Sermons on love and relationship

Deep Relationships - The Five Love Languages Sermon by Chris , John -

sermons on love and relationship

Summary: The five love languages are a real practical way for us to demonstrate the love of God to people. Jesus showed us the way to do this in earthly ministry by modeling each of the five love languages for us. Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages identifies five ways he. February is definitely the month of LOVE. We're getting tons of hits from people searching for youth sermons on love, relationships, dating. Get Love sermon outlines & illustrations from leading pastors. most people really understand how important real love is-to a marriage-to a relationship-to the .

Additionally, in recent decades Valentine's Day has become increasingly commercialized and a popular gift-giving event. It is said that many themes on romance, love and relationships are advertised during these days encouraging consumer spending on loved ones. This includes the cards, the flowers, the chocolates and the dinner. It can go higher than that actually. For our kababayan in the Philippines, Valentine's Day is also called "Araw ng mga Puso" "Day of Hearts"and is celebrated in much the same way as in the west.

It is usually marked by a steep increase in the price of flowers, particularly red roses. Look at this picture of a woman selling flowers on Valentine"s day. But do you know that in the Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, during the years andreligious police banned the sale of all Valentine's Day items? They tell shop workers to remove any red items because the day is considered a Christian holiday and they have nothing to do with this "deviation from religious law and custom.

Inthe religious police arrested more than Muslims for celebrating the holiday and confiscated all red roses from flower shops. Muslims are not allowed to celebrate the holiday, and non-Muslims can celebrate only behind closed doors. We all have different amounts of wealth. We all have different amounts of talent. We all have different amounts of personality. But we all have the exact same amount of time.

You get to choose how you use it. As an adult American you will live an average of 25, days.

sermons on love and relationship

What are you going to do with that time? I only have a certain amount of allotted days and you do too. So you better choose very carefully how you give your time.

Was it worth it? You need to decide. What is my time worth? You are worth listening to.

Finding the love of your life

Jesus said that the essence of relationships is not what we do for each other. And Jesus said that the essence of real relationships is not what we give to each other — presents and things that we give. Jesus taught that the essence of true loving relationships is how much we give of ourselves to that person. But this one just does not compute to most guys.

I give my family everything they need. I provide for all the needs for my wife and for all my kids. They get whatever they want. We live a very comfortable life. What more do they want?

Only you can give that. Nothing can compensate for time. No amount of gifts. No amount of money. No amount of clothes. Another video game is not the answer. They need your attention and they need that now. This really hit home with me. I have a son whose five years old, a boy so very fine. When I look at him, it seems to me that all the world is mine. But seldom do I ever see my son awake and bright. I only see him when he sleeps. When I come home so weary in the darkness after day My wife then says to me, you should have seen him play.

They should be the priority. Then you figure out how to fit the rest of your life into that. How do you find more time for the people who love you and that you need to love? Let me give you one suggestion: Thirty hours a week for a year is 1, hours in front of a screen.

God's Design For Love, Sex And Relationships

Let me put that into perspective. That is ninety-seven straight days of sixteen hours a day in front of a screen. It always amazed me that people will go watch reruns of Friends instead of making friends. The Bible says that God wants you to make time for relationships. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. Love means giving up. It means I give up my agenda for your agenda. It means I give up my time for your time.

It means I give up my preference for your preference. That is a sacrifice. Love is an action. Love means taking time.

Law number one the best use of life is love. Law number two the best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now. Not one of these days. Not when I get around to it. Whatever you intend to do with your life do it now.

If you have an opportunity to show love, do it now. Never tell your neighbor to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now. Never procrastinate in showing love. Turn to your neighbor and tell them when the best time to love is… Question: Who do you need to show love to today?

Who do you need to go home after this service and make that phone call and share a word of encouragement and love? Or go home and write that letter? Or go home and make a visit to somebody in a nursing home or at the hospital? Who do you need to invite over to your backyard and have a barbecue with them and show some love? Did you know that God specifically puts people around your life so you can show love to them?

He wants you to do that. There are some activities in life that you ought to procrastinate on. There are some activities in life where procrastination is a legitimate response.

Making family your top priority means going against a culture where materialism and workaholism are rampant. It means realizing that you may not advance as fast in your career as others do. She was an alcoholic. They found her frozen to death in a snowdrift in a drunken stupor.

While he was reading her diaries he discovered this, while he was spending eighteen hours a day working for political causes Terry was writing in her diary how much she missed her daddy. No matter what it costs your career. Just to let her know how much I loved her and to have one more of those happy times that we used to have so infrequently.

The question is just when. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to change? But not be any more loving?

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Let me tell you the goal I have for 40 Days of Love. My goal is that I will become more loving. When I do serious looking at my life I can see a whole lot more of me than I like. How much money did you give away?

sermons on love and relationship

How many people did you help? Did you learn to love me more than anything else? Did you spend time with me? And did you spend time with them? He knows how to love people.

God's Design For Love, Sex And Relationships Sermon by Chris , Genesis -

He really knows how to love people. He is a godly man. He knows how to love. I hope you want to be that too. He knows us and he wants us to know him. God has given the spirit and the spirit gives wisdom and power; for what? If you take the whole bible and divide it relationally, Genesis 1 and 2 deals with humanity created in right relationship with God. The rest of the bible up to Revelation 19 deals with the broken relationship between us and God and Revelation 19 on deals the restored relationship.

So the bible is dealing with God restoring a relationship between us and him. God is pursuing a true love relationship with us. There is no guessing that God really loves us the fact that He gave his son as a sacrifice proves that John 3: But do we really love Him? Yeah it is basic, but do we live our lives as if a relationship with God is the central thing in our lives.

In love, God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. He wants us to know not just that He exists, but who he is.