Meet and greet lebron james 2013 nba

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meet and greet lebron james 2013 nba

View Miami Heat tickets, basketball schedule and seating information for all. LeBron is recognized by SLAM Magazine as basketball's best high school James' high school goes on national tour, plays on ESPN2 . NBA Finals: Heat repeat as champs, oust Spurs in seven games. LeBron James will meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley in Las Vegas basketball camp, has yet to meet with any team officials in person.

The loss demoralized Detroit, and the Cavaliers went on to win Game 6, The Spurs, however, dismantled the Cavs in the Finals. Daniel Gibson led the Cavaliers in scoring in Game 1 with 16 points, but for the next three games no one on the Cavaliers except James would break 15 points. Against the well-oiled machine that was the Spurs, it wasn't enough, and the Cavaliers came up well short. Wade averaged a career-high at the time They followed up their NBA championship with a first-round sweep in what would be O'Neal's last full season with Miami before being traded to the Suns 33 games into the next season.

In the NBA, beforethe general philosophy was that you build around one or two superstars, barring some notable exceptions Magic and Kareem, Kobe and Shaq, Wade and Shaq, etc. They went on to steamroll the league, finishing The playoffs, however, were a far bigger challenge.

They needed seven games to beat the Hawks before they encountered the Cavaliers. James was held to just 12 points in Game 1, and it looked like the Celtics would cruise in the series. After that, James averaged He ultimately came up short, and the message was clear: You need help to ultimately win in today's NBA.

James and Wade drop 40 apiece in one more epic clash On March 2,the Heat and the Cavs locked horns again. James scored 42 points and shot 6 of 7 from beyond the arc, whereas Wade had The Cavaliers would go on to win and improve to on the season, while the Heat fell to The Cavs would lose to the Magic in the conference finals, while the Heat lost in the first round to the Hawks.

James wins first of four MVPs in five seasons James averaged Celtics knock out both Heat, Cavs in back-to-back rounds Who knows what motivated James and Wade to team up, but this could have been a strong motivator. The Celtics played the Heat in the first round of the playoffs, winning in five games.

They then played the Cavaliers and won in six games, despite more strong performances from Wade and James. Wade averaged over 30 points in his series against the Celtics, and James averaged The Decision Wade and James were stars without support in a league that was demanding depth out of its teams. As such, there was plenty of talk in regarding where James and the Raptors ' Chris Bosh would end up.

Bosh completed a sign-and-trade to the Heat just two days later, and the NBA's premier mega-team was formed. Heat welcome party This was one of the gaudiest, yet most amazing displays of excess in sports history.

meet and greet lebron james 2013 nba

Bosh and James donned their new duds for the first time, with James becoming No. In an absolutely wild rally that featured James, Wade and Bosh sitting on stools, James infamously promised "not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven Remember, these guys hadn't played a game for the Heat yet. Heat Big 3 get off to a rocky start After all of the glitz, it wasn't quite what people expected. The Heat wereand while they didn't look bad, they definitely weren't living up to the billing.

Some started to question if these stars could coexist. This would emerge as a theme among James' teams: It took a while before they would coalesce. James was averaging Heat explode onto the scene, highlighted by iconic play The Heat went in December, but the biggest moment of the streak came on Dec.

On a break, Wade dropped a pass off to James, who threw it down for a tomahawk dunk while Wade ran without looking and with outstretched arms. The photo announced the arrival of the Heat's Big 3, and to this day is one of the most iconic photos of that era.

Heat implode, get stunned by Mavericks in NBA Finals The Heat finishedsecond in the East, and they breezed through the playoffs with three five-game series. Then, however, they ran into the Mavericks. They jumped out to a lead in the series, but the Mavs, led by Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzkiwon three straight games to win the title in six. It was a shockingly disappointing end to the beginning of the Heat superteam, but the groundwork was in place.

Wade, meanwhile, averaged The team, however, looked like it had come together. The season was shortened to 66 games due to a lockout, but the Heat didn't feel the rust. They startedthe best start in franchise history, and they finishedsecond in the East. In the playoffs, the rivalry with the Celtics came to a head for James. In Game 6, we got "the stare" -- the moment in which James decided he was going to bury Boston. The Celtics were up in the series and had won three straight against the Heat before James looked up with his hands on his knees.

James scored 45 points in Game 6 before the Heat won in Game 7, and then went on to beat the Thunder in five games for James' first career NBA championship -- and Wade's second.

Heat go on historic game win streak The next season, the Heat met the Spurs in the Finals -- this time with Ray Allen. It was a ridiculous season for the Heat, who put together a game win streak -- at the time the second longest now third longest in NBA history.

The streak began on Feb. It took a loss to the Bulls to snap the streak, and left the Heat trailing only the Lakers, who won 33 straight games. James averaged 27 points during the streak, with Wade at James complemented that with eight assists. This was the final form of the Heat, what they were always supposed to be: Wade was inactive for the final two wins of the streak, and after it was snapped James was inactive or didn't play for six of the final 11 games of the season, while Wade missed seven of those games.

Heat repeat as champs, oust Spurs in seven games In the playoffs, the Heat had barely escaped the anti-Miami Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals, winning in seven games, and it took seven to beat the Spurs. Ray Allen turned out to be the difference, hitting a game-tying 3-pointer in Game 6 that forced a do-or-die Game 7. Allen had 74 points total, but three of those points were among the biggest in Finals history: For the season, James averaged His consistent level of play won him his second straight MVP, and the Heat were looking like everything that was promised to them by James, Wade and Bosh.

The final LeBron-Pat Riley meeting was a disaster

Heat lose to Spurs in rematch, fall short of three-peat The Heat's streak came to an end earlier than expected, and it was proven that James should have stopped his welcome party quote at "not three. It was clear that time was catching up to the year-old star, and the Heat weren't able to sustain their furious pace from the previous two seasons. James goes back to Cleveland In the offseason, James announced in a Sports Illustrated piece that he was returning to Cleveland, breaking up Miami's Big 3.

Wade and Bosh remained with the Heat, and they missed the playoffs the following season while the Cavs went to the NBA Finals for the first of four consecutive trips. A photo surfaced in of Wade, James and Paul on vacation together, with Anthony out of frame. All of the players involved have expressed interest to some degree of forming the team, but it ultimately never came to fruition.

James was, as usual, the focal point of the team, averaging However, just like the Ray Allen shot years before, it took a Kyrie Irving clutch shot to put the Cavs on top: In addition, a pink version of the uniform was unveiled as part of Nike's "Earned" series which were exclusive only to the 16 teams that qualified in the NBA Playoffs.

Heat—Knicks rivalry The rivalry between the New York Knicks and the expansion Miami Heat was a result of their four consecutive playoff series from to Each series went seven games.

The rivalry's central figure was Pat Rileythe head coach of both teams the early s for the Knicks and the late s for the Heat. Jeff Van Gundy took over Riley's stint as head coach of the Knicks, while his elder brother Stan Van Gundy was simultaneously an assistant coach for the Heat. Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning, friends from their Georgetown college basketball period. Larry Johnson, one of the Knicks, held bad blood with Mourning as far back as their days in the Charlotte Hornets.

Chicago Bulls Main article: During that period, the Heat were eliminated three times by the Bulls, who would go on to win the NBA championship each time. After Jordan retired and the Heat's fall in the early s, the rivalry cooled but slightly picked up when the Heat faced them in the first round of the NBA playoffs, which ended in a 4—2 Heat series victory and went on to win the NBA Finals, the Bulls would sweep the defending champion Heat in the first round the next season.

The rivalry has intensified with the resurgence of the Bulls, and the emergence of Derrick Rose and the Heat re-signing Dwyane Wade who turned down a chance of joining his hometown Bulls with newly acquired superstars in Chris Bosh and LeBron James who spurned a chance of teaming up with Rose in Chicago. The revived rivalry has been very physical, involving rough plays and hard fouls between players.

meet and greet lebron james 2013 nba

Both teams met in the Eastern Conference Finalswith the Heat winning in five games. The Bulls ended the Heat's record-setting 27 game win streak on March 27,with a —97 victory at the United Center in Chicago. The Bulls ended another Miami Heat winning streak by beating the Heat 93—87 in game 1.

The Heat came back in game 2 and set a record for the largest margin of victory in franchise playoff history with a —78 win. The Bulls also set a record for the worst playoff defeat in franchise history. The 51 personal fouls were the most in a playoff game since Norris Cole had his jersey ripped by Taj Gibson while driving to the basket for a layup. Noah received a technical foul for shoving Chris Andersen after he fell on Nate Robinson. Chalmers received a flagrant foul for ringing his arm around Noah's neck.

Taj Gibson and Noah were both ejected in the same game for yelling at the referees. The two had met each other in the NBA playoffs for the first time inwith Miami beating Orlando 3—2, they have not met in the playoffs since. The rivalry intensified with the rising stardom of Miami's and Orlando's Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howardalong with Miami's acquiring high-caliber stars such LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors and inresulting in fierce competition between the two.

The Orlando Magic are undergoing a process of rebuilding, however, competition still remains tense. Boston Celtics The two teams first squared off in the playoffs inwith the Celtics defeating the Heat four games to one en route to an eventual NBA Finals appearance by the Celtics.

Having suffered first round losses in three straight years, it was the loss to the Celtics that prompted Dwyane Wade to declare that the loss would be "my last" in the first round for the near future. LeBron James ' own enmity with the Boston Celtics can be found as far back as his first stint with the Cleveland Cavalierswhere the Celtics upset the Cavaliers in and Among the two Heat stars, Wade went as far as to say that he personally hates the Celtics, with James' own disdain for Boston manifesting in how he referred to the Celtics exclusively as "that team" in After dropping the first three games versus the Celtics in the regular season, Miami prevailed in their fourth encounter, taking the 2nd seed from the Celtics and gaining home court advantage for their eventual match-up of the postseason.

James could be found roaring to the fans as the Celtics' end came, even kneeling to the ground in relief after finally defeating the Celtics. The rivalry would continue in the following season, where the Heat again took home court advantage over the Celtics, though Boston again won the season series over the Heat.

Despite the loss of Bosh to injury in the Semifinals, the Heat took a 2—0 lead before the Celtics won the next three games; the first five games included two overtimes, Rondo's 44 point performance in Game 2, as well as Pierce and James fouling out in Game 4. James' 45 point performance in Game 6 at Boston forced a deciding seventh game, where the two teams traded blows deep into the third and fourth quarters, before Miami pulled away with a 4—3 victory en route to the NBA Finals.

When asked about their immediate reactions to their teammate leaving for their rival, Kevin Garnett claimed that he deleted Allen's phone number, while Paul Pierce admitted that it "hurt", though he still considers Allen "a brother to me" for their championship run. Although the two teams would not meet in the playoffs, the animosity continued in their four regular season games. The season opener — a Heat victory — included Rondo clothes-lining Wade's neck, Garnett snubbing a handshake from Allen pre-game, and Garnett throwing an elbow at Mario Chalmers.

During Miami's Streak, Paul Pierce went on record to say that he wished for Miami to lose all of its remaining games by that point. When James voiced his displeasure over the Chicago Bulls' physicality against him, Boston's general manager Danny Ainge called it "embarrassing" for LeBron to complain about it.

Pat Rileythe Heat team president, retorted that "Danny should shut the fuck up. It ended in a Heat victory, one that featured James dunking on Jason Terry ; he received a technical foul for staring down at Terry post-dunk. When asked about it after the game by reporters, James stated that he was "glad it happened to him. Although the two previously met in the NBA Playoffs when Indiana won 4—2as ofthe only two players still left from either team are Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem of the Heat.

Both head coaches were fined for statements made relating to the officiating: Frank Vogel accused the Heat of flopping before the series started, while Erik Spoelstra took offense to what he perceived to be deliberate head-hunting of his players on the part of the Pacers.

Indiana took a 2—1 lead after Miami's Chris Bosh was sidelined with an abdominal strain. The series was marked by several suspensions, flagrant fouls, and confrontations between the players: Tyler Hansbrough 's flagrant foul on Dwyane Wade which drew bloodUdonis Haslem's retaliatory flagrant foul on Hansborough which led to Haslem's Game 6 suspensionWade colliding with Darren Collison in transition, Juwan Howard confronting Lance Stephenson over the latter's flashing of the choke sign to James, and Dexter Pittman elbowing Stephenson in the neck which led to his own three-game suspension.

Indiana's Danny Granger received technical fouls in three consecutive games for his confrontations with Heat players; he stripped James of his headband in Game 2 while attempting to block a shot, pulled the back of James' jersey in Game 3 while trying to stop a fast-break, and chest-bumped Wade in Game 4 after the latter was fouled by Roy Hibbert.

Notably, it was after the Heat lost to the Pacers that they compiled a game winning streak; the last time the Heat lost two in a row in the year were the games against Indiana and Portland. Several instances of physicality became prominent in the series: Shane Battier received an offensive foul for throwing his knee at Hibbert's midsection; Hibbert claimed that it was intentional dirty play on the part of Battier. Andersen suffered a bloodied nose after colliding with David West.

Ian Mahinmi received a retroactive flagrant foul for a grab of James' arm. Norris Cole latched a hand on West's groin area as he tried to slip through West.

Wade received a retroactive flagrant foul for hitting Stephenson in the head, another incident that the Pacers, notably Paul George, felt was a dirty play. The Heat survived Game 1 on a James game-winning layup, while the Pacers came back to tie the series at 1—1 after forcing James into two late fourth-quarter turnovers for Game 2.

In Game 3, the Heat set a team record for points in a postseason half with It was the first time the Pacers had given up 70 points since Allen's single turnover was the least ever suffered by the Heat in a first half. Their five total turnovers is tied for the fewest in franchise history. The Game 3 victory marked the first time that an NBA team had won five straight road games by double digits.

The Heat won the series 4—3, with a 99—76 win in game 7. The Heat stumbled during Game 1 in Indianapolis, falling 96— They would win Games 2—4. During Game 5 which Miami lost 90—93James struggled, suffering heavy foul trouble and scoring only 7 points, his lowest playoff record.

During Game 6 in Miami, the Heat would blow out the Pacers — A year prior, the Heat had acquired Shaquille O'Neal. Dallas had home-court advantage in the series due to a better regular season record than Miami's 52—30 and took the first two games in the series, entering Game 3 with a commanding 2—0 lead. They looked set to win Game 3 until a rally by the Heat, including many free throws from Wade, resulted in the Mavericks losing the third game.

The Heat won all of its home games, as the Mavericks dropped games 3, 4 and 5. In a highly controversial Game 5, a — victory for the Heat, Wade shot more free throws than the entire Mavericks team.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as well as Nowitzki were both fined for acts of misconduct. During Game 6, the series returned to Dallas, where the Mavericks fell 92— Jason Terry airballed a three-point attempt that could have tied the game. Wade picked up the ball, throwing it in the air in celebration as the Heat won the NBA Championship, and its first one as well.

Timeline: A look at how LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's epic NBA careers remain linked

Wade was named the Finals MVP. In the off-season, Miami acquired LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors to team up with Wade and form their own "big three" to rival the Celtics ' big three that was expected to win the championship.

The Heat finished 58—24, acquiring the southeast division title and the second seed in the Eastern Conference. During the regular season, the Mavericks swept the Heat 2—0. The Heat cruised through the Playoffs without much competition, eliminating every team — the Philadelphia 76ersdefending Eastern Conference champions Boston Celtics and the top-seeded Chicago Bulls all five games. Meanwhile, the Mavericks had tallied 57—25 for the third seed, leaving them to face the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round.

The Mavericks had been defeated in the first round all but one time since the finals, including a defeat from the seventh-seeded San Antonio Spurs just the previous season.

Because of this, the Mavericks were underdogs throughout the playoffs, but they were able to dispatch Portland in six games. They faced the defending NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers and pulled off the impossible by sweeping them, ending their bid for a three-peat.