Shaniqua tompkins and 50 cent relationship with ciara

Rap legend and Business man 50 Cent's family story

shaniqua tompkins and 50 cent relationship with ciara

50 Cent, who had a son Marquise with then girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins in which is still before the courts, met Ciara when he worked on. 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins photos, news and gossip. Find out more Shaniqua Tompkins and 50 Cent dated from to Relationship Statistics. Also,when 50 and ciara brokeup,he took back a car that he bought for her. “He tried to kill me and his own child,” said Shaniqua Tompkins, 31, who miraculously The blaze erupted after Tompkins and 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson .. Her relationship with 50 was for lack of better term, ghetto fabulous.

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She had no choice but to turn to drugs as a means of livelihood for her family of two. When Curtis was 8, his bisexual mother was killed mysteriously most probably as a result of a drug war since this was common in their violent neighborhood. Up till date, the Get Rich or Die Tryin artist has no idea who his birth father is.

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Beulah Jackson maternal grandmother Month of Death: September Fifty Cents was surrounded by violence from the day he was born and this only worsened after he lost his mother. Beulah Jackson was the next person he could call family after the tragic death of Sabrina and she took him up as her own baby. There was only little Beulah could do anyway as she had nine other children to cater to so young Curtis spent most of his life on the streets and learned life the hard way.

50 Cent's Ex Tatted Up Holly Claims He Beat Her; Releases Text Messages

By the time Cents was twelve, he was not just dealing drugs but was involved in crack which is one of the strongest forms of cocaine. In an interview, 50 stated that one reason why he went all in to drugs and violence was to be able to fend for himself.

The most famous Jackson adored Beulah in the same vein and was scared to death when she was diagnosed with cancer. Ingrand ma Jackson passed on and her death broke 50 as she was the love of his life. Shaniqua Tompkins ex-girlfriend Duration of Relationship: Inshe began a relationship with 50 and for four years things were good until their love went sour.

Two years before their break up, Niq had borne a son for Cent and he had promised to take care of her for life. Show us some real boss women moves without discussing their exes. FukkFolks A lot of shit that happens in every day pop culture for years now, is due to reality TV.

And mad famous sayings etc I'm sorry just like they said rap was a fad?

shaniqua tompkins and 50 cent relationship with ciara

Reality TV been here for over 25 years now. Folks need to accept it.

shaniqua tompkins and 50 cent relationship with ciara

Did she use God as a reference before she had a child out of wedlock? I Love Lucy is ok too. But He probably shakes his head at most of the rest of the stuff on tv these days.

shaniqua tompkins and 50 cent relationship with ciara

Junkanoo People who lack critical thinking cause these shows are not real or interesting FukkFolks And your name is Iyanla. When folks stopped reading your books, you ended up where?

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People are nosey and she has a story to tell. Did they ever find out who burned her house down? Soda They're cheaper to produce. KB Wishful thinking on my part. This man gave her a mansion with a butler and a black card and all she had to do was not have another man in the house. She could have laid up at a hotel.

Has she ever had a job since 50 cent became famous? KB Sad but true. Quitedeliteful Was that the deal? She could have gone to any 5-star hotel to get her groove on!

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She probably doesn't even remember the guy's name. They all should know what they are signing up for. It's gonna eventually come out anyway.