Yugi and yami abuse relationship

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yugi and yami abuse relationship

Yugi is Abused by his parents, is bullied, his grandpa is dying, and only has three friends. (Joey, Ryuo, and Malik) One day A new kid comes to the school with. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. S0Yuugi, yugi,S0Yami and Yami (younger brothers) It seems like if you wanted an abusive relationship to pit them against, Tendershipping.

There's more to this. He just doesn't seem as open with us as he used to be. He seems uneasy in a way.

yugi and yami abuse relationship

Yami looked over at Atemu. Yami looked at his boyfriend. Maybe I am overanalyzing this. If something was wrong, Yugi would come to us. A moment later, the two heard the door open and close.

A moment later, Yugi was in the doorway to the living room. Yugi gave a convincing smile. John and I watched a movie at his house. Yugi's mind raced for an answer. I'm not sure what. It was on TV. Yugi then headed upstairs without looking like he was running.

Yugi walked into his room and shut the door before he locked it to make sure that Yami and Atemu couldn't get into the room. Since John had started beating him, Yugi made sure to keep his door locked so that neither Yami nor Atemu would see the bruises that John left on Yugi.

Yugi knew that both would demand answers, and he wasn't sure that he would be able to lie to them if they asked him directly how he got the bruises. Yugi pulled off his shirt, wincing at the pain that shot through him at the movement.

He turned and looked in the mirror. He grimaced at the dark bruises that had formed. Yugi knew that he would be hurting for a while. What did I do to deserve this? Yugi asked himself that question constantly, but he never found an answer.

Yugi went into the bathroom which was connected to his bedroom and took a hot bath. The bath helped to ease the pain sometimes, but this time, it didn't help much. He unlocked the door before he lay down and went to sleep. I can't believe that we get to go to Tokyo for the school trip!

Seth, Atemu, Mariku, and Akefia weren't quite so thrilled because they didn't have the class that was going. I'll live on my own for a week. You and Bakura go. Mariku and I can hang out together.

We don't get to do that nearly enough. What's the big deal? You two do love Yugi. I haven't asked him. Yugi was walking down the hall. He was going to meet his friends when someone grabbed him and dragged him into an empty classroom. John glared at Yugi angrily. John had never beaten him at school, but Yugi was scared that he might start now. It was an order, not a request. Yugi was shaking now.

yugi and yami abuse relationship

He had wanted to go, but he didn't want to do anything that might set John off, although just about anything seemed to set him off.

He was shocked that Yugi wasn't going to go on the trip to Tokyo. When we learned about it at the start of the year, you were more excited than Joey and Tea put together. Yugi gave a fake smile. Don't worry about it. Yami and Atemu looked at each other. Now, I am officially worried. Why would Yugi give up this trip? You can't blame him for not wanting to fall behind.

He's ahead by at least two weeks in every class. He wouldn't fall behind.

yugi and yami abuse relationship

Yugi sat down on his bed and buried his face in his hands. Yugi had wanted to go on the trip to Tokyo since the beginning of the school year, but now, he couldn't go with his friends. Yugi knew that John was controlling everything that he did, and he hated it. But he hated being beaten and treated like dirt even more. Yami and Atemu had met the rest of their friends at the Kaiba mansion, and they were all shocked that Yugi wasn't going.

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I couldn't believe it when he said that he wasn't going to go. The shrimp has wanted to do this more than anyone. It doesn't make any sense why he's suddenly back out. Maybe John didn't like the idea of Yugi going to Tokyo without him and asked Yugi not to go. Yugi has made up his mind, and I don't think that he's going to change it. He didn't show it, but he was shocked that Yugi wasn't going himself. It'll be me mostly. Yugi spends most of his free time with John. You'd think he lived there.

Yugi let out a cry of pain as he crashed painfully into the wall before he fell to the floor on his side. John had been beating him for an hour, and Yugi was in a lot of pain. Yugi had a feeling that he had cracked or broken a rib, but there was nothing he could do about it.

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John walked up and kicked Yugi hard in the back, causing Yugi to cry out again. Yugi just wanted this nightmare to end. You're just a waste of life!

He reached down and grabbed Yugi by the hair. Yugi cried out as he was jerked to his feet by his hair. John then punched Yugi hard in the stomach several times before he finally let Yugi go. Yugi fell to the ground in utter pain. John then slammed his foot down into Yugi's slower back hard. Yugi cried out again. John dug the heel of his foot into Yugi's back, causing Yugi to cry out painfully again.

It's no wonder you live with your grandfather! Your parents wouldn't have wanted a worthless bastard like you around!

Yugi cringed at that. He hated any mention of his parents. He knows you're worthless, but he's too nice and old fashioned to do what I do and put you in your place! John hit Yugi several more times for good measure before stopping. Yugi was in even more pain than before.

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This was, by far, the worst that John had ever beaten him. Then get your worthless ass out of my house! He punched Yugi once more in stomach before storming from the room. Yugi slowly got up, tears in his eyes. I wish one of you could save me from this hell. Yugi then started to clean up the house. The two had returned home and were getting ready for bed. I never imagined that he would give up this trip for anything.

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He might not want to leave John for a week. I know Yugi might later regret it, but it's still Yugi's decision. We're just going to have to respect it. I guess I just want Yugi to go. It would have been nice to have been able to spend some time with him. Since Yugi started dating John, Yugi and I haven't spent much time together.

I'm not offended in the least. I understand what you mean by that. Maybe you can convince Yugi to spend some time with you when you get back from Tokyo. You and I may be lovers, but Yugi is still my Hikari, and I miss the closeness that we had before John came along.

I mean, none of us really see Yugi anymore. The others are in relationships, too, but we see more of them than we do Yugi, and we live in the same house as Yugi. Well, after the trip, we'll do that.

Now, we need to get to bed. Yugi is in an abusive relationship with Yami and one night Yugi comes home late which leads to Yami going too far! Yugi walked home dreading what was coming when he walked threw the doors. He'd stayed after school once again to help Joey mop the halls because he'd gotten detention. The young teen entered the doors of the Kame Game Shop and cringed as the bell chimed.

Solomon had died almost a year ago and the young couple had decided to close the game shop, but after Yami started to abuse Yugi the pharaoh had reattached the bells to let him know when Yugi had come home. Yami walked over to where Yugi had fallen and grabbed the young teen by his hair.

What did I tell you? Then grabbed Yugi's shirt and torn it from his body. You're mine and I'll do with you what I please! Yami took Yugi belt from his pants. Yami began to beat Yugi's back with the belt. Yugi screamed out in agony. After a few more strikes of the belt Yami stopped and pulled Yugi's pants off of him, leaving the teen in just his boxers.

Please don't do this! During the course of their relationship Yugi and Yami had never had sex and Yugi was still a virgin. Yami dropped Yugi onto the bed and roughly stripped him of his boxers. The former pharaoh flipped Yugi onto his stomach and pulled his ankles so the young teen was bent over with his feet barely touching the floor. Yami then proceeded to spank Yugi as hard as he could.

yugi and yami abuse relationship

Yugi yelled out in pain as his bottom turn red and raw. Yami stopped when Yugi's screams became louder, he then pulled down his own pants reveling his large erection. He place the tip of his member to Yugi's small entrance.

Please, Yami, I'll do anything you want just don't do this!