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meet the cast mighty boosh

Since last broadcasting in , the cast of The Mighty Boosh have worked together on numerous roadshows, and each time they have been. Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) will also join the cast to play We also meet Simon Hunt (Geoffrey Whitehead), the schoolmaster who made. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Meet the Cast: The Mighty Boosh by Events at the Apple Store for free.

Together we made one whole person. Is this your first attack on American public consciousness? It's always so violent with the Americans, isn't it? Why is it always attacking and storming? We thought we should start with the standpoint that everyone would hate it. We're not changing what we do. When we started out, it was a little bit in a reaction to what was going on in the comedy clubs that we went to at the time -- men standing around in shirt and tie and white sneakers, talking about their dicks and their girlfriends.

We wanted to do a weirder sort of comedy. Something that would talk about fashion and music. We just thought, all our mates who like to see bands and wear cool clothes, let's do a show for them. I don't have any friends with cool clothes. Yeah, you just like to talk about jazz. Julian needed an outlet to talk about jazz. So that running joke in "The Mighty Boosh" that Noel is the ultimate hipster while Julian is this earnest jazzbo -- that's actually based on reality?

Maybe it looks as though we have this strange, detailed writing process that created these characters, but it's just us. We've always incorporated elements from our own lives. The show is quite fantastical and magical so we try to pepper it with stuff from the fashion and music we're into, so that it's anchored in some sort of reality.

Has music been part of the Boosh from the beginning? The first show we ever did, we had this idea of a zookeeper trapped in someone's Afro. And we thought, "He's gotta rap. Then we realized you can't really rap in an American accent if you're English. So we started doing more music that was English, like folk or glam rock or electro.

The Mighty Boosh

And then eventually we figured out a kind of English rap, which is "crimping. I can't imagine what the Yanks will make of it. For Boosh freaks, the crimping segments are probably the most popular bits in the show. Have you ever checked out all the amateur crimpers on YouTube? I haven't got a computer. There's a lot of people on YouTube that There are year-old women dressed as the Moon [a recurring character in the show]. You just think, "What are you doing?

It's a tool, Noel. It's just like using a pencil. It's all about what you do with it. Are the crimps improvised, or is there a lot of work and advance preparation involved in crafting a crimp? It takes about nine years to write one. You have to find the exact right kind of nonsense. To find something that's surprising, that has odd angles. There's a pancake crimp and a soup crimp -- that kind of crimp is a bit easier, when there's a theme. But the ones that are just free-form -- ooh!

I wouldn't recommend trying to write one of those bad boys. Always has a story ready about his insane skill in whatever field he is currently participating in. He used to be a Binman, and is very anal-retentive about Stationary Village.

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Post season one he's never seen without one. The small handful of characters who ever show him an ounce of respect tend to try to rape him immediately afterwards. Everyone else, Vince included, treats him like garbage most of the time.

Howard seems to have absolutely no idea how society functions. While he does live in Cloud Cuckoo Landthis generally doesn't justify the majority of his oftentimes bizarre actions around other people.

meet the cast mighty boosh

Plays this at times, though he's frequently no better than the rest of the cast. Red Oni, Blue Oni: He's easily offended and frequently goes off on rants while Vince is laid back and generally oblivious. Interestingly, he seems convinced that he's the blue oni.

With Old Gregg in the live shows. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: An inversion with Vince. While Howard is clearly the more physically masculine of the two and frequently brags about his machismo, he is far more sensitive and easily offended than Vince is and is more likely to run, hide or get kidnapped when trouble arises.

Small Name, Big Ego: At any given moment, Howard might call himself an artistic visionary, a nature photographer, a genius salesman, an inventor, or an undiscovered acting talent with "willowy" legs and an impressive mustache. He's usually proven wrong. Stalker with a Crush: To Mrs Gideon, to the point where he modifies a telescope to look like a sandwich to spy on her during lunch time. The Friend Nobody Likes: Naboo and Bollo pretty much hate him, and even Vince, the one person who is consistently nice to him, spends most of their time together insulting him.

This Loser Is You: Howard is hated by everyone he knows, forced to work menial and humiliating jobs on a regular basis, and is too self-absorbed to realize his own faults. He's also one of the main protagonists. Fossil clearly prefers Vince over him. In fact, he's this to just about everyone apart from Vince. On the outside, Howard is a complete Jerkass ; however it's sometimes hinted that Howard acts the way he does because he's socially inept, not a bad person Vague Age: Continuity is totally ignored in the series, so Howard's true age is never revealed.

He once stated he was 32, ten years older than Vince, yet he's also claimed to be 50 years old, and in another episode he despairs at the fact that he looks like an old man, even though he and Vince are the same age.

Sometimes it's implied that he's known Vince since they were babies, other times it's hinted that he took Vince out of school to be his apprentice at the Zooniverse. He and Vince spend more time belittling each other than they do actually being friends, however Vince is also the only person who seems willing to spend any time with Howard at all. Vince Noir Noel Fielding Vince is Howard's vain, shallow, flighty and impossibly attractive best friend.

Exceptionally Low on IQ, but makes up for it by possessing the social skills and large eyes that Howard so conspicuously lacks. Tropes Associated with Vince: Compared to Howard, Vince is infinitely more lucky, talented, good looking and loved than he is. Vince is incredibly camp and flamboyant, and if he is anything like his brain cell, is probably bisexual, but only ever actively pursues women.

Vince proudly claims this status. While he doesn't usually dress like a woman, he's frequently mistaken for one.

Sometimes he's considered attractive, while other times he's called Howard's ugly wife. I'm the great confuser! Is it a woman? Oh, I don't think I mind Almost literally, as "Journey to the Center of the Punk" shows him to have only one brain cell. One of the few real life examples of this.

Vince frequently wears sparkly, brightly coloured clothing. Tends to have things work out impossibly in his favor.

For instance, when he and Howard were buried up to their necks in the sand, a coyote takes pity on Vince and gives him a pair of sunglasses. That same coyote pees on Howard. Vince is impossibly camp. Frequently noted to closely resemble Joan Jett. Nearly every female character on the show is instantly as attracted to him as they are repulsed by Howard. The same goes for most of the men as well. Vince is the personification of this trope, though he actually tends to be Closer to Earth than Howard.

Arguable; Howard claims this about him because Vince was the first person to kiss him, although he seems to change his mind when he sees the pencil case girl again.

A more subdued case than usual, thanks to Howard keeping him somewhat anchored. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He's actually more competent than Howard is during most of their adventures, though it helps that even the bad guys seem to like him more.

Generally unfazed by the things he encounters on adventures, only responding with the occasional "cool" or "wicked". Easily the dumbest member of the main cast, which includes a gorilla. He's quite talented at several things, such as singing and sewing. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Frequently mistaken for Howard's ugly wife. Much dumber than Howard but generally presented more sympathetically. Even the Guys Want Him: Plenty of males find Vince attractive enough to 'Switch Teams' for.

While he's allowed more victories than Howard, he inevitably has whatever fame and popularity he manages to acquire ripped away from him by the end of every episode. To an absurd degree. Many of his outfits could barely be considered clothing, such as the mirror ball suit. He and Howard are polar opposites in nearly every way.

He's incredibly dimwitted and rarely if ever thinks things through but manages to come out on top in situations through dumb luck and a charming personality. Frequently wears skin tight jumpsuits. Friend to All Living Things: Due to being raised in the jungle, Vince can communicate and empathize with animals easily. This extends to all creatures as well, who generally instantly take a shine to him.

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Especially noticeable in comparison to Howard. His obsession with material possessions and fame seem to be motivated by being raised in a forest by a father who would leave him alone for weeks at a time. If you lived in a treehouse made of bus tickets in a place full of monsters called The Forest of Death you'd want some luxury too.

Enjoys mildly irritating Howard. They live, work and go on adventures together. Vince also apparently does things like trimming Howard's hair in his sleep. He's also often mistaken as Howard's wife or girlfriend by other characters. They've been friends since childhood as well.

Selfish, vain and incredibly air-headed, but is a talented painter, hair dresser, story teller, and is extremely gifted with a sewing machine to the point of making most of his own clothes and some of Howard's. He's also a talented singer Despite what Bryan Ferry says. He's also brave, loves animals, and can be surprisingly kind when he isn't distracted by something shiny. He loves to point out Howard's many flaws while completely ignoring his own. His hair gets more and more bizarre each season.

Vince is rather selfish, and generally has the maturity of a child when it comes to not getting his way.

meet the cast mighty boosh

When the situation does not directly involve him, however, Vince is a very caring, sympathetic person. Vince is incredibly naive and innocent and is generally amused by very mundane things. He also hates eating his vegetables and only eats sweets. He's very good looking and is almost constantly showing that fact off. While he's incredibly vain, Vince is regularly shown to be a very lovable and sympathetic person who is capable of befriending even monsters simply by talking to them.

meet the cast mighty boosh

This is especially noticeable in comparison to the paranoid Jerkass Howard. Took a Level in Jerkass: Vince becomes noticeably more mouthy and irritable in season 2. Word of God describes him as having gone from ann innocent Manchild to a moody man teenager. While Howard tends to get involved in more physical activities in the adventure than Vince, it's mostly just "getting the tar beaten out of him while Vince resolves the situation through sheer charisma".

Older Than They Look: She has an absurd affair with Alan Statham Heapwith whom she explores her kinky desires, but is reluctant to admit to their strange mating-dance. Statham is not exactly a hunk; he fails to impress Joanna in his distastefully saggy briefs and has a rather weird take on romance a necklace pendant filled with sperm, anyone? Statham has a special relationship with his student doctor Boyce Oliver Chriswho really knows how to make the stuttering consultant radiologist blush.

Reserve the coming weekend to immerse yourself in the outlandish world of Green Wing and within no time you will kiss the ground Mark Heap walks on! If you like grumpy, drunken Irish bastards, Bernard Black Dylan Moran will soon become your new hero—he sure as shit is mine! He has no interest in selling his books whatsoever and rather hates people on a grand scale. True to his style Bernard takes Manny to the pub and proceeds to get hammered.

Way past wasted, Bernard offers Manny a room in the apartment above his shop and a job as an accountant. But Fran gives him a talking to and forces him into keeping Manny on.

Despite the fact that Bernard and Fran are both business owners, they prefer to spend their hours getting up to no good and leave Manny to clear up their mess more often than not. The Thick of It From: Armando may have done a fine job by granting America their very own The Thick of It by way of Veep, but in terms of pace and dialogue, Veep simply cannot keep up. All it takes is for Tucker to enter the room and promptly bladders start weakening, faces are a-flush and people become incapable of uttering a complete sentence without stuttering.

A great start to her position—or so we thought. Yes people, this is what it must really look inside the British government, and I guarantee you, every office has its very own Malcom Tucker. This is the kind of roommate reality I can actually relate to, complete with an odd-ball landlord and stoner humor.

Tim and Daisy decide to slip into the role of a happy couple and the landlord Marsha Klein Julia Deakin falls for it. Tim, Daisy and their friends seem perfectly content and at ease inventing pot-headed ways of lush entertainment without having to sugarcoat their failed status in life. Each episode tells a different story with different actors. They wanted to incorporate the same feeling in Inside No.

While each plot is entirely different, all six episodes manifest feelings of entrapment that are portrayed so beautifully the viewer at home is literally gasping for air.

meet the cast mighty boosh

Rebecca hides in a wardrobe and the idea is for the people that find her to join her in her hiding place. Gradually the wardrobe fills up with more and more people.

With each joining person, more disturbing secrets are revealed making their claustrophobic circumstance as uncomfortable as it can get.