Pre debut kpop idols meet

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pre debut kpop idols meet

that have come their way. So without further ado, here are 11 K-pop idols who went through some intense hardships before their big debut. kpop trainees, famous trainee idols, famous pre debut idols, kpop Her success didn't meet the expectations, so she's currently a trainee. They never met me before. Many kpop idols are sexually harassed. I have heard some people say that many male kpop idols go to prostitution houses. . And despite this, you don't even know if you're going to be able to debut at all.

If they are not, trainees are dropped without a second chance. Trainees train almost nonstop for an average of two to five years before being allowed to debut. If they start out with weak voices, the company focuses on improving their vocal abilities. On the other hand, uncoordinated trainees undergo the same process to gain dancing skills.

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However, only two years later, SM gave him a major dance break along with the main dancers of Super Junior in Bonamana. Entertainment companies shy away from having their artists lip-sync entire performances, so both dancing and singing stamina are extremely important.

Another goal of the training period is for entertainment companies to see if their trainees have enough mental and emotional maturity to endure the hardships of real idol life.

pre debut kpop idols meet

They want to see if the trainee is passionate enough about their dreams to keep on pushing through with the process, even when they get hurt, put down, or discouraged. If the trainee is motivated, they will work much harder than unmotivated ones.

pre debut kpop idols meet

And then there are the international trainees who have to learn the Korean language and Korean customs on top of the typical singing and dancing routine.

Now that would be frustrating—having to undergo tons and tons of training and dealing with the effects of loneliness and culture shock at the same time. Many K-pop fans know that he was the leader of 2PM before he became a solo artist and got kicked out of JYP for undisclosed reasons.

pre debut kpop idols meet

Anyone would feel discouraged, angry, and hopeless in that situation. The point is that training is difficult. The boys endured hours upon hours of dancing and singing, even though they are clearly exhausted.

pre debut kpop idols meet

Jaejoong left his family when he was only fifteen to go and pursue his dreams in Seoul. He participated in an SM audition and was allowed to begin classes under the company. His family was super poor due to a financial crisis, which ultimately left them homeless. In fact, Yunho was forced to sleep at train stations on some nights as he "had nowhere to go.

11 K-pop idols who fought through hardships before debuting

Which he ultimately did. Arriving in Seoul all alone with only his bags, Sunggyu supported his idol dreams by working several part-time job during his trainee years before finally achieving his dream in when he debuted with INFINITE. This didn't improve when he moved to South Korea, where he faced judgment for his American background. Lee Hyori She may be one of Korea's biggest solo stars, but Lee Hyori had quite the tough upbringing.

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In fact, her family was so poor that they couldn't even afford to send her to kindergarten. Of course, this ultimately strengthened Lee Hyori's determination to succeed as a singer.

pre debut kpop idols meet

Super Junior's Leeteuk While many pursue the idol life for fame and fortune, Leeteuk became an idol to find happiness. His childhood was an unhappy one as not only was his family poor, but his father often physically disciplined him.

This only pushed Leeteuk to strengthen his resolve to become an idol. He ultimately succeeded by debuting with Super Junior, but his bad childhood was never far away.

InLeeteuk's father committed murder-suicide while taking care of his grandparents, yet the Super Junior leader has managed to persevere and seek happiness for all his fans throughout all his struggles. This drop in fame coincided with her father stealing all their family's money and leaving them for another woman, forcing Dara to become the main breadwinner for her family.

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Of course, Dara never let that get her down and she ultimately fought through all those hardships to become as successful as she is today. Not only did they all have to share a tiny room together that had mice visiting thembut they barely had enough to eat after each day of hard practice and had little to no money to buy food.

Thankfully for the boys, they managed to hit it big and all their struggles ultimately paid off! Girls' Generation's Tiffany Tiffany had her sights set on a singing career ever since she was young, but her father was against the idea.