Transport and tourism relationship quotes

SAGE Reference - Transportation and Tourism: A Symbiotic Relationship?

transport and tourism relationship quotes

In this respect it has a symbiotic relationship with tourism: one cannot occur . This is reflected in T.S. Eliot's famous quotation “the journey, not the arrival. When you are looking at travel and tourism you are looking at the economic relationship within countries or regions where people will visit and boost the. Contemporary Tourism Review. C. Cooper. Oxford, Goodfellow Publishers. Critical aspects of the tourism-transport relationship Gui Lohmann 1 and David.

The travel and tourism industry provides various job roles: Important features of the travel and tourism industry: Travel and tourism is the largest earner of foreign exchange world-wide and employs millions of people directly or indirectly through associated service industries This industry includes everything from the government tourism departments and major multinational companies to the small scale private travel agents While working in this industry, one provides services to people who are traveling for business or holiday or both, thus catering to tour packages, pilgrim travel, adventure travel or casual sightseeing At almost every point of work in this field, employees need to interact personally with the customers and understand their needs while making them comfortable, so as to be able to provide the best service in terms of travel options and arrangements Perks and payment: Salary is pretty good in the travel and tourism industry.

Moreover, you get added perks such as free travel or reduced rates for you and your family. Salaries are higher in foreign based airlines or travel agencies. Peak seasons might bring added bonuses and commission. Courses in travel and tourism: Experience is the most important factor in this field.

However, there are many colleges, universities and private institutes that offer Bachelor's or Master's degrees, diplomas, certificates or distance learning courses in various sectors of travel and tourism such as management in tourism, travel or hotels, tour operation or airline management, destination management, airline ticketing, travel administration etc.

You can join an undergraduate course right after completing class 12 The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. It is ft long and has an interior space of sq m.

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It has four levels, an exercise room, a kitchen, dining area, and lounge. It can handle 40 guests at one time for day trips and 16 guests for the night. It can dive up to a depth of ft and has an onboard docking station for an 8-person mini-submarine that can dive up to a depth of ft. Two diesel engines provide power to it on the surface and 40 tones of V batteries propel it underwater. It carries enough oxygen to keep it under water for 3 weeks.

Suitable only for billionaires. OnSpace Shuttle Columbia crashed during its twenty-eighth mission in space. These astronauts had completed 80 experiments before evaporating into thin air over Fort Worth Texas. Socio-Economic Implications of Transport Developments: Developments in the transport sector improved social as well as economic conditions of the people. Developed transport networks have led to mass movements from rural areas to urban areas.

This migration pattern had become more prominent during the eighties and nineties of the last century travel to far off places with ease. They mingle with people of different regions and tribes. These interactions have developed a national split that binds the nation as a unique cultural entity despite the differences in individual cultures and value systems.

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Cultural programmes and festivals also involve people of different races. Even foreigners take pride in witnessing the cultural performances of India.

This was made possible because of the provision of facilities related to travel and transport. Indian and foreign tourists visit Goa and attend the famous Goa Carnival during December each year. The parade on December 25 brings several thousand people on the streets of Goa. Transport networks have increased interest of tourists domestic and foreign in various cultural festivals and competitions.

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They either witness such competitions or are proud to participate in the same. Many festivals and cultural programmes have becomes so famous that these have acquired international recognition. This was made possible because of the developments in transport networks.

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People were able to visit the sites of these festivals and fairs and publicise them through word-of- mouth campaigns. The famous Sun Temple of Konark is the venue of dance festival in December every year.

transport and tourism relationship quotes

Dandiya of Gujarat is attended by millions; so is Ganesh Puja in Maharashtra. Indian Airlines is organising flights to Leh, which is the roof of the world.

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Many other examples can be quoted in this context. Environmental Implications of Transport Developments: Besides all other beneficial gifts of transport development, there are some hazzardous implications also.

These are in the field of environment. Pollution raised because of the fuels used in transports is a serious problem on the environmental front, our position is slightly week.

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Some of the implications are as follows: Diesel fuel is used to propel coaches and ordinary buses. Diesel contains sulphur, which, upon combustion, delivers sulphur dioxide. In Delhi, the local transport system is based on CNG as a fuel.

But other cities continue to use diesel and petrol as fuels for their vehicles.

transport and tourism relationship quotes

Pollution creates problems in all parts of the country. Global warming, ecological imbalances and decay of fauna and flora are directly related to movements of human beings.

Growing urbanisation leads to creation of new road and rail networks. Jungles are cut and crop fields are trimmed as a result. Wild life suffers and so does the ecology. The present area of India under forest is only 19 per cent of the total area; it should be 33 per cent of the total area. The government has created biosphere reserves and also, defined norms for wild life parks.

However, other areas are polluted by humans and vehicles alike.

transport and tourism relationship quotes

Tours and leisure activities of travellers add to the burden of local resources, which include water, air, food, fuel etc. But economic compulsions force the transporters to carry on their businesses. But domestic tourism activities contribute a lot towards pollution.

transport and tourism relationship quotes

All the railway routes have not been electrified. Diesel engines create a lot of pollution. These issues ought to be addressed by the Ministry of Railways.

A lot of time is needed to electrify even the major railway routes. Aircraft use aviation fuel, which has a high calorific value. It is also a contributor to the process of global warming. Private airlines have jumped on to the bandwagon of domestic transport.