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bjd meet

What level of travel expenses would you be willing to pay for the experience of attending a bjd convention? And I am also curious about how. A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary . Canadian and Northeastern US BJD collectors attend an annual convention called Doll North which is a part of Anime North in Toronto, Ontario. Keep an open mind, with the way DOA manages their membership you may have better luck if you look for groups outside of DOA. Try Flickr and search for.

Humanoid anthro animal BJDs are usually in the tiny size scale.

bjd meet

Production[ edit ] Ball-jointed dolls are initially modeled in clay, commonly polymer clay. The hardened clay body parts are used to form molds for multiple parts to be cast in synthetic polyurethane resin.

Cured resin has a hard, smooth, porcelain -like feel, but is less brittle. Unlike porcelain however, polyurethane tends to turn yellow and decay over time depending on exposure to UV light and heat. The resin casting process allows for molds to be produced with a relatively low initial investment, compared to the injection molding commonly used for mass produced vinyl dolls. However, the materials are more expensive, and the process requires more manual labor, resulting in a higher cost per unit.

Most regular edition BJDs come assembled with an option for a "face-up," the facial blushing and painting, while full set BJDs, which are often limited, include clothes, face-up, and sometimes full body blushing. A few BJDs are sold as bare unassembled parts in a kit, similar to a garage kit.

Lines and companies[ edit ] BJDs are produced by anything from single-person outfits on a hobby level, to incorporated multinationals. On occasion, unauthorized copies or recasts of original dolls are sold, predominantly in South-East Asia.

They are for example not allowed to be posted on the largest English BJD forum. They set the range of sizes used by most companies. Volks have released a vast variety of different dolls, most of them limited editions, some in collaboration with fashion designers like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and H.

Naoto or anime series like Rozen Maiden. Volks has a number of stores in Japan and Korea, as well as one in Los Angeles.

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InTime magazine described Super Dollfie as having "trendily refined makeup" and "exaggerated features inspired by Japanese animation". Korea[ edit ] Delf from Luts and Cerberus Project The Delf [24] [30] dolls were one of the earliest lines from Korea, dating back to They are slightly taller and slimmer than Super Dollfie and there is a variety of doll types available, including dolls with elf ears and vampire teeth. Delf were originally designed by Japanese resin kit designers Cerberus Project [9] and made and distributed by the Korean company Luts, [41] who also own the rights to use the Delf name.

These dolls are often referred to by the acronym CP, or as Luts dolls, after the distributor; dolls produced after are correctly known only as Luts dolls due to a split between Cerberus Project and Luts, who now trade separately.

Minifee are mini-sized versions of the Delf dolls, distributed by Korean company Fairyland. Their dolls were featured in the Korean horror movie Doll Master from M Doll in Mind [24] produced, among other dolls, the Minimee, completely customized heads created from customer photos or drawings. Dollshe Dollshe [30] [45] introduced a line of tall, slim, double jointed mature boy dolls in Their Bermann doll was strictly limited and is one of the most sought after collectible BJDs.

Tensiya has since split with Dollshe. Dream of Doll D.

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Dream of Doll [30] [46] was one of the earliest Korean companies to make a large line of child like minis, D. They have since expanded and now make, among others, the D. Dream of Teen line, the D. B line Dream of Babyand D.

bjd meet

Dream of Idol line. Elfdoll Elfdoll [24] [30] [47] is a subsidiary of the Korean company Artmaze. Elfdoll are created by the sculptor Rainman and a team of artisans. In addition to a range of fullsize human dolls, Elfdoll have released many types of tiny anthro BJDs, beginning with Catsy. They had a showroom in Glendale, Californiaopened in August where they held parties and meetups for BJD enthusiasts.

InLA Weekly described Elfdoll dolls as having "detailed, human-like features.

bjd meet

The company produces both male and female dolls in sizes ranging from 12 cm to 70 cm in a variety of skin tones. They are in the same scale as fullsize BJDs, with similar proportions. The first Dollfie Dream body type was strung and had classic ball and socket joints, but the current body has an internal skeleton of hard plastic, [52] [53] as do the Obitsu dolls.

The vinyl bodies can, sometimes with some modifications, be combined with a resin BJD head. Vinyl dolls usually have facial features that are more highly stylized after anime and less realistic than the typical resin BJDs.

Vinyl dolls are easier to manufacture, machine-made and injection-molded in soft vinyl, and thus lighter and often less expensive than their Japanese resin counterparts, with the exception of their complex skeleton structure which can often justify a higher price.

Injection-molded manufacture requires more intensive set-up costs and a higher number of each doll is produced compared to resin dolls, despite this Japanese companies like Volks and Obitsu often have large stock shortages of their vinyl dolls or doll parts.

bjd meet

If I like the convention's programming and find some friends to hang out with, it's even better! I'll rarely go to a convention where I don't like the programming, the area or have no people to hang out with. That makes the experience a lot more boring than it should be and won't encourage me to come back. Going to a convention outside of your state or country takes a lot more planning. For me, one of my dream anime conventions was Katsucon.

The hotel it is held in is absolutely beautiful and it was close enough to various services that I didn't have to worry if I needed to get some extra supplies. I went with a group of friends for the first time in and it was magical!

I loved the experience so much that, to me, it was worth every penny I had put into it even is the value of a Canadian dollar vs an American dollar is very low at the moment. We had reserved the hotel and planned to travel by car weeks in advance to make sure that we wouldn't be missing anything. I went to Katsucon the very next year, hoping it would be as magical as the first time.

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That didn't turn out to be the case; I went with some people I knew, but they wanted to spend a lot more time with their American friends and to party which I don't really like to do. I ended up being alone most of the time, which what a lot less fun to me. I decided to not go back there unless I have people who are willing to discover the area some more and want to spend at least some time with me.

bjd meet

It may sound selfish, but since I have no friends in America and that I find making lasting friendships difficult, I'd rather go with someone who actually wants to be with me than go by myself and wander around the convention not knowing what to do next.

I did get a lot of positive experiences from this second trip though; I learned how to take the plane by myself and how to take public transportation by myself and with a lot of luggage.

But it wasn't as worth it to me as it had been in In short, I think that your answer lies in knowing whether or not the experience would be worth it for you. As for budget, it really depends on what your financial situation is.