Disney meet and greet poses

Getting the Best Photo from a Character Meet & Greet

disney meet and greet poses

Character meet-and-greets give guests a few moments of individual attention. There are plenty of opportunities for unique poses, and the. Many guests queue up in long lines for character meet and greets only to find that they 4 Secrets to Great Character Meet and Greets at Disney If you adopt a particular pose, the characters will be quick to follow along. Disney Meet and Greets are one of the best ways to make great Having a fun pose adds a fun element to an otherwise standard photo.

Working just like a paper Fastpass for a ride, you pick them up the earlier the better and come back during the ticketed time in order to stand in a shorter line to meet the girls. We all know that sometimes waiting in line to meet a Disney character takes patience. A line of 15 people may take 25 minutes to get through, all because guests did not come prepared.

To make for a shorter wait, make sure you have your camera or phone ready to go BEFORE you get to the front of the line. If you have your book and pen ready for signage by the time you are first in line you can use up the time you would have spent getting everything ready on quality time being with the character — making for some extra magical experiences!

Get to Know the Photographer: Most of the time a Disney character will be followed around by 2 people: A great tip is to get to know these Cast Members! They have experience in working with the characters and making magic for guests so use them to your advantage!

If you are celebrating something — let them know! They can pass it on to the character or make sure to get a special picture for the occasion. Their expertise is your advantage!

Many guests get the Memory Maker or Photopass on their vacation to capture all the photos during their trip.

Five ways to jazz up a character meet and greet | The Disney Blog

While this is a great option, it does come at a price. Photographers are not limited to just their camera in situations. If you hand them a camera or phone of your own, they will gladly snap that shot of you and Mickey with those too. This is especially helpful to frequent visitors and annual passholders who bypass Photopass or Memory Maker since they come so often. But this tip reigns true for everyone.

If you want to capture the magic for a lower price bring your own device! One of the best things about meeting a Disney Character is that you can talk with them! Disney Characters are very well trained on their persona and are prepared to answer almost any question asked to them.

Does Rapunzel know if Maximus likes caramel apples? Of course he does! She sure likes a lot of things that are wrapped in sea weed — so she says.

disney meet and greet poses

Anything you can think up to ask they will surely respond to. Just being curious can lead to a magical moment. While signing a postcard for me, I asked Snow White how many times she signs her name in a day. This made for a great photo! Magical moments with Characters happen all the time, you may just have to speak up to experience it! Let Out Your Creativity: They were great photos, but they soon started to all look the same to me. This idea snowballed into one of the most interesting photo albums my family has ever done!

My mom and I decided to do a different pose with every character we met. From girly glamour shots with Daisy, kisses with Olaf, Sven antlers with Anna and Elsa, and more we challenged the traditional Character photo experien ce and you can too! Try coming up with your own poses while in line or ask the Photographer for any creative ideas. There are two types of characters: Fur characters are those with an oversized, non-moving mask serving as their entire head.

Face characters have a fully human form — they look like real people.

Five ways to jazz up a character meet and greet

The essence of the character is conveyed via costuming, wigs, and makeup. Other than appearance, one of the key differences between face characters and fur characters is that face characters talk, while fur characters generally do not.

How can I explain to my children why the fur characters do not talk? Check out our full post on the topic of non-talking Disney characters. How many characters does Disney have? Over the years, something on the order of several hundred different characters have visited Walt Disney World. Do you have a list of the characters I might be able to meet in the parks during my trip? The characters that greet guests in the parks change with some regularity and there is no official Disney-sanctioned list of in-park characters.

Of particular note is charactercentral. Are there other characters too? Beyond the list above, you may find additional characters greeting guests in the following circumstances: During holidays, you may find seasonally appropriate or non-Disney characters in the parks.

Examples include Santa at Christmas and Mr. Also, there are many characters that appear in the parks only as part of parades or stage shows, but do not typically participate in guest greeting opportunities. And you may just find random characters appearing in the parks. How do I find out which characters I can meet right now? When you enter the Disney parks, grab a copy of the free Times Guide. These will be located with the maps at the front of the park, as well as at the registers of some of the larger stores on property.

The Times Guide will list all the characters that are regularly scheduled to be in the park each day, as well as the time and location of their appearance. Some of the information on the Times Guide will be somewhat vague. Is there only one place to meet each character? It depends on the character. Some are location specific, for example Tinker Bell is generally only found in one spot, but Mickey Mouse has a number of regularly scheduled greeting locations.

disney meet and greet poses

How does Mickey get to be in all those different places at once? In recent years, Disney has had the practice of having characters from the latest Disney or Pixar film in the parks to greet guests.

4 Secrets to Great Character Meet and Greets at Disney

The exception to this is when there is a new princess character. New princesses typically appear first at either Epcot or the Magic Kingdom and then end up at the Magic Kingdom on a long-term basis. Is meeting characters worth the time? The answer to this really depends on your personality and what your vacation goals are. Other folks are obsessed with character greeting and endeavor to collect photos and autographs of every character possible. In my experience, children in the 3 to 6 age range often think that the in-park characters are really, really, really real.

Your basic five-year old may care much more about meeting characters than they would about any ride attraction. My daughters are teens now. When we go to the Animal Kingdom these days, we head straight for Expedition Everest, but back when the girls were preschoolers, our very first stop at the Animal Kingdom was always the character greeting zone at Camp Mickey-Minnie now moved to the Adventurers Outpost.

You never know how these photos will become meaningful to family members in the future. How exactly do I meet the characters? There are three primary character greeting situations: Scheduled character greeting appearances.

These are the character appearances listed in the Times Guide. Random character greeting appearances. There are also characters that just show up in the parks. These are restaurants where Disney characters will visit your table during your meal.

  • Getting the Best Photo from a Character Meet & Greet
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While you eat, characters stop by your table to chat or mime chatpose for photos, and sign autographs. These are very popular experiences and generally become fully booked far in advance. Make reservations if you want to have a character meal. What are the pros and cons of character meals? On the plus side, you get to meet characters in air-conditioned comfort and you get to kill two birds with one stone — eating and meeting at the same time.

On the minus side, the character meals are often pricey. What else can you tell me about character meals? Character dining is an in-depth topic all on its own. You can learn the complete scoop about character dining over on DisneyFoodBlog. Look here for tips on how to choose the right character meal for your family and for ideas about how to get the most out of your character dining experience.

Is there character greeting etiquette? Character interaction happens on a first come, first served basis. Other helpful tips include: When it gets to be your turn in line, be ready and as efficient with your interaction as possible. This means that you should have your camera out turned on, with the lens cap offhave your autograph book open to a blank page, have pen in hand, etc.

Keep an eye on your children. Yes, characters are people too. Saying please and thank you to them will make their world a better place to be. Do the characters have different outfits?


Mickey has dozens of of different outfits ranging from swim trunks to a tuxedo. Are there characters in the Disney hotels?

4 Secrets to Great Character Meet and Greets at Disney | Theme Park Tourist

There are minimal character appearances in the resorts; the vast majority of character interaction takes place in the theme parks and sometimes the water parks. You will find characters in the resorts in the following circumstances: At character meals taking place at resort restaurants. During the holiday season, there may be brief character appearances in the evenings at the deluxe resorts. During times of extraordinary weather like if the parks are shuttered due to hurricane warningscharacters may be sent to the resorts to entertain guests.

Are there character appearances at Downtown Disney? There might possibly be a character appearance at Downtown Disney during a special event such as the Festival of the Masters.

And Santa Claus has regular Downtown Disney greeting hours during December, but other than that, do not expect to see characters at Downtown Disney. First things first — do NOT make any promises to your child about the meeting. Also recognize that if your child is focused on an older or obscure Disney character, a meeting will likely be impossible.

Yes, Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was once a frequent visitor to the parks, but her appearances now are rare indeed. To get access to this information, stop by the Guest Relations office at any of the theme parks or inquire at the concierge desk at your Disney resort hotel. You may also want to work on language for your child if you find that his character obsession can be found in the parks, but only in a parade or show, not in a greeting location.

Are the lines for character greeting long? It really depends on a number of factors including the time of day, the time of year, the rarity of the character, the popularity of the character, the weather, and more. Do you have any tips for reducing the amount of time spent waiting to meet characters? Well, a good touring plan can certainly help. Many of our touring plans do include character greeting time in their programs. Is there some way to find out in advance of my vacation what time the scheduled character greetings will happen?

Bear in mind that this is not an official Disney source and that the information is subject to change, but generally it is quite accurate. This site does not track spontaneous character greeting appearances. Will my child be afraid of the characters? Most kids are unfazed by meeting Mickey and the gang, while others are reduced to a quivering ball of tears any time they get within 10 feet of a giant mouse. If you have some concern that your child might exhibit character fear behaviors, try finding a costumed character in your hometown perhaps at a birthday party or Chuck E.