You meet the nicest people on a honda slogan

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you meet the nicest people on a honda slogan

Taglines: Performance First You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda Motorbike of the century (for Honda CB). Yamaha Enticer bike. Advertising slogan: Blue. When Honda arrived in America 50 years ago with its first product, the Honda 50 scooter, the Japanese company used a clever slogan to. So, when Grey Advertising, a major U.S. agency, proposed a campaign with the slogan, "You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda," Kawashima knew right away.

To that end, in American Honda hired the Gray Advertising Agency to help introduce their machines to this non-traditional bike audience. To head up the team to work on the fledgling Honda account, Gray Advertising hired a talented young creative director for the account.

'you meet the nicest people on a Honda'

Robert Emmenegger had the film and television commercial experience, as well as the extensive musical expertise, to develop a campaign to accomplish their goals. And he had a new approach — that motorcycling could appeal to students and other young adults who would enjoy the economy, freedom and fun two wheels offered.

He had a keen sense of how to create appealing campaigns and turned that talent toward his new two-wheeled client. He often wrote the music and lyrics for them.

you meet the nicest people on a honda slogan

A favorite was the commercial where motorcycle legend Malcolm Smith click here to view played the part of a parish pastor who received a motorcycle as a gift from his congregation. We drained a lake, built a platform across it, and let the water fill back up. Fifteen years ago Emmenegger abandoned the West Coast and moved to Ozarks fly-over country He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he walked with me across his driveway.

you meet the nicest people on a honda slogan

I got on my trusty old Honda Pacific Coast and bid goodbye to a genuine unsung legend. One of my favorite things to do when out either on a ride or out with my wife is to stop at flea markets and antique shops and find stacks of LIFE magazines from the s. Even then the show was televised nationally.

you meet the nicest people on a honda slogan

Grey maintained that airing a commercial during this program, which attracted 70 or 80 percent of all television viewers, would immediately spread the American Honda name and product line across the nation. Seen as an outrageous price that would immediately wipe out the revenue from about 1, Honda 50s, even Kawashima hesitated before giving it his approval.

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So, I decided to go for it. But to be honest, I was pretty nervous. And because no one had ever heard of a motorcycle company sponsoring the event, it became a subject of constant conversation among industry insiders and advertising professionals. But in April the TV commercial that aired across the country caused an even bigger sensation.

The Hondells - You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda Bike

The response was simply overwhelming, and people everywhere were clamoring to start their own Honda dealerships. Moreover, large corporations across the U. More than simply another motorcycle, it was seen as a casual vehicle for daily activities, and as such was an entirely new consumer value. It erased the motorcycle's deeply rooted image of evil and discontent. Simply stated, the 50 was a gigantic hit.

You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda

Then, you need an organization that is appropriate for the product, and people who can make the organization work. In that respect, I was blessed with great products and a wonderful staff. But also, I think the driving force was Honda's decision to build its own sales network.