Ptxc 4 cross country track meet

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ptxc 4 cross country track meet

On Oct. 3 the Port Townsend Cross Country team traveled to Robin Hill in Sequim The PTXC team has one more regular season meet Oct. 10 at Kingston this year at the PT Golf Course on Thursday, Oct. 18, starting at 4 p.m. of varied surfaces including grass, gravel, woodchip, pavement, and track. Calvert High Cross Country/Track & Field Training & Meet Calendar is Below: Sept 12, Calvert, WL, & PTX @ North Point Girls / Boys Sept PTC Flash Cross Country Meet ClubUnA. Saturday, October . 2. Lassiter Junior Cross Country, 3. Carrollton Track, 4. Peachtree City.

The team emphasizes fitness and enjoyment of running, while encouraging athletes to challenge themselves and improve their performance. Safety and injury prevention is also of major importance, so the team emphasizes proper stretching, food, and water intake to fuel the body for the best runs. Our athletes arrive with many different levels of ability. Either of these types, plus all those in between, are encouraged to join.

We always support one another and love to cheer our teammates on, no matter what place we finish. Participation Cross Country is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader who can complete a full mile without walking even if completed very slowly.

ptxc 4 cross country track meet

Please make checks payable to: Glen Crest Middle School. Practices Attendance at every practice is mandatory. Practice starts at 2: All practices will end by late bus time 3: If you plan to pick your child up, please be at school at the end of practice.

Please understand that if you are late on more than three separate occasions whether for meets or practicesyour child will be removed from the team.

Refer to the schedule for practice and meet dates and times. Only two misses, or excused absences, will be permitted for family reasons, appointments, religious classes, etc. Only one miss will be allowed for unexcused absences such as skipping practice.

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Absence from school due to illness does not count as a missed practice. You may also not miss practice to attend an intramural. Please be committed to this team; we need you at practice every day! If you cannot attend practice because of an emergency, let one of the coaches know as early as possible.

If you are medically excused from PE class you will not practice and will be required to go home. We have no choice in this decision; it is mandated law. Meets Meets are when our school runs against other schools.

We compete against the five other middle schools in our conference, and occasionally with other schools from the area.


The middle schools in our conference are: Most meets are at parks close to the schools or on the school grounds. A typical meet has four races; runners are grouped according to gender and grade level.

Meets begin around 4: The meets generally last a little under two hours and four races are held during a typical meet. Typically, the order of races for the first half of the season will be: In the second half of the season or for the last 4 racesthe race order will switch to: Each race takes about minutes for athletes to complete.

Most meets are finished by 6 pm. Depending on the timing and scoring system, finish officials may collect a small slip from each runner's bib, to keep track of finishing positions. An alternative method standard in the UK is to have four officials in two pairs. In the first pair, one official reads out numbers of finishers and the other records them. In the second pair, one official reads out times for the other to record.

At the end of the race, the two lists are joined along with information from the entry information. The primary disadvantage of this system is that distractions can easily upset the results, particularly when scores of runners finish close together.

Chip timing has grown in popularity to increase accuracy and decrease the number of officials required at the finish line.

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Each runner attaches a transponder with RFID to his or her shoe. When the runner crosses the finish line, an electronic pad records the chip number and matches the runner to a database.

Chip timing allows officials to use checkpoint mats throughout the race to calculate split times, and to ensure runners cover the entire course. This is by far the most efficient method, although it is also the most expensive. The drawback to chip timing is its inability to separate a close finish properly.

Chips times the feet, when the rule books say it is the torso that counts. It is technically possible for an athlete to fall across the finish line, legally crossing the finish line, but with their feet too far away from the sensor to have their finish recorded.

Contemporary races have now started to use fully automatic timing systems for photo finish accuracy to their results.

ptxc 4 cross country track meet

This has dramatically improved the timing mechanisms of Cross Country over the last few years. Scoring Scores are determined by summing the top four or five individual finishing places on each team.

In international competition, a team typically consists of six runners, with the top four scoring. In the United States, the most common scoring system is seven runners, with the top five scoring. Points are awarded to the individual runners of eligible teams, equal to the position in which they cross the finish line first place gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc.

The points for these runners are summed, and the lowest score wins. Individual athletes, and athletes from incomplete teams teams consisting of less than 5 athletes or teams and individuals who have been disqualified are excluded from scoring.

Ties are usually broken by the position of each team's sixth runner. In some competitions a team's sixth and seventh runner are scored in the overall field and are known as "pushers" or "displacers" as their place can count ahead of other runners, giving other teams more points.

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Accordingly, the official score of a forfeited dual meet is 15— Strategy Because of differences between courses in running surface, frequency and tightness of turns, and amount of up and downhill, cross country strategy does not necessarily simplify to running a steady pace from start to finish. Coaches and cross country runners debate the relative merits of fast starts to get clear of the field, versus steady pacing to maximize physiological efficiency.

ptxc 4 cross country track meet

Some teams emphasize running in a group in order to provide encouragement to others on the team, while others hold that every individual should run his or her own race. In addition, whether you run ahead 'of the pack' or behind it and pull ahead in the end is important, but can vary according to the runner's individual skill, endurance, and the length of the race. Runners should also account for food intake prior to the race.

Most important, however, is the training beforehand. Most races are run in shorts and vests or singlets, usually in club or school colours. In particularly cold conditions, long-sleeved shirts and tights can be worn to retain warmth without losing mobility. The most common footwear are cross country spikeslightweight racing shoes with a rubber sole and five or more metal spikes screwed into the forefoot part of the sole.

Spike length depends on race conditions, with a muddy course appropriate for spikes as long as 25 millimetres 0. If a course has a harder surface, spikes as short as 6 millimetres 0. While spikes are suitable for grassy, muddy, or other slippery conditions, runners may choose to wear racing flatsrubber-soled racing shoes without spikes, if the course includes significant portions of paved surfaces or dirt road.

Formal cross country competition traces its history to the 19th century and an English game called "hare and hounds" or "the paper chase ". English schools started competing in cross country races inand established a national championship on December 7, It was held on Wimbledon Common in south-west London.

It was the first cross country race that was considered "open", or could be run by anyone. Its original purpose was to imitate steeplechase for off-season training, and was considered a bit of a joke. The course was not well marked, and many competitors got lost. Matters were not helped by the fact that the race was run in the dark, as it began at 5 pm.

Please help improve it if you can. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Olympic Games Individual cross country race at the Summer Olympics in ParisFrance. Cross country was contested as a team and individual event at theand Summer Olympics.

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Sweden took gold inand Finlandled by Paavo Nurmicaptured the gold in and During the race in the Paris heat wave, only 15 of the 38 competitors reached the finish. England won the first 14 titles, and 43 of 59 until the IAAF took over the competition in France was the next most successful country in the early years, winning 12 championships between and Belgium is the only other country to win at the International Cross Country Championship, capturing titles in, and The English also dominated the individual competition, with an Englishman winning the individual title 35 times, including three wins by Jack Holden — The first international cross country championship for women was held inand thirteen more times through England won 12 of these early championships, losing only in and to the United States.

American Doris Brown won five consecutive individual titles between and Inthe New Zealand men and United States women won, marking the first championships by non-European countries.

In an African nation Ethiopia won the men's race for the first time, and a decade later an African nation Kenya won the women's race for the first time.

ptxc 4 cross country track meet

Ethiopia or Kenya has captured every men's title since and every women's title since The IAAF calls him the "greatest ever male cross country runner to have graced the sport. John Ngugi — first man to win five World Cross Country titles, including four consecutively in the late s.

Paavo Nurmi was a four-time Olympic gold medalist and undefeated throughout his year career in cross country running Gaston Roelants — four-time champion at the International Cross Country Championship between and