Meet the cast survivor philippines finale

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meet the cast survivor philippines finale

Occupation: Student Hometown: Provo, Utah Age: Miss Utah Teen USA was recruited for the show via Facebook and claims, ”I will. Survivor: Philippines is the twenty-fifth season of the American CBS Notable new contestants this season include The Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel Survivor: Philippines was met with a very positive reception, especially in .. "TV Ratings Sunday: 'Survivor' Finale Up From Last Spring & 'Bachelorette' Special Flops". Reality TV: Survivor: Philippines - Meet the castThey will be joined by three former players, all of whom were forced to quit the game due to.

The castaway who held up their segments the longest without allowing the ball to drop from the center segment would win. Day 38's tree mail announced the traditional journey honoring the castaways voted out before heading to the final Immunity Challenge. Malcolm's sealed note stated that he would be given a mulligan in the challenge. If he were to drop the ball, he would be allowed to replace the ball and resume the challenge. Malcolm quickly used up his second chance when he dropped his ball during the three segment stage.

meet the cast survivor philippines finale

With Malcolm using his second chance, all the castaways reset to redo the three segment stage. Malcolm struggled after the reset and dropped the ball for a second time. With just 30 seconds to go, Denise dropped her ball, leaving Lisa and Michael to fight it out. The two made through the five segment stage and to the seven segment stage, where Lisa finally dropped her ball, giving Michael the win.

Back at camp, both Malcolm and Denise made their pitch to Michael and Lisa to keep them in the game. In the end, Michael and Lisa chose to keep Denise in the game, sending Malcolm to the jury. Denise, Lisa, and Michael enjoyed the traditional day 39 breakfast. Before the three headed to the final Tribal Council, they set their shelter ablaze.

At the final Tribal Council, the three made their opening statements to the jury. The jury made their statements to the three and questioned the three about their game play. Artis took his statement to attack the three for betraying alliances. Carter asked Michael why he voted him out. Pete questioned Lisa over her perceived betrayal of the former Tandang members. He questioned Denise about why she played a better game than Lisa or Michael. RC questioned Michael about his role in her being sent to the jury.

After all the events, the tribe leaders were reminded that they would be divided into three tribes the next day. Inside a bowl was a broth containing certain animal offals. The tribe leader would search for a called animal part in the bowl and would pass it to the next tribemate using their mouth. This process would go on until the animal part reached the fifth tribemate, who would then drop the part into another bowl.

First tribe to do this would gain one point.

First tribe to gain three points would win the larger reward. A piece of flint, a large water container, a large cooking pot, a machete, and a cache of rice for the winning tribe; matches, smaller water containers, smaller pots, machetes, and less rice for the losing tribes. The winning tribe would also be visited by a "special guest.

Each tribe would paddle out to a floating platform. The tribe leader would not take part in the paddling, instead gathering ladder pieces tied to buoys along the way.

meet the cast survivor philippines finale

Once at the floating platform, the tribe leader would retrieve the flag there and have the rest of the tribe row back to shore.

Once at shore, the tribe leader would stand by at a tribal mat while the rest of the tribe would correctly assemble the ladder, which the tribe leader would use to scale up a standing platform and plant the flag upon it. The first two tribes to finish would win immunity. Night of Day 3: Elma woke up to find Myka crying mainly due to the cold and to the reminders of home. Elma and Buhawi tried to comfort her.

Knowing the eventual tribal split, Elma decided to butcher one of the group's four chickens for everyone to eat. To everyone's surprise, Akihiro hunted out on his own and came back with crabs as additional sustenance. Later, Trizsa and the women did a fashion show to fight boredom.

Akihiro once again surprised his companions when he and Doc Ferdz returned with several coconuts. During a walk to a bathing spot, Ervic and Mico planned on protecting each other. Before the reward challenge, the three tribes were formed by schoolyard pick. Nagar barely won the reward challenge Solenn, Akihiro, and Michelle were then selected by their respective tribes to stay at Isla Misteryo. There, they found the store, but decided not to buy anything. Meanwhile, Nagar went to their new camp, where they met first season winner JC Tiuseco.

JC helped the tribe in building their shelter and making fire. Sar Mayee and Magan also returned to their new camps and attempted to use their limited resources. Sar Mayee's situation was worsened when Aira accidentally broke their pot. In the Immunity Challenge, Nagar quickly gathered their ladder pieces, but arguments within them about the ladder assembly led Magan and Sar Mayee to catch up.

Despite that, Nagar took first place while Sar Mayee overtook Magan to snatch second place. Upon return to their respective camps, Michelle decided not to divulge her activities at Isla Misteryo to her tribemates, while Akihiro openly revealed his gold coins to the rest of Sar Mayee. Meanwhile, Trizsa did not clean after himself, disgusting his tribemates. This, his laziness, and other factors led him to become distant and recluse, causing him to temporarily leave the island to talk to the resident psychologist.

He later returned to the island, to Akihiro's surprise. At each tribe, the tribe leader was delivered food. Overhearing the conversations, Myka felt she was targeted and distanced herself for a while before she was reassured by Buhawi. At Nagar, Ahron became concerned for his life in the game, as he noticed Ian was being wooed by Jon and Michelle to their alliance.

At Tribal Council, while Magan was generally happy at the composition of the tribe, Myka admitted wanting to replace Doc Ferdz with someone else. The lack of coordination and teamwork within the tribe also came up as a main reason for the tribe's loss in the Immunity Challenge.

Another twist was then revealed: Buhawi chose to vote out Doc Ferdz, to everyone's shock. Each tribe would have a gear puzzle connected to a container of rice with a hole on the bottom for the rice to flow. A "solver" would be assigned in each tribe. The rest of the tribe would get gears from a box and give them to the solver, who would figure out the correct gears to place in order to move a mechanism that would stop the flow of rice.

The first tribe to finish would get the larger reward, while the second tribe would get the lesser reward. Fishing gear and a scroll to be read later for the first winning tribe, as well as getting back all items stolen from their camp.

The second winning tribe would have only three of their lost items returned. All tribes that finished the challenge, regardless of placing, would also take home the rice that they saved during the challenge.

A member of each tribe would shoot a ball through a spinball machine, which would contain five holes, each hole equivalent to a certain number of points 1 to 5.

After 10 shots, the score would be tallied. A point would be equivalent to a kilogram of sand to be placed on the shoulders of the tribe's strongest member, who must handle the weight for as long as they can. The first person to drop their load would lose for their tribe; the other two tribes would win immunity. Meal of beef to be shared by both winning tribes. Night of Day 6: The Magan tribe silently returned to camp as the frustration of the other tribe members loomed on Buhawi eliminating Doc Ferdz.

At Magan, when Buhawi asked Elma if he made the correct decision to vote out Doc Ferdz, she told him to just stand up for his choice. When a new treemail instructed each tribe to pack up for a long walk, but leave behind one of their own to watch over camp, the tribes chose Myka, Trizsa, and Moi. While the other castaways sought out for an unspecified object, Myka, Trizsa, and Moi were each then instructed to raid one other tribe's camp i.

The raids resulted in water pots being taken away, as well as Trizsa stealing most of Magan's essentials and Myka pilfering Michelle's bikini top, among other things. Meanwhile, Akihiro found a bottle with a very cryptic clue inside and shared it with his tribemates. Upon everybody's return to camp, rain poured down, causing Myka to shiver profusely.

She was given medical attention and ultimately was unable to compete in the Reward Challenge. In the said Challenge, Nagar once again dominated while Magan redeemed themselves by finishing second. Sar Mayee was still unfinished by the time the rice in their container ran out; thus, they would take home no rice. Back at camp, while Aira and Karen chided Ervic for his frequent rests, the latter was already confiding with Aubrey about their game plan. At Magan, Mico, Elma, and Solenn had their resolve to stick together.

Forty-five minutes into the endurance part of the challenge, Elma, who was lifting the heaviest load, was the first to quit, making Magan lose their second consecutive Immunity Challenge.

After the challenge, a scroll was opened to reveal that Nagar and Sar Mayee would have a meal together; so the two tribes spent the rest of the day having their meal at Nagar's camp. While gathering water, Aubrey made up a story to Ian about the Sar Mayee girls already forming an alliance. Ian related what he heard to Jon, concerning the latter. Jon was further appalled when Moi gave permission to several Sar Mayee tribe members to take home extra parts of the roof of Nagar's shelter as the other tribe was about to return to their camp.

Heated arguments occurred among members of Nagar concerning the events that happened while Sar Mayee was still in their camp. At Magan, while the rest of the tribe slept without fire, Myka was once again shivering and slipping in and out of consciousness. Already dehydrated, she was evacuated to the nearest hospital. Opening the scroll that they won in the Reward Challenge, they were instructed to capture one member of Sar Mayee and make that person part of their tribe.

At Sar Mayee, a treemail instructed them to send one member on a mission, to which Ervic volunteered. He therefore became Nagar's newest member, surrendering to them without incident.

Upon seeing Ervic, Jon and Ian became worried as the former's affinity with Moi would equalize the alliances at Nagar. Back at Sar Mayee, Karen and Trizsa competed against each other in making better beds for their tribe. At Nagar, Jon buried Michelle's coins beside a tree for safekeeping.

His ambiguous description to Michelle of the burial site, however, confused the latter. Myka rejoined the rest of Magan at Tribal Council, having been cleared by doctors to continue with the game. Among the topics discussed there were the happenings in the previous challenges, and the effects of Doc Ferdz's elimination. In the end, with voting power returned to the entire tribe, concerns over Myka's health made her the second person voted out, 4—1.

Each tribe would prepare a stint that would be performed in front of the other tribes and a panel of judges. They would use only the materials provided, for props, costumes, and practice music. The performances would be judged based on concept, stage performance, and costume design.

The tribe with the best performance rated by the panel would win the reward. Additional cooking utensils and supplies, more materials for shelter, and a visit by the panel. Tribe members must eat all of the food, composed of fried creepy crawlies, on their table before the other tribes. All members must participate as the amount of food to be consumed by a tribe would be proportional to the number of members. The first two tribes to finish their food would win immunity and the additional reward.

If no tribes were able to finish their food after an allotted time, the two tribes with the least leftovers would win. At Magan, the morning was spent for Solenn's surprise birthday celebration. At Nagar, already disillusioned by Jon's statements about Ervic, and knowing the truth about Michelle and the gold coins, Ian formed an alliance with Ervic.

Treemail told the tribes to prepare for the Reward Challenge that night. The tribes were then visited by Palau winner Amanda Coolley van Cooll, first runner-up Justine Ferrer, and first season contestant Zita Ortiga, who delivered materials to be used for the performances, and oversaw their rehearsals. During Nagar's rehearsal, a sarcastic remark almost caused a spat between Ahron and Ian, if not by the intervention of Ervic to quell the two.

It was further revealed that Amanda, Justine, and Zita would also judge their performances. Afterwards, it was then revealed that Magan won the reward by being given a score of As a result, the judges slept with the Magan tribe for that night.

On the other hand, Sar Mayee was still stunned in Ervic's transfer, forcing them to alter their alliance plans. At Magan, the guests then helped out in the tribe's chores, as part of the tribe's reward. They then bade their farewells and left, just as Solenn came back with treemail. This was because the three would once again oversee the upcoming challenge.

In the Immunity challenge, no tribe was able to finish their food after the allotted time. Sar Mayee was judged to have the least leftovers, with Magan and Nagar tied for second place. In the tiebreaker, Ian finished his three scorpions first before Solenn, ensuing a third loss to Magan for immunity. With another night at Tribal Council looming, Magan came back to camp in a somber mood, unsure of their next moves.

Elma then requested her tribemates to vote her out, to which they disagreed. Solenn also brought up the possibility of a reshuffle.

Meanwhile, at Sar Mayee, Aira complained of itchiness and rashes on her skin and face. With the possibility of anaphylactic shockshe was taken to the hospital for treatment.

She was cleared by doctors soon after and returned to the island. At Magan's third consecutive Tribal Council, the tribe felt Buhawi failed them as a tribe leader and decided to vote him out, 3—1. Each tribe would scale a pyramid using still locked steps.

Each step would have a question about past challenges and experiences so far in the game and would be unlocked using a key that would bear the correct answer. If a tribe member would successfully unlock a step, they must go back down and tag the next member to answer the next question; if that member would have troubles answering the question, they could go down and have the next member answer. Once the steps were unlocked, another tribe member would then go up to the top of the pyramid and unlock a chest by answering one last question.

Inside the chest are puzzle pieces of a totem pole, which the tribe member must solve and put at the center table. First tribe to finish would win the reward. A Thai massage session back at camp. Each tribe would have four climbers and three puzzle solvers. The climbers must traverse a network of hanging ropes. Once through, they would then climb up a net wall and retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and race back to the starting line to tag the next climber.

When a climber falls from the ropes, they must go back to try again; three such falls would require the climber to go back to tag the next climber.

Once eight bags are retrieved, the solvers would then open the bags and attempt to solve the monkey puzzle inside. First tribe to form their monkey puzzle would win immunity. Night of Day Upon returning to camp, Magan discussed their decision to unanimously vote out Buhawi and further asserted their resolve to stick together, no matter where each of them would go.

Before the Reward Challenge began, Richard announced that with three members left, Magan would be abolished and a tribe reshuffle among all castaways would determine the new composition of the two remaining tribes. The castaways then drew lots to figure out who would be the two new tribe leaders. Akihiro and Ahron picked the yellow and red rocks, making them the new tribe leaders of Sar Mayee and Nagar respectively. At the Reward Challenge itself, Jon's continued dominance brought triumph to his new tribe Sar Mayee.

Before everyone went back to camp, Elma and Mico volunteered to exile themselves at Isla Misteryo. At the Sar Mayee camp, Aubrey, Trizsa, and Michelle enjoyed the massage while Jon, Ervic, and Akihiro tended the camp and made plans to improve their shelter.

At Nagar, the new members quickly settled in at the tribe's superior shelter. At Isla Misteryo, Mico and Elma initially searched for any immunity object. But when they found the store and the wares it was selling, the two started to weigh in on their possible options, considering how much gold coins they would have to pay for their wanted items.

They eventually retrieved some gold coins and some fruits, but decided to eat the fruits and save the coins for later. At Nagar, the tribe slowly realized that the schoolyard pick resulted in them being inferior to the other tribe in terms of physical strength and appearance.

The men, while having their bath time, planned on taking out Karen first. It was later apparent that Jon and Michelle were having a hard time adjusting to their new camp life. In the Immunity Challenge, Sar Mayee led far ahead of Nagar up to the puzzle phase, where Aubrey purposely stalled to give Nagar a chance to catch up.

While this tactic worked, to the point that Nagar also reached the puzzle phase, Sar Mayee still managed to finish the puzzle first and win. Upon return to camp, Trizsa was being convinced by Michelle to vote against Aubrey, should their tribe have their turn at Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, Aubrey, Ervic, and Akihiro were confident that Jon and Michelle's alliance was still a minority. At Nagar, Moi felt herself targeted for being the main cause of the tribe's loss in the Immunity Challenge. The men affirmed their stand to oust Karen. At night, back at Sar Mayee, Michelle had a breakdown because of the hardships she was having at her new camp. At Nagar's first Tribal Council, Moi was given the option of using the immunity bracelet she won in the first ever Tribal Council; she decided not to take advantage of it.

Karen's vote against Moi therefore counted, but Karen then became the one voted off by Moi and the men, 4—2—1. A number of members from each tribe would be tied to each other with a rope, and would trudge through the mud towards a doll at their edge of the field while pulling their opponents away from theirs. The first to retrieve the doll would gain a point for their tribe; first tribe with four points would win the reward.

A shower with bath products and toiletries, and a supply of coffee and biscuits.

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Tribe members would stand on stumps holding three eggs: Cracking the egg or causing it to drop would eliminate the holder. The tribe with members still standing after all members of the opposing tribe are eliminated would win immunity.

At Nagar, Aira noted how nonchalant Karen was when she was eliminated in the previous evening's Tribal Council. At Sar Mayee, Elma taught her tribemates how to make rice coffee. Video cameras then arrived at both camps, and as instructed by the accompanying treemail, the castaways made video messages to their loved ones back home. Back at Nagar, Ahron felt pain on his shoulders while gathering firewood. In the Reward Challenge, Sar Mayee triumphed once again, 4—1. After the challenge, while Sar Mayee celebrated, Ahron complained that his shoulder pain worsened during the last part of the challenge to the point that he couldn't raise his arms, thus, requiring him medical attention.

But before he was taken away to the medical base, he and Akihiro chose Moi and Trisza respectively, to be sent to Isla Misteryo. The Sar Mayee tribe then had their baths at a shower station and picked up their biscuits and coffee.

At Isla Misteryo, Moi and Trizsa were given clues to the coins, which led Trizsa to a bag of coins hanging in a tree. Back at Nagar, Ahron returned to his tribe after his shoulder pains were relieved. Meanwhile, Mico and Solenn were planning on having Aira on their alliance. At Sar Mayee, the tribe continued to indulge on the cookies that they planned to leave a few, if not none, for Trizsa. After a stormy evening, the rain-drenched Nagar started rebuilding the roof's shelter and restarting a fire.

At Sar Mayee, Ervic used his time with Elma to urge her to join his alliance. At Isla Misteryo, Moi finally found her luck in finding the buried coins. During her talk with Trizsa, the latter revealed his alliance with Jon and the voting options that they were planning. In the Immunity Challenge, spills, the rain, and temptations eliminated many castaways, leaving Elma, Aubrey, Mico, and Solenn still standing after three hours.

Elma came down first when another temptation, a BLT sandwichwas presented. Thirty-six minutes later, an immunity bracelet was shown as yet another temptation, which Aubrey accepted. This gave Nagar tribal immunity in the process. Before leaving the challenge area, questionnaires were handed out to the tribes to be answered back at camp. With Aubrey already immune, Sar Mayee, particularly Jon's alliance, was left scrambling on who else to vote.

At Sar Mayee, Michelle, Trizsa, and Ervic became the most viable choices to be voted out, but the confusion caused by Elma and Trizsa switching sides started to pressure Jon and Michelle. Later, the tribe received treemail, telling them to use their coins at Isla Misteryo as the store there would close anytime soon. Jon crossed into Nagar territory to retrieve Michelle's coins and borrow some rope, catching the tribe by surprise.

Upon his return to Sar Mayee, the scrambling had him and Michelle fight in front of their tribemates to the point that the former slightly trashed their camp, and the latter separating herself from Jon for a while. Jon soon reconciled with Michelle, with him giving his immunity bracelet to her.

'Survivor: Philippines': Meet the Cast!

But with Jon saying that he still had the immunity bracelet, he urged several of his tribemates to vote against Trizsa. Trizsa then made a last-ditch effort to align himself with the other original Sar Mayee members. At Tribal Council, Jon and Aubrey decided not to use their immunity bracelets.

Jon's vote from Trizsa thus counted, but the latter's efforts to stay in the game were proven futile after he was voted off, 6—1. Five members of each tribe would each lie on a bed, handling a metal ball on one hand over a metal bowl. Castaways should not sleep or be relaxed enough to cause the ball to drop onto the bowl. To make the objective harder, potential sleep inducers would be brought in.

The first tribe to have two members drop a ball would lose, making the opposing tribe win the reward. Beds, pillows, blankets, and additional shelter for the winning tribe's camp. At the onset, the other members of each tribe would gather the colored number balls from all over the field.

From below the puzzle grid, they would then, with the guidance of the overseer, arrange the balls to conform to that of a regular sudoku. First tribe to correctly solve their puzzle would win immunity. The winning tribe would go on and watch the losing tribe's Tribal Council.

Furthermore, they would participate in the second round of voting in the said Tribal Council. Nagar received treemail, similar to that obtained by Sar Mayee, about their usage of the coins at the store at Isla Misteryo. Sar Mayee remembered Trizsa and how his absence affected the tribe for the better. Both tribes were then instructed to gather at a certain spot.

There, they were met by Drew Arellanowho told them about a buried boat, some flags, and several bottles of energy drink. The tribes then helped each other in finding and unearthing the said items. In the evening, the tribes were once again gathered, this time, to feast on the cookies, biscuits, and assorted drinks Richard prepared for them.

Beds, seen during the feast, turned out to be the venue of the Reward Challenge. After four hours and fifteen minutes with everyone still awake, Richard brought about a last-minute rule change: The first person to drop their ball would lose for their tribe. Twenty minutes later, Elma dropped her ball, giving Nagar their second straight challenge win. After the challenge, Akihiro was reminded of the cryptic clue he found back in Day 7, which would reveal him going to Isla Misteryo on its store's final day.

He chose Ervic to accompany him, while Aira was chosen by Nagar to be at the island. They were also given letters from home. Aubrey was allowed to read hers on the spot while everyone else's would be read in the morning back at camp. At Isla Misteryo, after finding out that the immunity bracelet was being sold for 30 coins, Ervic and Aira started digging while Akihiro slept. Knowing that Aira was the only original Sar Mayee member left in Nagar, Ervic and Akihiro helped her by adding their coins to her fund and motivating her to dig for more by telling her that she was the most likely the next to be voted off by her tribemates.

At Sar Mayee, the tribe finished their shelter's roof just as the rain poured. Nagar, meanwhile, was visited by Drew, who cooked breakfast of tapsilog for them, as another part of the tribe's reward. He also gave several medicinal plants for them to use. All the castaways then took their time in reading their letters. Back at Isla Misteryo, Aira amassed more than enough coins for the immunity bracelet, as well as several other items due to the half-price sale on the store. Upon her return to the Nagar camp, Aira reported of her finally obtaining immunity, shattering her tribemates' earlier plan to take her out.

Akihiro and Ervic also returned to their camp with Ervic reporting that they had immunity, in an attempt to scare Jon and Michelle; this was quickly foiled after Akihiro told the truth. Before the Immunity Challenge, Richard announced that it would be the most important challenge in the season. In the said Challenge, Jon's calm demeanor as the overseer enabled Sar Mayee to correctly solve the puzzle first and win immunity and a scroll, which was said to be opened back at camp.

Upon opening, they discovered that the scroll instructed them to witness Tribal Council as well. Meanwhile, while Ian, Moi, and Ahron continued with their plan to have Aira out knowing the use of the immunity bracelet would be optionalIan presented himself as bait.

Moi also saw that Aira wanted Ian out as well. At the last minute, Ian had a talk with Solenn, saying that her closest ally, Mico, had wanted to vote her out sooner.

At Tribal Council, with the Sar Mayee tribe present, Nagar discussed their tribe dynamics and traits of the members of the opposition. As a result of the discussion, the women gave Mico an unexpected send-off, 3—2—1. After Mico left, the tribes were told to stay as Richard revealed that a second castaway from Nagar would also leave that night and, in another twist, Sar Mayee would take part in the voting as well. After the second voting, Aira and Moi played their immunity bracelets, which canceled out three votes and one vote respectively.

The remaining votes resulted in Ian's departure, 4—2—1—0—0. Tribes would race around the city of Ranong towards six destinations. At each destination would be mini-challenges which the tribe must perform, enabling them to receive a scroll containing instructions to their next destination.

Tribes were not allowed to split up nor to take public transportation or hitchhike with locals en route. The first tribe to finish the mini-challenges and arrive at the final destination would win the reward.

The mini-challenges are outlined as follows: Male tribe members would make a cream out of thanaka bark and apply it on the faces of the female tribe members. The tribe would proceed to the next destination while taking a wheelbarrow with them. The tribe would use the wheelbarrow to transport fruits and vegetables from a designated vendor to a neighboring market. The tribe would sort the fruits and vegetables from their wheelbarrow and make sure nothing was added or had become missing along the way.