Faith

When Paul had written his first epistle to the church, the collection had already been started 1 Cor. A delegation consisting of Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus reported to Paul in Ephesus about the problems in the church at Corinth. Paul wrote his first epistle to the church. More than likely this delegation took the letter back with them to the city. Apparently Titus was in Corinth working on the collection and was in the meeting when the letter was read to the congregation.

paul and titus relationship

Upon his return to Ephesus, he reported to Paul the reaction to the letter and opposition expressed by some in Corinth 2 Cor. Paul sends Titus back to Corinth in order to be a peacemaker Matt.

Saint Titus

Perhaps Paul was a bit impatient and expected instantaneous results from his letter and the personal ministry by Titus. Once he was in Macedonia, he was still troubled by the situation in Corinth 2 Cor. In this, Titus was joyful 7: Paul wrote a follow-up epistle 2 Corinthians to the believers in Corinth and sent this letter back with Titus and two unnamed brothers.

This Titus was eager to do this 8: He also went back to finish gathering the money for the saints in Jerusalem 8: Paul gives Titus a very strong recommendation 8: Sometime after Paul wrote the letter, he arrived in Corinth for a three months stay Acts If Titus was with him, this would have been his third visit to the city.

This freed Paul to write the most important epistle of the New Testament, the epistle to the church in Rome spelling out the great doctrinal truths of justification, sanctification and living for the Lord in a wicked world. At the end of the epistle, Paul sends greetings to the saints in Rome from the saints in Corinth, yet he does not mention Titus among those believers Rom.

Perhaps Titus was on his way to Jerusalem with a token of the collection for the saints in the Holy City, with the rest to follow Acts Paul could thank the Lord for Titus as a peacemaker. The words of the Lord Jesus rung in his ears: This was an island with an unsavory reputation of being made up of people who were always liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons Tit.

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