Yoh and anna relationship poems

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yoh and anna relationship poems

Kyōyama Anna (恐山アンナ Anna Kyōyama), Asakura Anna (麻倉アンナ) after marriage with Yoh, is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of. *Updated* Anna was unconscious after Yoh's battle with Hao, and Yoh knows of Their relationship had been in a state that they could undersand each other He suddenly remembered the poem Matamune wrote for him. ^_^ What's your opinion of the Yoh/Anna relationship? My Opinion? I love the relationship, because, even Anna can act cruel to Yoh; you know the love is there .

Yoh/Anna: orangeboy_yoh

His goal in the Shaman Fight is to save Koropokurua tiny spirit people, by creating a vast field of butterbur. Good-natured and cheerful, Horohoro forces himself to appear as a hot-headed and loudmouthed. He is highly secretive of his past, not even willing to tell his friends about it because of his feelings toward Tamiko Kurobe and her death.

He is heavily burdened with the creed that his father taught him - that "the strong feed on the weak" - but finds resolve in his own tenacity and understanding that that same creed does not mean he should give up. In battle, Horohoro is very competitive, even going so far as to turn Ryu's arms to ice and shatter them during the fight between The Len and Funbari Onsen and worrying about his position on Ren's position. Though he argues frequently with Len, he is nevertheless dedicated to his friends and expresses his serious side only in the most dangerous situations when he can no longer afford to restrain himself with his hotheadedness.

Horohoro's guardian ghost is Kororo "Corey" in the English animea Koropokuru spirit who allows him to generate ice and form an Oversoul with Horohoro's snowboard and an Ikupasi talisman that Pirika makes for him. While he admits that he is not particularly intelligent or good with numbers, he has a strong understanding of the flow of nature, allowing him to excel at the FumonTonkou the "Shamanic Oracle" technique, and is highly resourceful even with a low amount of furyoku, as seen when he utilizes Kororo and the Icemen's three spirits in battle.

He has a strong relationship with Kororo, particularly after learning her original identity was that of his friend Damuko. He is regarded as the third strongest member of the Five Elemental Warriors. Following the final battle, Horohoro returns to Hokkaido where he works on a farm, which appears to include a butterbur field. While his entrepreneurial effort to market a blue candy-flavoured marimo ball is a commercial failure, he works hard at fighting against illegal logging companies.

Faustus's descendants, including Faust VIII, distanced themselves from their ancestor's legacy, turning to the profession of medicine and regarding Faustus as a taboo within the family. Following family tradition, Faust VIII studied medicine and fell deeply in love with a young woman named Eliza, who had an incurable disease.

Faust's perseverance eventually paid off and he found a cure for her illness, allowing them to marry and live happily together. Faust delighted in saving lives while Eliza faithfully worked as his assistant.

However, when Eliza was shot by a robber and died, Faust is driven insane and turns to his ancestor's forbidden legacy to resurrect her with necromancy.

Using Eliza's skeleton as a medium, he is able to conjure an image of her using his furyoku, though when he meets Yoh he is still unable to fully summon Eliza's spirit. His motivation to become Shaman King is in hopes of fully resurrecting Eliza and is utterly single-minded about achieving his goal.

Yoh is defeated by Faust in the Shaman Fight's second fight. Because he is self-taught, Anna recognizes that Faust is remarkably talented and forces Yoh to accept him as the third member of Team Funbari Onsen after she summons Eliza's ghost; her ulterior motive is apparently to have Faust eventually become the doctor for Funbari Onsen.

Reunited with his beloved Eliza, Faust becomes dedicated to Yoh and Anna out of sincere gratitude, utilizing his shamanic and medical skills to support Yoh and becomes powerful enough to resurrect the dead after training with the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. Despite appearing as the weakest member of Yoh's team, Faust is highly ingenious; in battle he replaces his missing legs with that of his pet dog, Frankenstiney, to regain his mobility and during the invasion of the Plants, he composes the "Funbari Poem" song to distract himself from the mind-warping effect of the officiants' Patch Song.

The embodiment of complete dedication, Faust's greatest strengths are his selflessness and pure-hearted spirit; like Yoh, he will not hesitate to save his enemies if he can. Beyond his emotional instability, particularly when Eliza is insulted or threatened, he is completely rational and will not tolerate interruptions while working.

At the conclusion of the series, Faust is killed during the invasion of the Plants while fighting the officiant Radim, but his spirit continues to accompany and support Yoh, who integrates with his spirit to utilize Faust's shamanic healing abilities. Though he is initially resurrected after the conclusion of the final battle, he collapses soon afterward from exhaustion. He elects not to be revived in order to remain with Eliza in the Great Spirit. To honour his memory, his "Funbari Poem" jingle is used as the theme song for the inn and the Funbari Onsen staff place his portrait in their family shrine.

Because Hao Asakura killed his parents when Lyserg was six years old, his primary motivation for joining the Shaman Fight is to avenge his parents and he passionately hates Hao, becoming angered at the mere mention of him. Though he is intelligent and kindhearted, he has poor judgment in situations involving children and their parents as a result of his own personal experience.

Lyserg's name is a reference to lysergic acid diethylamidewhile Morphine is also a drug reference, with both referring to Sherlock Holmes' drug addictions. Hoping to find strong allies, he challenges Yoh's group to test their strength and is defeated and rebuked by Yoh for how Lyserg treats others. Though Yoh disagrees with Lyserg's desire for revenge, he allows Lyserg to join his group in hopes that they will be able to temper Lyserg's hatred and keep him from killing others unnecessarily.

However, Lyserg quickly finds the X-Laws' single-minded ideology focusing on justice more appealing than Yoh's philosophies and joins them instead.

anna and yoh

He quickly becomes devoted to the group's leader, Iron Maiden Jeanneand is mentored by Marco, the group's de facto head. As the tournament progresses, Lyserg's attachment to his former friends gradually causes him to see that Yoh's way of seeing a situation is not entirely wrong and attempts to deter them from confronting the X-Laws.

When he is sent to Hell to train, he is guided by Joco's spirit Pascal Avaf and realizes how he has been too consumed by his own hatred to see things clearly. In the anime, he is one of the last surviving members of the X-Laws after their failed assault on Hao by attempting to open the Gate of Babylon. After Meene Montgomery returns Morphine to Lyserg, she forces him to leave the group and rejoin Yoh and his friends. As a shaman, Lyserg specializes in dowsingwhich allows him to use his powers to locate people or objects.

His primary medium is a crystal pendulum, which he uses to form an Oversoul with Morphine, a poppy spirit who serves as Lyserg's spirit ally. In combat, Lyserg utilizes his Oversoul like a rope dart and is known for his considerable agility. As a member of the X-Laws, he is granted an angel spirit, Zeruel, contained within a derringer as a medium. While he abandons Morphine for Zeruel in the anime, he and Morphine are inseparable in the manga.

As one of the Five Elemental Warriors notably as the smartesthe receives the Spirit of Fire when Hao discards it upon being recognized uncontested as the Shaman King. Several years after the Shaman Fight, Lyserg returned to England and graduated from Oxford University to become a police officer. Because of his shamanic abilities and combat skills learned from his time as a member of Yoh's group and as an X-Law, he garnered a high arrest rate and was eventually promoted to British Secret Intelligence Agency.

He aspires to become a comedian, though his jokes are regarded as corny because they are mostly bad puns that make little sense to his companions. His goal is to become Shaman King in order to save the world through laughter, a philosophy he adopted from his mentor Orona. Originally trained by Orona, an elderly shaman from the Amazon, Joco greatly respected him for his ability to use laughter to save others. In the anime, Joco admired Orona's ability to stop a robber using laughter alone. Their first meeting in the manga is considerably darker; Joco had previously lived the violent life of a gangster after his own parents were murdered and met Orona after Joco had shot and killed a man revealed to be Professor Munzer, the father of Rebseb and Seyram on Christmas Day, the same day his parents were murdered.

Orona defeats Joco using his shamanic powers and manages to make Joco laugh, which eventually forges a relationship between them after Joco reveals he can see Orona's spirit, Mic Jaguar. After meeting Yoh and his friends, he becomes the third member of Ren's team and possesses the most stable and reliable relationship with his spirits. When he is confronted by Redseb and Seyram Munzer, who seek to avenge their father, after the children's Golem has killed his old friends, Joco takes responsibility for taking the life of Dr.

Munzer and is killed by the Golem. He meets Orona in Hell and is forced to face his own guilt before being resurrected by Lady Sati; however, to atone for his sins, he asks to be left blind. Throughout the anime, he is often seen twitching. His corner lip is seen moving. Due to the amount of stress encountered by him over the years, and defense mechanism, he often is left with nerves doing this.

He is seen staring at Masura, and Ren's baby, Nala, in the front seat of a car doing this. Joco's medium to make his oversoul are metal claws that he always has with him named "Shaft" and his fingernails and eyes. He gains black markings all over his body that increase his speed and agility and makes his a similar resemblance to that of a Jaguar, hence the name "Black Jaguar".

yoh and anna relationship poems

In the anime, after training using the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Joco's oversoul evolved into a giant Mic with wings. In the manga, Joco winds up dying twice and entering Hell, which grants him the highest furyoku level amongst the Five Elemental Warriors.

During his first death, he obtains a new spirit ally, Pascal Avaf, and when he fuses Mic and Pascal Avaf into "Shaft", his Oversoul evolved into an armor oversoul, Jaguarman.

In this Oversoul Joco gains a new attack called "Jaguar Shaft". Years after the Shaman Fight, he takes responsibility for his life as a gang member and willingly goes to prison, where he is sentenced to sixteen years. Known as a model prisoner by the nickname "Mr. His lips remain unedited in the 4Kids version of the anime and the credits for the game Shaman King: The Patch Tribe[ edit ] They are in charge of overseeing the smooth progress of the Shaman Fight and are in charge of various shamans.

There are ten officials at a given time and they are not supposed to interfere with fights between shamans. However, some of the Patch become biased towards Hao and his followers, either for their own purposes or because they believe that his overwhelming power has already proven that he will inevitably become the next Shaman King. Fearful of his power yet feeling protected by his overwhelming strength, they do their best to lower the esteem of the other contestants in the Shaman Fight.

By day, the officiants sell Patch memorabilia and food items. Once the Shaman King has been revealed, the Patch become his protectors, guarding both the new King of Spirits and Great Spirit as they merge into one. Each priest controls a specific area known as a Plant, which embodies an area of nature mountains, valley, desert, water etc. An elderly Patch tribe leader who is the organizer of the Shaman Fight.

She is a God class shaman and remains completely neutral throughout the tournament. Her spirit is a totem bird named Big Chief, the first chief of the Patch Tribe, with its medium being Goldva herself.

She is commonly mistaken for male, due to her appearance and voice. In Tokyo, he often appears as a street vendor, trying to sell traditional Native American crafts while in Japan and spends the rest of his spare time watching soap operas. After Yoh learns to form an Oversoul based on Silva's hints, Yoh succeeds in landing a hit on Silva and qualifies for the Shaman Fight. Silva watches over Yoh afterward, finding Yoh to have great potential and good will and must frequently refrain from directly interfering to aid Yoh.

As an officiant, he is also responsible for Len, after Chrom's death, and Ryu. Silva has five familiars, who are luminous totems that have refined themselves for over years, and collectively known as the Silver Arms. Each possesses their own personality and they often converse with Silva during matches and are very analytical. Silver Horn is an American Bison spirit attached to Silva's right leg who can increase Silva's kicking power by blowing out a blast of steam like how a normal bison would do out of his nose while Silver Tail, a coyote spirit attached to Silva's left leg, enhances his running speed.

Silver Rod is a snake spirit wrapped around Silva's right arm that be used to either bind opponents or to pierce them like a rod, while on Silva's left arm is Silver Shield, a turtle spirit who reflects attacks with enough strength to destroy opponent's Oversouls. Lastly Silver Wing, an American bald spirit, can grant Silva a pair of wings and shoulder armor which not only allows him to fly but also the wings act like knives that can cut through even the oversouls of his opponents.

The five can combine to form a mechanical cannon used in the Totem Pole Cannon attack or the "Flesh and Blood" spear, which takes on the form of combined organic animal parts.

Though Silva is a capable officiant, he is often told that he is too emotional to be impartial. As the descendant of Hao's second incarnation, Silva also possesses a personal desire to stop Hao in his third incarnation, which results in his attempt to discreetly aid Yoh as much as possible. However, when he attempts to steal the Patch's remaining Elemental Spirits, he is imprisoned and brainwashed into solely following the Patch Officiant's role in eventually protecting the future Shaman King.

During the invasion of the Plants, he protects the glacier. In the sequel Shaman King: Flowers, Silva has a daughter named Alumi Niumbirch.

One of Silva's best friends and organizers of the Shaman Fight, Kalim tested and deemed Horohoro to be qualified to take part in the Shaman Fight; he is also responsible for Team Icemen.

yoh and anna relationship poems

His birthday is April 24, His spirit partner is a bull named BlackSickle, with his medium being a bull skull and spine bones allowing BlackSickle to merge with the lower half of his body.

He mainly uses charging attacks like how real bulls attack, either striking with a frontal attack or to crush them with powerful stomps. His plant is the plateau that he likes to farm on; there are even real cows and a farm house. He shares an apartment with Silva during the tournament in Tokyo, where the two constantly bicker over the heat because they cannot afford an air conditioner and the summer is so warm and humid.

Like Silva, Kalim sells handcrafted Patch goods to make somewhat of a living while in Tokyo. Kalim frequently provides a voice of reason to somewhat quell Silva's desire to interfere in the Shaman Tournament. Because of his natural sense of caution, he does not suffer the same brainwashing as Silva and is able to remain one of Yoh and Horohoro's supporters, while quietly maintaining doubt towards the other officials siding with Hao.

Kalim is apparently hemaphobic. The 10th priest of the Patch tribe, Nichrom became the 10th priest after his brother, Chrom, the previous 10th priest, was killed by Tao Len. In order to avenge his brother, he indirectly sides with Hao in order to let Hao's followers kill Len as he oversees the ambush on Ren's team.

His Plant is the 7th Plant of the Cave, which was previously his brother's Plant and where Nichrom retains Chrom's spirit ally, a locust called Purple Kick, close by. Nichrom's own spirit is a scorpion, Yellow Whip, whose is medium a scorpion's tail and forms an Oversoul of a scorpion with no legs fused into Nichrom's right arm.

yoh and anna relationship poems

The stinger's length can change to attack opponents from a distance, though Yellow Whip's primary tactic is to use its scorpion pincers to immobilize opponents while its stinger strikes with "Dreaming Needle", which delivers a deadly poison that won't disappear unless the one who created the oversoul dies. Purple Kick, who takes the form of a pair of insect designed armored leggings, is said to be the fastest of all ten officiant spirit allies and can allow the user to move at speeds that even powerful experienced opponents can barely keep track of.

It attacks with a powerful leg technique called "Dancing Insect". An official of the Patch who takes Nichrome under his wing when the young boy becomes an official. He is the official responsible for Hao and the members of Team "Hana-Gumi". He openly supports Hao, and like other officials who do so, takes pleasure in intimidating some of the remaining contestants in the tournament.

yoh and anna relationship poems

His spirit is a great horned owl named Magnescope, with his medium being placed on his arms and legs to generate owl wings and owl claws. His plant is the volcano. When the invaders reach his plant, he faces off against Tao Len and tried to use the volcanic gasses to attack unseen like and owl. He is eventually killed by a gigantic lightning strike created by Ren. The official who is selected to the moderator of the tournament; because of the intensity of the fights, he constantly wears sunglasses capable of resisting extremely bright glares to maintain his sight.

Unlike most of the other officials, he tries his best to remain neutral, but at times has openly agreed that he doesn't approve of Hao Asakura's shaman only kingdom going so far as to get Hao's furyoku rating during the fight with X-III.

As a protector of the Shaman King, Radim's plant is the lake; while he does not care about who becomes Shaman King, he is nevertheless a proud member of the Patch. His spirit is an Australian pelican named Platinum Sword, with his medium being his microphone. His oversoul looks like a laser blade with which he apparently puts all his mana into, allowing him to crush almost any opponent's oversoul with one strike.

The blade can split in two, acting like a pair of scissors representing how a pelican opens his beak. Though he tends to be outrageous with his commentary during the Shaman Fights, his martial arts skills and powerful Oversoul are the reasons why he was chosen to be the tournament's moderator, given the danger associated from being in close proximity to the participants.

The official in charge of the three Gandhara teams, first appearing when Yoh's friends attempt to stop Hao's followers from killing Lady Sati. He apparently had some sort of discontent or rivalry with Ryu, though he also seems to respect him. He openly supports Hao, intimidating some of the remaining contestants in the tournament. Namari is able to move with great speed following the cobra head, which has poisonous fangs that can instantly kill opponents, while the tail can also strike at enemies.

Red Rope also has a defensive "boa form" that wraps around Namari to soften the blows of his opponent. On their journey to get to the Star Sanctuary, Ryu fights with him first one-on-one in his area, the desert.

Asakura Anna

After killing Ryu, he is in turn killed by Len and Horo Horo. Before he dies, he smiles from knowing he'd won by having his boastful opponents use a part of their furyoku to defeat him. His name derives from the Japanese name for the element of lead. The Patch Official responsible of Lyserg Diethel, amongst others, throughout the Shaman Fight, and was sent to London to test him after the sighting of the Destiny Star.

When Silva tries to steal the remaining four Elemental Spirits and is captured, Goldva orders Renim and Bron to reeducate him in the ways of the Patch, something Kalim seems shocked to hear.

Eventually Hao is crowned the Shaman King by forfeit of the remaining three teams and his own two teammates. When the remaining teams invade the Plants and face off against Silva, Bron shows up alongside Renim and orders Silva to return to his Plant. Both he and Renim introduce themselves to the invaders and show off their oversouls, possibly to intimidate them.

Upon arriving at Bron's "Plant of the Valley," he easily defeats them all, until Lyserg Diethel calms his mind and burns him to death. His spirit is a spider called Bluenet and his mediums are wrist and ankle cuffs made out of spider hair, forming an spider Oversoul that appears fused to Bron's arm or extending over his entire body to resemble a giant spider with Bron's head.

His oversoul allowed him to attach near invisible spider threads throughout the cliffs of the valley, allowing him to create the illusion of flying while standing on the threads and detect the movements of opponents.

yoh and anna relationship poems

The spider threads can also be used to create nets and used to pierce into opponents' bodies. Together with Bron, Renim is responsible for reeducating those who stray from the way of the Patch. Goldva orders Renim and Bron to re-educate Silva after his failed attempt to steal the remaining four Elemental Spirits and was captured, which they do so by singing the Patch Song to him over and over again.

After Hao Asakura is crowned the Shaman King by forfeit of the remaining three teams and his own two teammates, Renim and Bron appear briefly to order Silva back to his Plant and reveal their Oversouls as they greet Yoh and the invaders. Renim's spirit is a chameleon named Clear Coat and his plant is the jungle. His oversoul specializes in stealth removing any of his scent sound and presences allowing him to hide perfectly even in plain sight.

A Patch member first seen working in the Patch Cafe, but little else is known about him. He is responsible for the Kabbahalers amongst other teams. It is possible that due to name association he is Kalim's brother. He is encountered at the eighth plant, the ocean. Though he easily defeats the majority of the invaders using his versatile spirit, Green Seeds, which has access to the different properties and abilities of every kind of plant on the planet, he is eventually overcome and defeated by Joco.

A Patch Priest who is only seen at the very end of the manga series, escorting Hao to the King's Shrine. The guardian of the Universe Plant who has enormous black eyes on a naked head, Rutherfor seems more like an alien rather than human. The official's true form is revealed when Yoh's group arrives at the Universe Plant and fights the official, who is revealed to be a girl. Her spirit is Gray Saucer, the spirit of an alien which visited the Patch Village more than a thousand years ago and contributed its technology to the tribe, such as the Oracle Bell.

The oversoul allows Rutherfor to manipulate the gravity in the plant of the universe for her attacks. The first and only official to die in the preliminary rounds of the Shaman Fight and a close friend of Silva, regarded as one of the Patch's finest dancers. He was killed when he tested Tao Len. Officially, Len passed with one hit but when Chrom commented that Len should train a little bit more, Len went insane and killed him.

Anna just glanced at him without muttering a word. This is something I must do…but… 'If he's not going to participate in the Shaman Tournament, then I don't have to either. If I'm going to be the Shaman King…will she leave me? Asakura Yoh wasn trying hard to suppress his tears. He couldn't say he had not expected the slap, but even after months of 'training' he still was not immune to her smack.

Anna in a split second threw her arms around Yoh. Yoh just smiled and laughed at his stupidity. What a fool he was to doubt Anna's love for him. He hugged her back. For a brief moment he could truly relax. He forgot about his going-to-be fight with his twin brother. He forgot about the hope and pressure people put on him to destroy Hao.

At the moment all he wanted to do was to cherish his love one's presence. Yoh noticed something in hers. There were loves, hopes, yet also worries. He startled, but then just smirked and placed a kiss on Anna's cheek. Everything's going to be alright. Their relationship had been in a state that they could undersand each other with mere words.

Yes, he still had to fulfill his promise to the cat spirit. Matamune was the first one to know exactly how he felt. The first one he considered 'a friend' although he had known him just for a few days.

He suddenly remembered the poem Matamune wrote for him. But now he also had Anna, who stood by him everytime he needed her. Yet she didn't resist. To them they were the only two people that exist on the world. Yoh was tasting her lips with great passion.

He was worried he would not be able to see her again. The blonde gave a soft moan when Yoh kissed her neck. Time seemed to freeze just for the two of them.

They looked again passionately into each others' eyes. Anna just looked curiously at his action, then gasped. It was a ring. My dad gave this to me the night before. A symbol of being an Asakura, as he told me. You are going to fight against your own blood, you could die, and you choose this moment to propose? What kind of idiot are you?

Yoh's arms were wrapping her think waist, pulling her closer. The Chinese shaman was trying hard to keep a poker face, but it was quite difficult for him not to laugh at his friend's boldness. Yoh and Anna, on the other hand, were blushing furiously and suddenly found their feet quite an interesting object to look at.