Tidus and yuna relationship quotes

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tidus and yuna relationship quotes

quotes - Additionally, Great-Quotes has more than million other Rikku: [ Rikku and Paine exit the ship; Rikku watches Yuna and Tidus and giggles]. or. [Spoiler](/s "write spoiler-text inside quotes") = Spoiler .. I'd personally vote for Tidus and Yuna if only because Cloud/Aerith is left so Bringing X-2 into the equation, their relationship pretty much does start again. Auron and Seymour prove that dying is only Funny · Headscratchers · Heartwarming · Laconic · NightmareFuel · Quotes · TearJerker Finally, Maechen near the end of his existence revealed to Yuna that despite being a fountain of In relation, if you use the Blitzball Characters then the Original Auroch's Team, the.

Only Blitz Ace which is unlocked by using his Overdrives again and again, to show he's been training shows his swordsmanship. So while he doesn't start as a good swordsman, he definitely has become one by the end.

At first I figured it was Sin's wake as it emerged from the ocean for that matter, what's up with Sin's sphere of water in the opening scene? It does kinda make sense for a flying ocean creature, but Sin never uses it againbut it's also there during Tidus's experience with the Fayth, and it's there in the official artwork too, suggesting it's a permanent structure.

You mean that waterfall like structure? It's just a part of Zanarkands architecture, probably magical in nature.

tidus and yuna relationship quotes

If you're going to resort to A Wizard Did Itdon't act so self-righteous about. Also, Dream Zanarkand doesn't have magic, hence Tidus freaking out and the other characters giving him a Justified Tutorial to explain it. So unless they're all being programmed to not notice the big water bridge which would raise the question of why it's there at allthere must be some other reason for it in their minds. I can come up with an explanation myself, such as it's a technological sculpture using the same kind of energy field that created the blitzball water sphere, but I thought it'd make a fun discussion.

You, on the other hand, seem to assume that anyone who asks questions is too stupid to think up their own answers.

This troper thinks you're being oversensitive. No one is calling or implying that someone is stupid for not assuming that its magical. But however, given that the city's very nature is magical, its not something that's impossible to assume. I don't mean a magician is literally conjuring it up.

But perhaps its just magical architecture of some kind. Besides, who said that Dream Zanarkand didn't have Magic? I don't remember Tidus freaking out when he saw it. Maybe a 'whoa that's cool' but not a 'whoa what is that I've never seen it before. Tidus definitely freaks out about, saying he's never seen anything like that, and the others are likewise confused that he's never seen magic before.

It's kinda odd, since it never comes up after the tutorial on how to use magic, but if I had to guess the answer, I'd say magic runs the risk of destabilizing Dream Zanarkand just as Sin's presence seemed to be warping the buildings when it flew into the cityso its inhabitants are "programmed" not to know about it. It's just a background decoration, probably meant to imply that Zanarkand is such an advanced civilization look at their Magitek blitzball stadium, far more hi-tech than Luca's that they can afford to show off their control of the elements with such awe-striking monuments.

Given that the sequel] establishes that Zanarkand ''was'' the magic city it's likely that it's a remnant of original Zanarkand that remained because it was a huge landmark possibly ''the'' aspect of the skyline the city was known for, even if over the next millenium magic was retconned out of the illusion.

What did people do in Spira before Sending was invented? How did life ever develop on Spira? Unless someone dies at peace something so rare it's almost unheard of, if Yuna's reaction to seeing Tidus's mom in the Farplane is any indication or they get sent, then they turn into a Fiend or an Unsent, and the huge majority of them turn into Fiends.

So while people were still figuring out the whole Sending thing, what kept the world from being totally overrun with Fiends? Even during Final Fantasy X, there are schools of aquatic, voraciously predatory Fiends that would probably wreak havoc on the ocean's ecosystem, and every land environment has Fiends roaming all over the place.

I'd ask why we don't see more native animals, but there seems to be a reasonable explanation So what happened for those first few millions years while humanity was still banging on rocks and nobody knew what a Sending was? If Spira's overrun with fiends now, with summoners all over the place, what in the world was it like when nobody was getting sent and almost every single person who died turned into a Fiend? How is Spira not a Fiend-ruled wasteland by the time the present day rolls around?

I can come up with one explanation while thinking about it: But that goes against the rest of the story, which seems bent on debunking its own mythology: The only other explanation I can think of is that maybe the Fiends only arose as a result of using magic. Life developed normally in Spira until people began to use magic, and the pyreflies giving rise to Fiends and Unsents heck, maybe the whole existence of the pyreflies themselves was just a side effect, sort of a magical pollution that's built up in Spira.

That way, by the time the Fiends started appearing, people already knew enough about magic to create the Sending. The simplest explanation is that people only turn into fiends if they died in a manner that incited unacceptance, rage, or resentment, or in a manner that they cannot accept. Some old dude dying in his sleep wouldn't turn into a Fiend. When Sin came about, there were a lot of people dying horrible, violent deaths, therefore turning into fiends.

Not everyone who dies turns into one, especially given that the game gives us a very good example; Tidus' mother. I have to wonder how some of my fellow tropers are thinking up these theories.

Because your "fellow tropers" are aware that death, pretty much by definition, incites "unacceptance, rage, or resentment", and that very few people are actually happy to die when their time comes. Yuna even made a big deal about that, which your fellow tropers were apparently paying attention to. What's more, even if we assume that you have to die a violent death to become a Fiend, that means every crime victim, everyone killed by a wild animal, everyone who suffers a fatal accident, everyone who dies in any way that's grueling and painful becomes a fiend and then violently kills more people, creating more fiends.

So how about just giving your personal Wild Mass Guess without the snide little insults towards your "fellow tropers"? I think my fellow tropers are being oversensitive. While any theory is as good as the next in this discussion besides the created by gods theory which the Ultimania seems to disproveI suppose if I had to guess, it's just a stupid idea that the plot never really ties up. That's not a bad answer: Once Sin was defeated, the world might be gradually turning back to normal, where the fiends are as rare as Tidus described them being in Dream Zanarkand which might be how rare they really were in the old days, before Sin threw the world into a never-ending apocalypse.

Who says Spira isn't a fiend-ruled wasteland? Aside from the chocobos, shoopufs and the occasional dog or cat, how often do you see any "normal" animals?

tidus and yuna relationship quotes

Meanwhile, the endless fiends you fight are numerous and varied and often take on relatively unassuming forms like wolves or birds, or even bees which play an absolutely vital environmental role through pollination. This troper's WMG is that after years of Sin, Spira has actually evolved quite a lush and thriving necrosystem. That sounds about right. Fiends seem to have grown into their own ecological niche in Spira, along with "non-Fiend" animals, and both this game and its sequel show that they can even be tamed and kept as guardians or pets.

Additionally, a person or another animal getting killed by a Fiend is not much different from one getting killed by natural causes, a regular animal, or another person, so the origin, and presence of Fiends at all doesn't pose much of an issue for the growth of life as a whole whether it poses issues for the afterlife is another matter.

The Farplane is probably pretty vacant, all things considered. Rikku mentions that the Al-Bhed perform their own sendings by dancing togther, and get the power to do so from eachother. Even in reality, many cultures perform dances and rituals Even in ancient times to send off their loved ones.

It's not farfetched to say Sending has always existed, the method to do so just changed throughtout time and culture.

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I think the answer is pretty simple. People developed bad ass warrior monks like Auron and black mages like Lulu. Fiends are strong but so are humans.

tidus and yuna relationship quotes

Add to the fact that Tidus suggest fiends are rarer in the past and human civilization establishing itself isn't strange at all. The fiend problem isn't as big in the present as it was in the past. As Lulu says on Mt Gagazet, fiends kill people and create more fiends. The more there are the more the more people die and the more are made. Sin killing a crap tonne of people doesn't help too. But without those two factors the problem is pretty manageable. Less than one fiend for every dead person I think there's a reference to multiple people making up a single fiend, and even if I'm miss remembering that not everybody makes a fiend and you just need some warriors killing them every now and then.

The sequel confirms that Summoners were around before Sin was created. So Sending has presumably been a tradition for more than a thousand years. Perhaps the Fayth themselves teach the Summoner how to do it? A small question, but what happens to the Fayth of the Final Aeon? Yunalesca uses a summoner's guardian to create the Final Aeon, which then turns into Sin after Yu Yevon possesses it.

But does the process create a Fayth and, if so, what happens to it? Jecht, on the other hand, seemed to have actually become the Aeon. Usually, childhood romances are taken less seriously than adult relationships. If one can look past the design, what lies beneath is actually a compelling RPG. When Rinoa is first introduced, he treats her much the same. However, the two eventually learn more and grow fond of one another.

This developing relationship is at the center of the game's story and is what really makes it so memorable to those who played it. Of course, the game play is no slouch either, but the whole experience would not stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship. Additionally, no one can ever forget "Eyes On Me". Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot.

While not romantically entangled, the two have forever been close childhood friends. It is not upsetting that they never take their relationship further, as woman and men can be just friends without any tension, but nothing happens in the game that truly tests the strength of their bond. While he is initially weaker in the latter form, it is an important step in the game's story. His relationship to Rosa makes him even more interesting.

Their love for each other is never in question, but it does cause tension between Cecil and his friend Kain, who also loves Rosa. His jealousy is a source of pain for Kain, who must learn to overcome his negative emotions. Yuna And Seymour Final Fantasy X When a loveless marriage is initiated for purely political reasons, it becomes too hard to bear. The brief matrimony between Yuna and Seymour is one of these relationships.

The Summoner agrees to marry the half Guado and half Human because she believes it will help bring unification to the world of Spira. As one can tell by Seymour's sinister voice and demeanor, he has shadier plans at work. Seymour wishes to use Yuna to become Sin and destroy the world.

Thankfully, Yuna's guardians arrive just in time to save their friend and continue their journey to defeat Sin and save their planet. Player's everywhere were relieved when she was reunited with her true love, Tidus. You must have felt him when you came into contact with Sin. I don't believe you! You'll see for yourself. And if I say no? Every story must have an ending. Sorry you feel that way. Come or don't come.

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You tell me it's my decision! But I don't have a choice, do I?! You're the only one who can tell me what's going on here, anyways! I have to go with you! Or are you afraid? They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple.

I'm Al Bhed, and that Why didn't you tell me? We knew you'd be upset. I can't believe I've been traveling with an Al Bhed! We have nothing against Yevon!

But you Al Bhed use the forbidden machina! You know what that means? Sin was born because people used machina! It's in Yevon's teachings! That's not good enough! Yevon says this, Yevon says that! Can't you think for yourself?! Well then, you tell me! Where did Sin come from, huh? You bad-mouth Yevon and that's all you can come up with? Nothing will ever change that way!

Nothing has to change! You want Sin to keep coming back? There might be a way to stop it, you know! Sin will be gone once we atone for our past mistakes! Sir Auron isn't Al Bhed, too, is he?! I mean, getting angry just because you find out Rikku's an Al Bhed Well, I don't claim to know much about Spira.

Yuna rushes to the dead body and closes his eyes. Tromell and two Guado escorts suddenly enter.

tidus and yuna relationship quotes

What have I done? It's not our fault at all! Seymour struck first; he's the bad guy! Stay away from him, traitors! Now, hold on just a minute! Seymour's the bad guy, right? We'll just explain to everyone what happened! It won't be that easy. Let's get out of here. The Al Bhed said summoners were being "sacrified.

Why couldn't they trust Guardians to protect the summoners? The Al Bhed had no right stopping their pilgrimage! The Pilgrimages have to stop! They might defeat Sin Yunie will die, you know?! You know, don't you?

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Summoners travel to get the Final Aeon. Was I the only one Why were you hiding it?! Why didn't I know?! We weren't hiding it. I thought you were family! Don't you think we tried to stop her?! Yuna, she knew what she was doing But, Wakka, that's just totally wrong!

Summoners shouldn't have to sacrifice themselves We all live in fear of Sin, you know that. A world without Sin A world without Sin. That is the dream of all Yevon's children, and we will use that power even if it means our lives! Don't get so down. Like happy festival fireworks, ya? As dead as Jyscal was. His attachment to this world kept him from the next. Now is the time to choose!

Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!

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I can't believe we're gonna fight Lady Yunalesca! You can always run. I'd never forgive myself-no way! Not if I ran away now.