High school meet the team ideas

high school meet the team ideas

Ideas" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about School, School staff and Staff bulletin boards. High School Flashback Party – Yearbook Photos! What a fun and. The kinds of changes made in RF schools are often perceived as BIG Big Ideas : klokkenluideronline.infoS: Powerful procedures make team meetings work and center on students' needs. 2. .. A high-quality meeting brings research into the discussion. "Meet the Team" pages are popular among web design and other creative firms, but are also found on sites within various other industries.

Ask each person to turn to a neighbor and do three rounds of rock-paper-scissors.

high school meet the team ideas

When the winner is established, the person they defeat becomes their biggest cheerleader. Repeat until there are two people left and have them compete in front of the entire faculty.

Principals Share 'Best Meetings of the Year' | Education World

Pictionary This is an incredibly fun game to play with a large group. Create funny school-related categories for example, Late Pass, Pizza Day, and State-Mandated Assessment would be hilarious and write them on slips of paper.

Break the group into two and decide who will go first. This is a great way to improve communication, laugh together, and get the energy flowing. Make copies for your faculty and have them pair up. Have volunteers read their statements aloud. How do your department chairs do with giving hard feedback to colleagues? Build skills with role playing. Break groups into teams and give them a scenario to role-play.

Let them work their way through it as others observe. As the scene plays out, tell the players to freeze and solicit feedback and guidance from the audience. Processing these situations together can help grow empathy on both sides. Your group will create a timeline together.

high school meet the team ideas

Ahead of time, mark the dates of important events at the school and in our country for context and place them on the timeline. Each person will write down the year they started at the school and place it on the timeline. From there, you can launch a fascinating conversation about generational perception and how that shapes the experience of teaching students at your school.

7 Icebreakers and 5 Team Builders to Boost Faculty Culture

Every person will fall into one of four categories. They talked about the kinds of feedback they might give students and how they might improve their own instruction to result in better student work.

Student assessment is just one element of Castle's determination to bring the Professional Learning Communities approach to life at Collins Lane Elementary. Giving teachers time to discuss their views about what they are in school for, why they teach, and what they are committed to was a real bonding experience.

high school meet the team ideas

Kudos might be handed out for the band's latest concert, an art show, a successful service-learning project, or someone who has just finished an advanced degree. Notes say things such as Ms. Most of the cards are anonymous. I read aloud all of them. Then I draw a random card. The person noted on that card is the recipient of the a plastic school bus, which gets displayed in his or her classroom until the next meeting.

How to build a winning team - 10 top tips from outstanding school leaders

The Golden Shovel award goes to the faculty member who has been well you can figure that one out. Every time someone gets the shovel, they get to sign it. Even if that issue is student discipline! Principal David Christensen knew it would take a consistent approach to address the discipline issues he heard teachers complaining about at Wirreanda Public School in Medowie, New South Wales Australia. Teachers' concerns were all over the board; the students wouldn't cooperate, they weren't doing the work or following instructions So, at one staff meeting, he set the wheels in motion.

I collected the notes and we grouped them on the windows in the room. Teachers, it seemed, were less concerned about the most serious discipline issues. They were much more concerned about lower-level issues that disrupted the classroom and others' learning. This helped us see that all the things we were concerned about weren't necessarily serious enough to require capital punishment.

high school meet the team ideas

We came up with four 'key values' -- responsibility, respect, persistence, and pride. We agreed that when confronted with an incident, we would all use similar phrases relating to the four key values. Soon the school halls echoed with teachers asking questions such as Were you showing respect when you?

And he hears much less complaining in the staff room too.

high school meet the team ideas

At that meeting, five staff members shared approaches that worked for them to increase student achievement. The presentations ranged from one teacher who shared a unique approach to preparing students for state writing assessments to a math teacher who shared her no-homework policy.

It is very difficult to prepare in-service sessions for an entire staff when educators really want to focus on their individual curriculum standards instead of 'wasting' time at meetings, added Elliot. For many head teachers team-building is all about getting relationships right and is a crucial first step to achieving their overall vision and ambitions for their schools. It's not just a matter of appointing the right staff to the right jobs.

It's about developing good relations between the leadership, staff, pupils, parents and wider community. This process is tied in with the values headteachers want to instil. Recently, I interviewed more than 20 highly successful headteachers for a forthcoming book which looks at the key qualities needed to run a great school.

Using Staff Meeting Icebreakers and Team Builders To Engage

High on their list was the need for emotional intelligence; an almost instinctive understanding of what makes people tick. Without this quality it is virtually impossible to build a successful team. Get the team dynamics right however and much else follows naturally. For this article, I asked three leaders whose schools are rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted for their advice on how to build a successful team.

Here are 10 top tips.

Identify skills gaps Look at the balance of your team and try to find people who complement each other, says Roger Pope, principal of Kingsbridge Community CollegeDevon. For example, when I first became a head I knew I had skills in communications and strategic thinking but wasn't strong on the logical, mathematical side of things.