Grenada school district meet the teachers templates

August Newsletter

grenada school district meet the teachers templates

You are all invited to attend our first School Site Council (SSC) meeting for the .. with the CDE website are the “Sample Test Questions” offered to provide students . WONDERFUL Grenada Learning Community: the GESD Board, Teachers. Principal. Jackson Public School District. Tisha Bogan. Teacher. Mississippi School for the Blind Grenada School District .. SAMPLE Full-day Pre- Kindergarten Schedule . All children are capable of learning and meeting developmental. A group of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborated to meet the unique needs Reporting is on a nine-week basis with examples of student work and.

Social interaction is a big component, and they've learned to work with others and take direction from adults other than their parents. We visited a class one day and found students on the floor clapping out syllables in words, a first-grade skill!

To see that level of learning going on in a four-year-old class gives us the idea that by the time these kids get to kindergarten, they'll be challenging the teachers and really pushing the limits of what kindergarteners are expected to achieve. We're extremely encouraged by the positive feedback we're hearing from the parents of these children, who are amazed by how much their children have learned. They feel so much better about sending their young ones to kindergarten because the kids are so confident.

Now they know the school environment, they know what to expect from their teachers and classmates, and they're well-established in their alphabet and numbers, along with advanced concepts in language and math. The success of our first-year Pre-K program has compelled us to expand the Learning Blocks mission. This summer, we offered extended care. Students attended from 7 to 5 Monday through Friday, continuing their learning and engaging in activities such as building a castle playhouse and horseback riding.

We took another big leap this year by introducing our first three-year-old program. We'll begin nudging these kids toward the same skills the four-year-olds have mastered, making it our mission to have them recognizing letters, counting to ten, and writing their names by the end of the year. We can't find another district in the state offering this level of early learning.

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That's how Grenada is leading the pack, not only for the children of our county, but for the whole state. You better believe we'll be watching these students as they progress through the elementary, middle, and high schools — pushing us toward even greater heights of achievement and innovation in the coming years.

The gift will be used to purchase educational materials and adaptive equipment for students with intellectual and physical disabilities in the Grenada School District. As a result of this gift, special education students at every school campus will have specialized equipment to promote cognitive, physical, social, emotional, communicative, and adaptive skill development in their classrooms.

The squad was awarded three trophies, a superior rating for sideline cheers and motion skills, and numerous gold ribbons for performances throughout the week. Each year the members tutored students who needed extra attention in order to stay up to grade level.

They have continually succeeded in reaching their goals to help students grow at least 15 percent academically. Many achieved even higher numbers.

Congratulation AmeriCorps class for receiving your required 1, service hours. The members will be graduating on August 31,at Taylor Hall at 6 p. We appreciate your service and dedication to our school and community. For more information about the Grenada School District AmeriCorps program, contact program director Gwen Woodson at gwoodson grenadak For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.

The sounds of their rehearsal echo over the campus. Clacking sticks keep time in quarter notes. Bass drum beats wallop every half measure.

August Newsletter 2017

The brass section wails as the director calls out instructions over a megaphone. Every year, band camp announces the end of summer and the start of a new school year. It's also the time when Grenada Band band members dig in to rehearse their anticipated halftime field show. The buzz surrounding this year's show is the inclusion of popular songs — both contemporary and classic — which comprise the musical portion of "If You're Reading This," a tribute to U.

grenada school district meet the teachers templates

Sumrall, who directs the marching band, says the show is "not only about the sacrifice of the men in battle but a message of empowerment for the women who keep the home front as well. Known for their elaborate, symphonic-style shows, the Grenada Band hasn't performed rock-and-roll on the field for several years.

All in all, the directors wanted to create a show that told a relevant story and spoke to the audience. This is a real deal for them. They have mothers, fathers, or aunts and uncles, other extended family or friends that have been deployed. The show will be phased in throughout the semester, adding elements each week until their first contest, a regional competition here on October We try and really put it out there, and the kids are awesome about going with us on it.

They come to expect that. If we changed our minds and decided to go safe, the kids would be highly disappointed.

grenada school district meet the teachers templates

We really try to please them … because it's a lot of work. We want to have them learn a whole bunch, become better people, but yet enjoy themselves while they're doing it.

Photos by Lisa Holand Grenada School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law in any of its policies, practices, procedures or program operation.

Grenada School District is an equal opportunity employer. For inquiries regarding this policy on discrimination contact: Title IX Coordinator, Mrs. Lee Murphy right and Misty Carson left of Guaranty Bank and Trust, sponsors of the morning reception, presented the grand prize after a drawing.

The bank awarded door prizes to nine other faculty members throughout the day. Not long ago, the walls were part of the middle school's history and social studies curriculum. Students would wander the hallways listening to a guided audio tour through headphones on cassette tape players.

grenada school district meet the teachers templates

But like the civilizations depicted in the murals, the technology became antiquated. New curriculum moved in to eclipse the lessons written right there on the school walls. Recently, the guided audio tour was excavated and uploaded to YouTube. Math and science courses are supplied for every level and a variety of languages are offered. For students requiring general or pre-college studies, Grenada High School offers special programs in addition to the regular curriculum for the pursuit of realistic goals.

The Center offers a practical environment with sequenced programs in a variety of job skills. These programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level employment from high school or further specialty study in their chosen vocation. Keystone is a course taught in 9th grade and is an introduction to career pathways and career decision-making. The course was developed to meet the needs of career academies including content in self-development, career clusters, pathways, and choices, as well as, financial planning.

The course is designed to be taught in a "flipped" classroom environment where students are introduced to the content outside of class and actually experience the content during class. One of eleven units in Mississippi, the NJROTC Program strives to teach self-discipline and self-confidence and to instill an ability to lead and motivate.

First grade continues to broaden the imagination and skills of the younger learner. As the child develops communication and cognitive abilities, the units of study are designed to reflect these changes.

Reading opens new vistas through vocabulary acquisition, word attack skills, and comprehension. Readiness skills prepare the beginning reader for advanced materials. Math is introduced utilizing everyday items using a variety of manipulative and visual aids, making the basic concepts of addition and subtraction an integral part of the curriculum. Second and third grade students continue their educational quests in an atmosphere that accommodates the needs of the individual.

These children broaden their expertise in math, reading, and science through listening and manipulative activities. The world of books reveals unique perspectives for the youngster.

grenada school district meet the teachers templates