Sinbad and marina relationship

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sinbad and marina relationship

Marina is meant to marry Prince Proteus, but her plans are changed when the legendary Book of Peace is stolen. Eris, the goddess of discord who tries to prevent Sinbad's success, sends a group of sirens after them. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas characters. Fiona and Marina fit the mold of Disney princess pretty well. .. Proteus and Sinbad were friends, but their relationship suddenly ended when. Mind, Proteus and Sinbad is not the main relationship that most of the film pivots on. That would be Sinbad and Marina, Proteus' fiancé. Now.

sinbad and marina relationship

She was the only girl in a squad of boys and just as awesome as them. Her purple hair was just amazing.

sinbad and marina relationship

She was the oldest and the smartest and in control and cool. Reggie was spouting wisdom and being awesome on a surf board or rollerblades or skateboard with her sunglasses and baggy pants like a boss. She also has to strip back the layers and look at people in new ways. But on the other hand, she also sees clearly that which others vilify. She misjudged Phoebus, the handsome man most people probably flocked to, but not Quasi, the different looking and mistreated boy.

sinbad and marina relationship

Her song God Help the Outcasts just tells you everything you need to know about. And she fights to make it a reality. I just love that symbolism at the end of the film when she fights the leader of the Huns as a woman, with the fan, uses both her brains and her fighting skills and wins.

Now, Sinbad is very much about Sinbad and also his buddy Proteus. Sinbad took one look at her, fell in love, and fled to a life of piracy to avoid screwing anything up.

sinbad and marina relationship

Before I get into that, I just want to talk about her physically. How awesome is that? I think basically every princess except like Snow White and Cinderella have had long, luscious locks.

And pants on a female character? She holds her own against a crew of pirates and saves their butts numerous times.

Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas

On the flip side, we have Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord. I was thinking about my favorite female villains and knew I wanted one on this list. My first thought was Maleficent and she and Eris actually do have some stuff in common.

sinbad and marina relationship

Eris loves causing trouble. I loved her design as a kid, her sleek, dark long hair. I loved how she could grow really tall and then be human size and she was so twisted.

And really, I think the climax of Sinbad is like no other. Did I sell this movie enough for you? Sarah was my favorite because she was really the only woman on the show and had awesome hair and I had a thing for animated hair, clearly. At one point in the story, Sinbad saves Marina from Roc, another creature sent by Eris.

Later as they come close towards Eris' realm, Sinbad finally reveals to Marina why he left Syracuse.

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Sinbad confesses that 10 years prior, a ship from another kingdom arrived and he spotted the most beautiful thing he ever saw walk off the ship, Marina herself.

However, aware that she was betrothed to Proteus, he left with a broken heart, confessing his love for Marina and attempts to kiss her. Although, Marina feels the same for Sinbad, she stops him before they can kiss as she doesn't want to betray Proteus.

Later, when Marina and Sinbad enter Eris' realm, Eris reveals her true plan was to maneuver Proteus into Sinbad's place, leaving Syracuse with no heir and let crumble into chaos.

Eris also reveals that Sinbad "betrayed" Proteus as Sinbad stole his only love, revealing her knowledge of Sinbad's love for Marina.

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Eris then accuses Sinbad of having a dark heart, but when Marina tells Eris she's wrong as she doesn't know what's in Sinbad's heart, Eris agrees to surrender the Book of Peace only if Sinbad answers one question truthfully. Eris asks Sinbad if he fails to regain the book; Will he sail away with Marina or return to Syracuse to accept the punishment and be executed.

Sinbad answers that he will return, but Eris accuses him of lying and sends him and Marina back to Earth without the Book. However, Marina refuses to believe what Eris said as she has witnessed herself who Sinbad really is. Marina tries to convince Sinbad to escape and she will return to Syracuse and explain everything as it isn't fair for him or Proteus to die.

Sinbad refuses Marina's offer as she breaks down into tears and finally confesses to Sinbad she loves him. However, Sinbad travels back to Syracuse just as Proteus is about to be executed and Sinbad saves Proteus from the brink of death, but fails to bring back the book and is ready to accept the punishment and his supposed fate.