Shae and tyrion relationship

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shae and tyrion relationship

Why thank you honeyed chicken for the warm welcome. I love Ancient Egyptian history as well and could not help but make that my Av when I saw it.:cheers. Once Varys entered into his alliance with Tyrion to help hide Shae, . to in the show where it seems there is a genuine romantic relationship. “She didn't have any choice after the trial scene,” Sibel says to TVLine of Shae hooking up with Tywin. “The people hated Tyrion after the trial.

If this is the case, then Shae would have been deliberately planted by Tywin as a spy, and returning to his bed once Tyrion was arrested would have been natural. Varys may have revealed the truth, since he knew about Shae, and was convinced to provide very damning information as part of the testimony against Tyrion at Tyrion's trial.

shae and tyrion relationship

Of the three, I think Tywin's spies finding out about Shae is the least likely; Tyrion is reasonably careful, and while Varys found Shae despite Tyrion's efforts, Varys' mastery of spying makes Tywin look like a child by comparison. Once Varys entered into his alliance with Tyrion to help hide Shae, it seems very unlikely that any spies employed by Tywin would find out about the secret.

shae and tyrion relationship

The possibility of Shae originally working for Tywin originally, and then being sent to Tyrion as a spy, strikes me as very plausible. Clearly Tywin was not above sleeping with a whore, since Tyrion found her naked in his father's bed. Still, my personal opinion is that Varys revealed her to Tywin.

Memo to ‘Game of Thrones’: Abusers Aren’t Heroes

In fact, I believe that the whole trial, and the subsequent events, were part of a deliberate setup by Varys. Varys testifies against Tyrion.

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Yet it also seemed too easy for Jaime to convince Varys to help Tyrion escape. If this was Varys' goal, then providing evidence at the trial would be an excellent way for him to force Tyrion to flee from King's Landing, and to go where Varys wanted him to.

shae and tyrion relationship

Arranging for Tyrion to find Shae in Tywin's bed notice that Varys doesn't argue too strongly against Tyrion going to find his father, and quite willingly provides directions on how to sneak in to his quarters would potentially serve a double purpose for Varys: Finally, when Tyrion escapes from prison, he discovers that Shae has been sleeping with his father, Tywin Lannister Charles Dancewho was responsible for rigging the trial.

Therefore, Shae has to die.

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The more you look at that line of reasoning, the less sense it makes. She started having sex with him when he started paying her, and she stopped when he stopped. The show suggests genuine affection developing on Shae's part, but the fact is, seeming affectionate to Tyrion was part of Shae's job, and money never stopped changing hands. Essentially, this is a character who gets killed for the crime of not getting herself killed. But this is simply not the case.

Memo to ‘Game of Thrones’: Abusers Aren’t Heroes - In These Times

She seems to have died solely to provide the emotional impetus for another, more narratively significant murder. None of this is irrelevant.

shae and tyrion relationship

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