Scarlett hara and rhett butler relationship

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scarlett hara and rhett butler relationship

Katie Scarlett O'Hara is a fictional character and the main protagonist in Margaret Mitchell's Rhett Butler, a wealthy older bachelor and a society pariah, overhears Scarlett express her love to Ashley during a barbecue at Twelve Oaks, the. Scarlett O'Hara is the main character in the musical Scarlett and the book and resultant temper tantrum were all witnessed by the smug Rhett Butler . . Neither lasted well in long-term, traditional relationships and found friedships . scoundrel Rhett Butler — even after he became her third husband. to love one of her three husbands for wisdom on relationships and dating. As author Margaret Mitchell put it, “Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful, but men.

Following a Christmas visit from Ashley, Melanie too becomes pregnant, but lacking Scarlett's robust constitution, the pregnancy goes hard on her. Scarlett's patience, never her strong suit, is tried to the limit as Melanie's failing strength requires near constant nursing. She goes into labor just as General Sherman begins his advance on the City. Scarlett, unable to get the overburdened local doctor to come help with the birth and learning that her personal slave, Prissy, has lied about her own knowledge, reluctantly stays by Melanie's side.

Her rough and insincere encouragement somehow help Melanie through. Scarlett inexpertly but effectively delivers her son. The labor, birth and lack of either sanitary or knowledgeable care take a terrible toll on the new mother but in the face of enemy invasion immediate evacuation is essential. Panic-stricken, Scarlett immediately--not for the first time or the last--turns to Rhett for help. With Rhett's guidance and thieving skills she acquires what is probably the last horse in Atlanta, a diseased old thing, as well as a rickety wagon.

scarlett hara and rhett butler relationship

Thus begins a nightmarish trek back to Tara for Scarlett, Melanie, the newborn, Scarlett's toddler son, and Prissy. Harassed by troops on either side, hungry and prey to the weather, insects and rough roads, the wretched group painfully traverse the twenty five miles to Tara.

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All the valuables, all gold, harvested crops and livestock are gone. In the face of hardship, the spoiled Scarlett shoulders the troubles of her family and friends, but the near starvation and backbreaking, endless work change her forever. She grows hard and calculating. An attack from an enemy deserter forces her hand and she shoots him in self-defense.

Sick as she is, Melanie assists Scarlett in hiding the body and cleaning up. Although on the surface Melanie is as sweet and loving as ever, hard times have wrought changes upon her character, too. As the remainder of the former Southern army troop home, some familiar faces return.

scarlett hara and rhett butler relationship

A former overseer and his new wife, poor white Emmy Slattery whose name is synonymous with her loose-moraled character come "calling" with an eye to purchase Tara for themselves, Scarlett learns that her home will soon be put up for auction due to tax debts. Now hardened, she is willing to do whatever she has to, including selling her body to Rhett, to raise the tax money. Her hardened, practical nature has driven her to steal her own sister's beau.

It doesn't end there. After Rhett leaves her because he thinks she doesn't love her, she goes and finds him and with the death of Melanie, Ashley asks Scarlett to marry him Scarlett says, "I'm sorry I love Rhett" without knowing Rhett is listening he decides that he still wants her.

Scarlett finally gets Rhett back and promises to love him and says she will have as many children as he desires. They soon have a girl who they name Melanie and a boy named James.

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As one of the most colorful characters in literature, Scarlett challenges the prescribed women's roles of her time. She pays a steep price in the form of ostracism by her Atlanta acquaintances. The story's driving force continues to be Scarlett's ongoing internal conflict between her feelings and the expected behavior for a woman of her age and class. In the book, Scarlett gives birth to three children: In the film version only Bonnie is featured.

Almost universally, the studio and the public agreed that the part of Rhett Butler should go to Clark Gable. The exception being Clark Gable himself. Casting for the role of Scarlett was a little harder. When Rhett first meets Scarlet she is 16 to his At the very start of the novel we are told: He was expelled from West Point for drunkenness and something involving women. But Rhett falls far beneath not being a gentleman. Atlanta is falling, Scarlet is taking a wagon which Rhett procured for her full of vulnerable people back to Tara.

The journey will be a dangerous one and Rhett could easily escort them. He chooses not to: Had she gone crazy? Was she not hearing right? He was grinning now. She could just see his white teeth in the faint light and the old mockery was back in his eyes. Where — where are you going? The road is filled with dangerous bandits and possibly enemy soldiers. Rhett has steadfastly refused to fight for the cause he worked as a blockade runner because it was profitable — until this very minute.

Their continued conversation proves just how much of a jerk he truly is: She grabbed his arm and felt her tears of fright splash down on her wrist.

Scarlett and Rhett, a love and hate story

He raised her hand and kissed it. Thinking only of your own precious hide and not of the gallant Confederacy.

Think how our troops will be heartened by my eleventh hour appearance. Why are you leaving me? Perhaps — perhaps because I am ashamed. You should die of shame. Anyone as selfish and determined as you is never helpless. God help the Yankees if they should get you. If she were, she would abandon the wagon full of dependents, take the horse and ride off into the sunset. Instead, she has to take care of them on that long trek home.

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He is being himself and doing exactly what he accuses Scarlett of — thinking only of himself. He could make a real difference on the wagon ride to Tara. The battle he is joining? Additionally, not too long before this scene unfolds we are told: Against no one was feeling more bitter than against Rhett Butler.

He had sold his boats when blockading grew too hazardous, and he was openly engaged in food speculation. The stories about him that came back to Atlanta from Richmond and Wilmington made those who received him in other days writhe with shame. He needs something to show to the people of the South that he is worthy of staying among them.

Third, not only does he desert her but he insults her on the way out.

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I know that Scarlett is no prize. She is far from the perfect heroine. There is no big change in how he treats his heroine. When she stopped being an amusing plaything, he left. He was good at that. But now, with your evidence, it appears he was indeed quite the scalawag.