Snake and the boss relationship quotes

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snake and the boss relationship quotes

Besides, The Boss' lover is The Sorrow (since before Snake was 10 years old, considering Ocelot was born of them in '44 and BB was born in '32) Their relationship was stronger than that of lovers. show hidden quote(s). The Boss is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in the It's a quote that not only says a lot about The Boss, but about Snake as. The Sorrow and The Boss fought together as part of the Cobra Unit during World The ghost of The Sorrow appeared to Naked Snake on several occasions, during . In addition, he also planned to have The Sorrow quote the NOSE railway.

She feels connected to Snake because of this, and also because of how they are both fated to live their lives in a similar way. Neither of them is the kind of person who will live a normal, carefree life, and die a natural death. The Boss knows this about herself, given her past missions and her role in operation Snake Eater, but she also foreshadows the future of Big Boss, who would spend the rest of his life on the battlefield, first wandering the world from battle to battle, and later establishing his own military state.

Is there such thing as an absolute timeless enemy? There is no such thing and never has been. And the reason is that our enemies are human beings like us.

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They can only be our enemies in relative terms. In a time when the world was strongly divided between East and West, and in which enemies seemed rather absolute, almost inevitable, this view of The Boss shows how she can rise above the limited perspective of a certain time in history and see how things are actually a lot more relative than most people realize. Anyone who is trained by The Boss herself not to talk, will not talk. Volgin realizes she is right, and it frustrates him greatly. He vents his anger by continuing to interrogate Snake even more severely.

But he knows he is not going to get any information from him. There is no such thing as luck on the battlefield. Ocelot is playing a sadistic game in which he loads three revolvers with one bullet, juggles them in the air, and pulls the triggers randomly six times in a row, aiming at Sokolov. But The Boss catches one of the revolvers from the air and pulls the trigger — a shot is fired.

It appears she knew exactly where the bullet was, and this illustrates the point she makes in this quote — that there is no such thing as luck on the battlefield. The Boss lectures Ocelot and punishes him by disassembling his precious revolver, like a mother disciplining a disobedient child by taking his toys away. She wants this to be a lesson for him.

But the Earth itself has no boundaries. Lampshaded in the Zero Punctuation review as the stuff of Yaoi Fangirl fantasies. The "romantic" nature of their relationship is also evident in the second stinger at the end of MGS4, when Snake decides to live the rest of his short life in peace and Otacon doesn't hesitate to go with him.

This is chronologically the last time the audience hears Snake speak, and Snake's last word is Otacon's name. This was played for laughs because it wasn't exactly Otacon's finest moment, but the Does This Remind You of Anything? In MGS4, when Otacon and Naomi started acting lovesick towards each other, Snake looked damned annoyed and really rather jealous, with a hefty side order of heartbroken. Your call whether the annoyance was jealousy or just wincing at how awkward their attempts at flirting were.

In Super Smash Bros.

snake and the boss relationship quotes

Brawl, during the codec call easter eggs, Otacon acts very irritated and jealous during the Samus call "Yeah, well, Samus is deadly"and in most of their conversations there's this flirty undertone, especially in the ROB call "You sure know your geeky tech stuff, Otacon. They laugh together, and Otacon then says, in a flirty tone, that Snake needs to clean himself off before he's allowed to come back.

Snake responds, in an equally flirty tone, " I'll see what I can do. Otacon accuses Snake of " getting friendly all of a sudden ".

Snake immediately jumps back a couple of metres and begins to act really coyly - " N-No, I'm just glad you're okay. An easter egg in the Tanker mission of Metal Gear Solid 2 involves a codec call where Otacon catches Snake masturbating to one of the pin-up posters. Pressing the shoulder buttons to hear Snake's thoughts results in a shocked Snake muttering "You were watching?!

snake and the boss relationship quotes

Interestingly, while the thought dialogue is typically reused in multiple conversations, these are both unique to this call. Solid Snake and Gray Fox used to be partners, before the latter defected to Big Boss and Snake had to kill him man-to-man. After being rebuilt as the Cyborg Ninja, Fox wants nothing more than to die at Snake's handstheir fight peppered with lines like "Yes, hurt me more!

Try taking a photograph of the anonymous manchest on the door of the open locker near the Engine Room in MGS2, show it to Otacon, and see what happens! Or, if that's not your thing, once you get into the third room of the Tanker hold, show Otacon a full film of photographs of Scott Dolph.

Snake, if you like him so much, I'll print this out and make a panel out of it. Put it over your bed or something. Also, you'll hear Snake say "good" if you manage to take clear enough shots.

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A rather infamous example from the first Solid game: Also, Snake's post-battle conversation with Psycho Mantis has a probably accidental line. It's fine to have the guy who can look deeply into minds rant about the common man's prevalent desire to mindlessly breed and pass on genes, but following with the statement "But you He spends almost all of their encounters desperate to impress Snake, following his advice and improving his technique, with their battle having all the usual MGS homoeroticism "I've never felt a tension like this before.

He gets turned on by torture for the first time because it was Snake getting it, and after Snake escapes he discovers that Ocelot had stolen his food, to eat the same things Snake eats. EVA hassles Snake repeatedly through the game about how infatuated Ocelot is with him; he remains oblivious to Ocelot's crush, which results in EVA laughing at him.

Ocelot disgustedly denies suggested attraction to EVA, yet fails to do so when the same is suggested about Snake. For his part Snake is surprisingly warm towards Ocelot, treating him like a Worthy Opponent and then a close confidant, trusting him enough to tell him his real name. Volgin actually taunts Ocelot on his transparent crush on Big Boss, to which he has no rebuttal. Gene from Metal Gear Solid: The codec conversation upon recruiting Ocelot in Portable Ops: You're out of breath Like I said, I'm on vacation— not a mission.

It's a little resort in the Caribbean. Snake is one of them. He feels he has one last mission to fulfill, to leave behind a world no longer affected by his mistakes. He feels that he must walk this path alone, as to not drag anyone else with him. The results of this life make him a monster in the eyes of some, and a hero in the eyes of others. But to himself, he is simply a skilled killer. War has become the goal itself.

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In this setting, where everyone has to fight for his own survival, differentiating between right and wrong and remembering your values can be a lot more difficult than it is to the outside observer. A shadow of the inside… of the old age. He is the last thing that remains from an era that has passed. Now he has a few months left to live.

A remainder of the old times. The only time I feel truly alive.