Meet the president on architecture

Meet the Developer Behind the Best Architecture of Our Time - Metropolis

meet the president on architecture

Andy Klemmer has had a front-seat view of the making of some of the most important pieces of architecture of our time. The president and. Meet Gabrielle Lyon, Vice President of Education and Experiences at the Chicago Architecture Center. Interactive Design Architects (IDEA) is an MBE/WBE Certified architecture design firm founded in Dina Griffin, FAIA, NOMA, IIDAPRESIDENT.

For us, collaboration is an opportunity…to create, to learn, to interact with other thought leaders in our profession. We know that communication is better when it is direct.

IDEA is comprised of a team of leaders, practiced and talented architects empowered to serve clients directly, expertly and efficiently. His commitment to craft and design excellence are recognized by clients, peers and the media, his work featured in national and international exhibitions and his participation frequently requested for architectural juries and award panels.

  • Meet the Team Designing the Obama Presidential Center

His work has been included in several architectural exhibitions. From education to multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings to large-scale, mixed-use projects, Laurie provides leadership and consistency in project management, detailing and design. His technical background is significant, having performed engineering coordination as well as extensive on-site construction administration. Her tenacious attention to detail and skilled approach to managing large scale projects makes her an invaluable member of the IDEA team.

She sees the two disciplines interlinked and over the years has developed an interest in multidisciplinary approaches which have the potential to tackle social challenges and can contribute to empowering communities.

meet the president on architecture

Her love of design has pushed her to explore trade intersections within the built environment. Prior to joining IDEA, she was involved with K and higher education projects scattered throughout the greater Chicago area. His passion for photography and love of nature have ingrained in him the importance of site in the design process, which is evident in his undergraduate and graduate work. Prior to joining IDEA, Brian was involved in project types ranging from restaurants and early childhood education centers to airport concessions and residential restoration.

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You have spoken of how that experience made you realize the importance of defining the program. Could you comment on that?

meet the president on architecture

It was an unusual opportunity, just coming out of the renovation of the 5th avenue building, to develop a program for another museum for the same client. We had all these ideas fresh in our minds of what would be needed the benefit of hindsight and now had the chance to apply them.

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That program, started by Thomas Krens and Joe Thompson and then enhanced by us and the knowledgeable staff of the museum, made for a very tight program, and made us really know what was needed, which made us a much better client. But many people still see that project as the quintessential architectural indulgence. But he absolutely responded perfectly to the program. He certainly had fun, but he did his job first.

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The museum works better even than we imagined. Gehry is a much more responsible architect than he is given credit for, he responds perfectly to the program. What exactly does a company like yours, that represents clients, do? Plus, afterwards overseeing design and construction.

Meet the team: Gabrielle Lyon

Having worked with so many different architects, what do you think makes for a good architect? What qualities should he or she have?

meet the president on architecture

An architect should be able to listen well, speak well, and, naturally, design well. Many architects can do any two of these, but you are lost without the third. Renzo Piano is a good example of having all three: He keeps the clients engaged. From your experience, what should be the number one item when considering an architect?

meet the president on architecture

That the architect is good at listening. You can take a lot from interviews, to see how well they listen. Then you can see if he or she understood what other previous clients wanted.

meet the president on architecture

And here is my criticism of architecture criticism. What is the criticism?