Thranduil and legolas relationship tips

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thranduil and legolas relationship tips

Thranduil's relationship page Legolas is all that is left of Thranduil's beloved wife, as Thranduil as a protective embrace over his son. He extremely heart-broken. at developing Thranduil and Legolas' relationship? There are hints about him being attacked by dragons (what dragons, and where and why. ANSWER: Ah, Thranduil, known to us bookies as “the Elvenking” (or “the And then there is the relationship between Thranduil, Legolas, and.

The Elves apparently knew the Dwarves were passing along the road but left them alone until the Dwarves strayed in the woods. When Thorin refused to explain what he was doing the Elvenking locked him up. But Thorin and his companions escaped captivity, went on to rouse the local dragon, and claimed a vast treasure for themselves. At this point the Elvenking went into action, leading an army toward the huge treasure.

But he quickly turned aside to help the Men of Lake-town, whose homes had been destroyed in battle with the now-dead dragon. From there the Elvenking went on to the Dwarven mountain expecting to find no one alive; instead Thorin surprised them and refused to negotiate with anyone because the Elvenking had imprisoned him.

The third incarnation of Thranduil was as a background character in The Lord of the Rings.

thranduil and legolas relationship tips

By the time Legolas returned home he had a song in his heart and a desire for the sea. This Thranduil was the adventurer from Lindon who founded a kingdom among the Silvan Elves of the east.

Here he became the son of a Sindarin adventurer, Oropher, who ventured east from Lindon early in the Second Age. This fourth version of Thranduil led his people further north to found the kingdom that Thorin eventually traveled through.

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He was a traveled elf who had seen horrors in war. He was wise and good but reluctant to play any further part in the great affairs of Middle-earth. My feeling is that his character owes a little something to each of these four kingly characters. The Thranduil we see in the movies is more complex than the Elvenking of The Hobbit.

I think there is good reason to make him complicated, because the character in the book plays such a small role in the story he would seem little more than a contrivance on the screen; something akin to, say, a street vendor rather than a great king.

That is very similar to how the story unfolds in the book. However, Legolas had departed before Thranduil's meeting with Tauriel and probably never heard of it until later.

thranduil and legolas relationship tips

What we do know is that he does return to Mirkwood as his father sends him to the Council of Elrond during the events of Fellowship of the Ring. Although Tauriel isn't canon to Tolkien's work, it is possible that within Peter Jackson's films, Legolas's return to Mirkwood could possibly have been associated with Tauriel returning to Thranduil's realm after the events of The Hobbit.

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Within the actual film, Battle of the Five Armies, we are given a scene where Legolas tells his father's messenger that if Tauriel is banished, he will not return. You may tell my father that if there is no place for Tauriel, there is no place for me.

So when Legolas informs his father he will not be returning to Mirkwood at the end of the film, I do believe that it is in co-relation to his previous statement.

I cannot go back. So, his main reason for leaving within the film is not so much on Tauriel not returning his feelings, but rather of her banishment from their home.

He does not forgive Thranduil for this action and thus, reacts this way, leading to the second reason for his departure. His strained relationship with Thranduil Legolas doesn't exactly have a close relationship with his father and this goes into the demise of his mother.

Thranduil has closed himself off from the world and also from his own son, more focused on retrieving his late wife's jewelry: The White Gems of Lasgalen. This is the primary reason why Thranduil marches off to war against the dwarves in The Hobbit though this was mostly cut from the final version of the film.

thranduil and legolas relationship tips

It is directly implied that Legolas's mother died defending him and complicates matters entirely when it comes to Thranduil and Legolas's relationship. My mother died there. My father does not speak of it. There is no grave, no memory. More than anyone, more than life. While there are scenes throughout the final cut that imply how the death of Mrs. Thranduil affected both father and son, a cut scene firmly establishes the flaw of Thranduil's original motives in BOTFA.

Those gems weren't all your wife left you, my friend. She left you a son. Tell me, which would she have you value more?

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It also shows that the death of the late Queen of Mirkwood ultimately was what caused the two to become distant with each other. The Battle of the Five Armies only shows the beginnings of a reconciliation between father and son, not the full resolution. But from where they leave each other in the film, I can easily believe that by the time the events of Fellowship of the Ring occur, the two have a much better relationship than in The Desolation of Smaug.

Moreover, the scene between Legolas and Thranduil at the end was meant to invoke Thranduil seeing greatness within Legolas by using Aragon and his own father, Arathorn as a parallel: His father, Arathorn was a good man. His son might grow to be a great one.

How Is Thranduil Different from the Book?

I can understand how much confusion one might feel when Thranduil sends his son to find "a ranger" when in reality, Aragon is only ten years old at the time of The Hobbit and not the older character we meet in the LOTR trilogy. On a side note,The Hobbit films follows a shorter and more condensed timeline which actually makes Aragon older than in the books. However, by Thranduil sending Legolas to find Aragon, Peter Jackson explains how the elf knew of Aragon's identity during the Council of Elrond when he defends him in front of Boromir: