Yang and burke relationship problems

Cristina and Burke - Grey's Anatomy

yang and burke relationship problems

Grey's Anatomy's Cristina Yang will forever be our role model. Even in the first few episodes, when Yang discovered Meredith and Derek's relationship (and McDreamy In Season 1, Yang got pregnant by Burke and decided to terminate the But she always gave pretty wise, if hard to hear, advice to her. Christina Yang and Preston Burke? Okay, this relationship doesn't survive the pilot episode, but per the rules, Hockey Player boyfriend must. In , a rare event occurred on American television: Cristina Yang, one of the main The issue of abortion is thus extremely sensitive as it is not simply a . that she is pregnant with the child of her "sort of" ex-boyfriend Preston Burke: she .

She is by far the most gifted and promising surgeon in the hospital. She is driven, determined and intelligent.

Such exceptional character traits are also linked to less formidable ones: Cristina often comes across as cold, aggressive and tactless. Although the show is a medical drama, it manages to avoid showing a woman going through with her decision to end a pregnancy until season 8.

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Most characters are superstitious to a certain extent as they have specific rituals before entering an operating room or favorite objects they need to have with them while operating, but they rarely talk about going to church or seem to have a lot of religious faith. Adultery is a recurring theme. The first season revolves around the growing love story of Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey but in the season finale, Meredith discovers that Derek is, in fact, married.

Season 2 is centered around a love triangle as Derek Shepherd tries to decide whether he wants to give his relationship with Meredith a chance or try to rebuild his relationship with his estranged wife who cheated on him with his best friend. Knightanother intern, married to Callie, cheats on his wife with one of his friends in season four.

Little by little, homosexuality also became a major theme of the show.

yang and burke relationship problems

To a strongly religious person, such flexibility and laissez-faire in moral matters is no more than secular humanism and would be, in fact, just plain unacceptable. In fact, the two main occurrences of abortion before season 8 fit the general patterns of avoidance common to most American TV programs.

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Izzie finds out that her patient is in fact HIV positive and wants the abortion to take place because she does not want to give birth to an HIV positive child. Upon hearing this great piece of news, the patient sheds tears of relief and decides to keep her baby. Cristina finds out that she is pregnant with the child of her "sort of" ex-boyfriend Preston Burke: When she talks to Meredith about it, she argues that she is much too young and too talented a surgeon to have a child.

But just as the abortion seems like a done deal, Cristina loses consciousness while she is operating on a patient. It turns out that she was having an extra uterine pregnancy miscarriage. Therefore, even though she had taken all the necessary steps to go through with the procedure, her pregnancy was terminated by some kind of twist of fate and not by the decision she made 9.

At no point does she seem to second guess herself and, although she clearly wishes this had not happened to her, she does not seem to consider the abortion procedure she is about to undergo as anything more than a formality.

“You Killed Our Baby!”: Cristina Yang and the Breaking of the Abortion Taboo in Grey’s Anatomy

This time, however, she does get an abortion. Based on some reactions of viewers on the internet, it is quite clear that a number of people were not expecting this outcome This shocking decision is pictured both in an unashamed and a vigilant way in the show. Even though she has meaningful relationships with people like Meredith Grey, she clearly has problems with intimacy.

At the end of season 3, she is left at the altar by Preston Burke, who has become aware that even though she loves him, she does not want to get married. Concerning maternal instinct per se, viewers could infer that Cristina probably would experience issues with motherhood since her relationship with her own mother is deeply flawed. Do you know who called? After the call she explains that she gave up her apartment and they stop arguing about it.

Question 14 True or False: She says to him that she is in it for the long hall. And she tells Preston that he 'wins'. Cristina explains to Preston that it is a beautiful ring. She also tells him that she doesn't do rings, and that she is a surgeon.

She places the ring on the table. Nonetheless, Burke asks her if she accepts his marriage proposal, and she says yes!

yang and burke relationship problems

They embrace one another with more love than before! Question 15 Who calls off the Burke and Yang wedding? Cristina Preston Owen Cristina and Preston plan a gorgeous wedding day that any couple would kill for! Most ladies loses weight for the wedding day, Cristina lost her eyebrows instead She takes a while to get to the front door so that she can walk down the isle. Burke eventually heads out of the church and finds her. He basically explains to her that he loves her, so he will let her go.


Because after all of that, and 'them' she lost pieces of who she was. Question 16 True or False: While in Zurich, Burke brings Yang coffee? True False Burke brings Cristina over to show her the new surgery he has come up with. He also wants her to take over his hospital for him.

It's been about seven years since they last saw each other, and he walked out on their wedding. Yang explains to Burke that she doesn't want to work for him.

She wants to be him. She doesn't want his job. He explains he doesn't want to work for him either. He wants her to take over the hospital. Question 17 True or False: Burke gets shot False True Burke gets injured and has to be rushed in to surgery.

Before the surgery though he asks Cristina to please check on Denny. After surgery Cristina pops in to Burke's ward to check in on him.

He tells her that he wont bare a grudge if she choses to leave him. Due to his injury he seems to head down his own dark and twisty road Cristina sticks with him through it all and even helps him through surgeries while he figures things out. Question 18 Who was Yang's first pregnancy with?

She just doesn't know how to relax and take a break. Even while in her hospital gown, and booked off on strict bed rest she manages to run around the hospital trying to treat patients.

The Nazi however bursts her bubble and orders her back to her room before she does rounds. The other interns all laugh at Yang as she heads back to her room Alex even comments on her pretty pink panties Question 19 What organ is Preston Burke looking at? The lung The heart The liver If you love Grey's Anatomy you have to love the medicine that comes with it too! You can learn tons about the human body and just how much pain or abuse it can take before reaching breaking point.

yang and burke relationship problems

We get to see various forms of the body and it's organs. From spinal tumours being drawn on bedroom walls, to lungs in carried around in see through boxes and organs being displayed in 3D holograms too! These are just some of the human anatomy we see during or Grey's adventure.

Question 20 What does Cristina do to make Bailey mad at Burke? Erases her name from the board Tell her about his tremor Brags about Burke liking her better than Bailey Gives her a bad review Burke gets shot and has a hard time accepting his injuries. He deals with his emotions by being somewhat aggressive and taking his emotions out on Yang. Nonetheless she supports him and does her utmost to take the strain off Burke where possible. However, not all of the hospital knows what is going on with him and it rubs some of the staff members the wrong way, including Bailey.

Eventually, she confronts him about his behavior, which leads to even more drama. Question 21 Does Cristina have a mental breakdown? No What's a mental breakdown? Let's face it, being a doctor in this hospital means you need to have balls of steel. From bombs, to crazy gunman, ferries crashing and even planes crashing. Being surrounded by constant trauma with the adrenalin rush and even death. This environment can be exhausting. So you could expect that any sane person would eventually need some TLC to get through the day.

Isaiah played him as someone who intensely loves his job. He brought a sense of honor to what Burke does. And with Isaiah, suddenly there was a sexiness to the role, an intelligence and a wit. However, due to his commitment to a film whose shooting dates changed, the actor had to drop out at the last moment and his character was rethought. Her writing just seemed very complex, very honest. He has pulled shifts at hospitals where he follows the surgeons around for 48 hours".

In the show's third season, Washington became a central figure in a widely reported backstage controversy. In Octobernews reports surfaced that Washington had insulted co-star T.

Knight with a homophobic slur. Shortly after the details of the argument became public, Knight publicly disclosed that he was gay. The situation seemed somewhat resolved when Washington issued a statement, apologizing for his "unfortunate use of words during the recent incident on-set.

While being interviewed on the red carpet prior to the awards, Washington joked, "I love gay. I wanted to be gay. Please let me be gay. On January 30,a source told People magazine that Washington was scheduled to return to the Grey's Anatomy set as early on that Thursday for the first time since entering "executive counseling" after making the comments at the Golden Globes.

However, on June 7,ABC announced it had decided not to renew Washington's contract, and that he would be dropped from the show.

In another report, Washington stated he was planning to "spend the summer pursuing charity work in Sierra Leonework on an independent film and avoid worrying about the show. He accused Knight of using the controversy to bolster his own career and increase his salary on Grey's Anatomy.